Sultan Knish: How The Government Class Lives

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SK walks you through the rulers’ domains.

Stay on the path, you filthy peasant.

And move along.

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  1. There’s no reasoning with these people. When they at last come to your door, ragged and starving, don’t feed them. They’ll only start again, slowly, clever and patient like their forebears were, now that they’ll finally be taught harsh, realistic lessons.
    We’re lucky in the fact that this latest crop of socialists were impatient. Greedy. They weren’t raised to control their impulses and so they’ve wrecked all those patient years spent by the forerunners on their slow creep through the institutions and halls of power. Now the boil will come to a head at last.

    Pop it. Then slather it with iodine.

    • Mutant Swarm

      Agreed. You can’t reason with a virus.

    • Pop it. Then slather it with iodine.
      Blow big holes all the way through it.
      Then burn it, burn it with fire.
      Then bury it, then bury the shovel.

  2. Rich in Albany

    CA, The SK link is not pointing to SK’s site.

  3. Fuck that crazy communist bitch.

    May she rot in hell along with Jane Fonda.


    • Bob….you bad mouthin’ E. Warren ? Fine. But don’t you think the asshole’s who VOTED for Warren are more deserving of your wrath ?

      While we all bad-mouth the elected royalty we often forget to place blame for these assholes where it truly lies….upon the electorate, the citizens, the voters.

      DAN III

      • Dan, the real question is:

        Who counted those votes, and did Mzzz Warren actually ‘win’?

        • Miles….regarding Warren/ counts your thoughts are applicable. I was citing the electorate across the country. In elections for dog catcher all the way to soetoro-obama’s re-annointment. I didn’t.see the illegal Kenyan’s lawn signs because there weren’t foolish American socialists supporting him.

          The fact of the matter is the voters, the AMERICAN PEOPLE, deserve one’s wrath along with the elected royalty.

          DAN III

      • What can one expect from the folks in Taxachusetts.

        The same idiots that have given us Ted Kennedy, Barney Frank, etc.


        • LOL!
          I’m gonna’ hafta’ start some of the “being-offended-at-being-lumped-together” bullshit (without being seriously offended. At all).
          This pos and teh rest listed all fucking disgust me, and I’ve lived here all my life. Can’t wait to get outta’ here, but for now, I’m trying to find fellow patriots to weather the coming storm. I’m not having any luck, but I do know that not everybody votes for these scumbags. Unfortunately, most think that Scott Brown was A-OK as a (R)! So they’re mostly clueless, but may come around in the event.
          At least that’s my hope until I can drag my wife across enemy lines.
          Anybody need a good man good with a gun?

          • “Anybody need a good man good with a gun?”

            Hell yes! A good man, good with a gun.

            In short supply.

      • I agree.
        But when the shit goes down no one will admit to voting for the collectivists, so what do you do?
        Yes, yard signs are an indicator, but the yard signs are now gone.
        Quite the conundrum.

  4. That fucking pic of the Socialist Whore makes my GERD bubble up, every time I see it.

    Excuse the language, CA…I’m more than a little worked up right now.

    • Architect….not to beat a dead horse but perhaps you should direct your anger toward your fellow countrymen who have put.Warren and soetoro-obama in the reigns of power ? Warren is only representative of the problem that lies within this once great nation today.

      DAN III

  5. The Communist Koreans and Chinese make these kind of people kneel
    in a field and are shot in the back of the head when they outlive their

  6. I think only Massachusetts could elect a thing like Warren. I know, I spent a year there one day. Do you know why she, and her cohorts will fail? They don’t really know the difference between their ass, and a hole in the ground.

    • “the difference between their ass, and a hole in the ground.” -Sean | December 3, 2012 at 14:06

      These features will become important, and familiar, as starvation removes one and a guard instruct on the proper construction of the other. US Senators are not immune to these situations.

    • You’re not joking are you ? Look at the fools in NY state putting and keeping in Schumer and the now-resigned Weiner.

      There are idiots elected in all 54 states and territories. Or is it 57 ?

      DAN III

  7. Another Anon

    You guys would do well to get out of the echo chamber and go pay more attention to Warren

    Read her books, especially the Two Income Trap and The Fragile Middle Class and Google her lectures on YouTube.

    After you pay attention to what we she actually says, than come back and complain.

    Let me also add in that quote above not one word Warren said there is false.

    The roads are paid for out of taxes and your business probably depends on them . In fact big empty Red states are actually tax eaters in that more densely populous states subsidize the highway system (New Jersey gets only 80cents on $1 in taxes back) I don’t think the empty states could even pay their way ..

    And sure yes private roads are possible. what you’ll get is big companies locking you out, have the wrong opinion, get fired and you aren’t allowed on any private road. And yes thats the future you’ll get, c.f company store without a big boot on a lot of necks.

    And yes your taxes for pay for fire and police. You do in fact need them unless you’d enjoy a real risk of wildfire because too many people canceled fire coverage during a recession , or maybe a private justice system that is “whoever pays off the best thugs” . Trust me , we have this now, its called binding arbitration and its 100% rigged not in your favor. Imagine that say applied to a capital crime (because of a shrink wrap style license you wave your rights in private property) nuff said..

    I’ll sport you on education though not every public school is junk and many do in fact produce the next crop of workers your business will need. Assuming you can automagically get enough workers and customers without paying for them is ,charitably ,magical thinking. TANSTAAFL

    Maybe you just want the States or localities to do this, fine I agree but its the government just at another level. Also if States get hijacked by the small minded who do not want to teach skills that business needs, congrats. You will be poorer since you have less to sell to your trade partners. This means you have to involved in government to make it work.

