Steyn On “The Fiscal Cliff”

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Explains it all, he does.

And the beat goes on….

3 responses to “Steyn On “The Fiscal Cliff”

  1. Because the Democrats aren’t even a serious party. They are just evil cartoon characters, stupid demagogues who won’t allow any fix. No cutting, the GOP will be called evil for harming grandma. And they aren’t willing to stand up and say: this is what it costs to have all this, so here are the new taxes.

    The obfuscation used to fund Obama care was typical of their see-nothing, know-nothing style of governing.

    America is like a spoiled child with two divorced parents. One is an amiable drunk, Mom. She will say yes to whatever the kid wants, no matter how ridiculous. The other is Dad. Dad tries to say no when it’s something bad, but the kid always tells him “Mom said yes. I’m going to her house. Mom’s nicer than you.”

    I’m not absolving the GOP of responsibility here, but just pointing out they are in a dysfunctional marriage with the Donks. It would be nice if the whole party got together and did an intervention on Team Obama, and walked out.

    But that’s not going to happen. Nothing is going to happen. We’re just gonna keep piling on debt till we drown under it.

  2. indyjonesouthere

    The fiscal cliff can be solved by doing nothing twice. First, let this shit go over the cliff, slope, or whatever term you wish. Second, don’t increase the debt limit. That’s a solution that even the do nothing elite can accomplish. And presto…balanced budget.

  3. Indy – True. That would work, if it happened, but it won’t.

    The press would go into high dungeon and trot out all the people who will be harmed if that happens, grandma again, and so the debt limit will be increased.

    Plus, I’m sure Obama has a plan to unilaterally extend it using some b.s. executive power / interpretation. So, even if the GOP managed to find a pair, I still think it would get extended. Neither Tim Geithner nor the Ben Bernanke care what Boehner & the House say.

    The administration will act unilaterally, the quisling press will praise them for their “bravery”, & the GOP will be kicked like a rented mule again, and the fiat will keep flowing like tequila at a Mexican wedding… .