The Federal Reserve’s Bottomless Pit Of Money

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Holy crap.

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9 responses to “The Federal Reserve’s Bottomless Pit Of Money

  1. Mt Top Patriot

    “The scope of the lawless disregard for The Rule of Law expands exponentially by the day by the very nature of corruption of the elites lust to retain absolute power.”

    You got to ask yourself a very very serious question, if they have got way with Gunwalker, with its stupefying violation of the law, it blood, its misery upon the countless but by no means limited victims, its mayhem on a scale before unimaginable upon two sovereign citizenry and soil, the treasure wasted, its murder, what rationalization pray tell is there that justifies a belief nothing like this will happen again, never mind worse. Much worse.
    The ruling class, if you just crawled out from under a rock on Mars, has started an open bloody war on our asses.

    Honestly and sincerely I doubt I can have enough bullets and beans for what these very bad monsters have started.
    Even worse, it is what they want to happen.
    It is sick beyond words.
    And they sit in Congressional rooms, oval offices, court rooms, lying through their fucking teeth, putting their blood soaked hands in the air swearing on God and Law they will tell the truth.
    The only truth is there is none with these psychopaths.

    It is come down to the law of the jungle.

    What the few who speak the truth, a revolutionary act in a world run by deceit, these few, what they have done to apprize me and maybe millions of the tyranny upon us is nothing but the most valuable gift of Liberty and freedom imaginable.
    It is up to the rest of us to use the time we have remaining wisely and productively.
    We can afford not to squander this last gift of freedom of speech. I doubt it will not be long before the leviathan shuts down dissent and alarm.
    This time around it is for all the marbles. The tyrants who constitute the ruling class have gone full in, bet everything on this last roll.
    If we are fortunate, if enough of us realize we are not loners, that millions share the same love of Liberty, millions who will do what it takes, tyranny does not stand a chance.

  2. Griffin’s “Creature from Jekyll Island” is a depressingly good read on the Fed and explains the $ quite well.
    It’s cheap on CD.

  3. Those visuals are a big help in wrapping the mind around unimaginable numbers. But when you are in the kind of debt-trap this country is in, you just have to keep printing in hopes of stimulating “enough” demand to keep the economic balloon inflated, i.e. preventing it from collapsing into a 1930s- style deflationary depression. This “fiscal cliff” stuff is a tacit admittance by the Regime MSM that they are in fact in an inescapable debt-trap. And here they are having some limited success: witness the growth of yettanother housing bubble, fueled with what are actually (compared to real price inflation) sub-zero interest rates.The inevitability, of course, is that later or sooner the walls of the balloon become so thin that it pops & you go to a Weimar-style hyperinflationary depression. I’m “betting” on the latter, buying a few silver eagles whenever I can plus, of course, investing in…lead.

  4. One of my boys was reading over my shoulder and asked “what’s this?”
    I told him that’s how much money he and his siblings owe.
    He said, with a concerned voice “But I don’t have that much money!”

    I’m sorry, Doug, I’ll try to d o something about it.

  5. indyjonesouthere

    This financial crisis was created by too much cheap and easy credit. A heartbeat and ability to scratch an X on any contract was all that was required. Less and less credit went to production, most was simply consumed. But these bubbles have been with us forever, it is our nature to go to excesses. Nearly every individual that lives a normal lifespan will live through such “depressions”. There is nothing new under the sun. Even the previous post by CA on agenda 21 is a cyclical event and a previous such event was Thomas Malthus and his sustainable development charges. The current one was kicked off by Silent Spring by Rachael Carson. Silent Spring was the starting point for the EPA even though there was no truth in her charges. We , none the less, are saddled with the EPA.
    Now the one thing to remember is that the FRN is not money, it is a debt instrument just like T bills. The last of money in the system was in the 70’s when silver certificates were around yet. If you want to save then save in metals or better yet preps. Why not set aside food for a number of years rather than leave your assets in a 401K? Don’t let them turn your assets into worthless trash.

  6. I had this weird visualization of me sitting by a fire in some ruins, keeping warm by tossing stacks of $100 bills in the fire now and then……………

  7. Larry Elliott

    Printing vast quantities of paper money won’t ever cause a problem here, unlike say in Zimbabwe or in the Weimar Republic of Germany after WW I because Timmy Geihtner and Benny Bernanke are so smart! It’s also why socialism won’t fail here like it has everywhere else in the world, our socialists are ever so much smarter than the Brits, Swedes, and all the rest.

    Okay, that made me want to hurl chunks….