    Last paragraph, well she is saying “You deserve success, enjoy it but chip into the common kitty for the common good”

    Why is this such an issue? You don’t like the way money is spent? I agree there too but the government can do these things. The powers are specially allocated and not subject to revision by the 10th amendment

    The Premable

    We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

    and its in Article One (along with roads and a post office)

    Now where your ire should be is in the violations of cruel and unusual punishment , GWOT, Drug War search and seizure, war powers, and failure of the state to guard the border and manage trade and immigration not its half-assed attempts to what is clearly allowed.

    A last point, way to many in the “Liberty” movement remind me of some unwholesome mix of the cheap labor crowd and anarchists.

    The cheap labor crowd is nothing new, its why the US was poisoned with slavery. A certain subset of the Founding Father simply wanted to be aristocrats and knowing with all that cheap land out there for the taking, they’d have to pay a lot for wages. Even indentured contract workers were only a stop gap solution so they forced that filth, treating people as property at ransom point into the new nation. No slaves, no America.

    That lead to a well pretty much most of the problems we have here now.

    Now no one in the Liberty movement is a would be slaver, but the same urge cheap labor at any cost permeates the movement and the business class all over the West. Its killing our future (its part and parcel of low birth rates in places like Spain and to a lesser degree here) and its creating a demand for State intervention.

    You might be able to force a new state without welfare but you had better hope that the people there don’t decide low pay and poverty are a grievance , get what Marxists called class consciousness (and thats growing crazy fast now alas) and they exercise their 2a remedy in return.Or maybe you’ll get lucky like Singapore and they decide not to have kids. Some future.

    The anarchy part is understandable, Leviathan and its Corporate cousins (IMO here) are way too big and its a part and parcel of the hunger for liberty but this is not the world of 1776 or 1876 . Once screw up at the wrong place can have catastrophic results (c.f. Fukishima, Chernobyl more )

    This means that desire to opt out, so beloved of our nation (Thoreau etc) is no longer possible with 300 million people and our technology.

    Thus sucks but it leaves us in bind.

    The key here is to keep it all in check, the resolve the problems people willfully do not wish to see and to understand that the Minarchism and economic liberalism
    espoused by so many in this movement can’t seem be made to work on any scale.

    Find a way that preserves individual liberty but still gets the work done or somebody worse than Leviathan will come along. He may not be big, it might be a warlord, he might be a NDSAP type, a globalist, anybody .. But he’ll make the current batch look nice.

    Can the State be trimmed? It must be but it cannot be gutted and it must be paid for. Thats what Warren is saying “You benefited, you pay. There ain’t no such things a s free lunch.”

    • Are you serious?

      Roadbuilding and other legitimate (I.e., non-bridge to or non-train to nowhere) public works justifying the Warrens of the world in imposing 50% fully-loaded tax rates?

      You need to spend more time in the budgetary details of entitlement programs (including public schools).

      Apologists for the Central State will be mocked and scorned.


      • Another Anon

        The word entitlement programs is a propaganda term. Transfer payment is a better one I think.

        As for budgetary details, I agree. How do you propose to stop the political aspects of it without a lot of effort. Even a private school say in a voucher program has to be watched and this means constant effort.

        And note this is not just an efficiency issue

        A personal example. the public school I attended in Colorado as a lad pre PC days was (K-6). It had a student body of 250. The total staff was I think 11 — 7 teachers, principal, janitor, secretary, nurse.

        Everyone had a clear job to do and it got done. That was efficient and it was not a bad school all in all, we sent at least two kids to top tier schools in my class of 30 and had it not been a mediocre environment, maybe more would have gone.

        One year that school received an educational grant and promptly requiredspent it on new sport equipment. Given the school text books were falling apart, this was of course the wrong thing to do but the Principal was a gym coach.

        Fixing this stuff , ending waste and fraud no matter who does it requires effort and community, almost collective action something a nation of people terrified of acting in groups, ultra rugged individualists trapped in a low wage system with two working parents can never muster.

        getting back to the private organizations we once had is not going to be easy especially for people reared on an anomie driven Neo Randian Hyper Individualist Gospel . No one in this movement seems to want to obey and put a bigger picture outside of family 1st even when its on a purely voluntary basis (which is the only good kind anyway)

        let me also ask this, what happens if gradually Social Security is gotten rid of?

        Well I’ll answer that since have examples of nations with weak programs, the savings rate hits around 25-30% (or more depending) and that nation becomes dependent on exports to nations that are buying.

        This is a clear failure given that all those super exporters now are so screwed up no one is having babies. Take Singapore, a admirable nation with smart law abiding people , very high economic liberty (though granted low personal liberty) and a diverse (50% foreign) population. They are having about 1/3 the babies they need to have a society. 1/3rd!

        Japan is in a similar boat because not only is modern society economically super efficient, if people save a lot they not only won’t stop working till later (thwarting economic promotions) there is a much smaller domestic economy. Your business needs buyers and everyone can’t sell if no one buys

        Anyone who want a future has to deal with the fact that people who have don’t have money won’t make buy things and may not have kids.

        Sometimes I think the so called Liberty movement on the whole has no knowledge of technology beyond small arms and thinks we live in a a world with labor intensive manufacturing and no computers or birth control.

        No we don’t and this means that any movement that wants anything remotely modern and a steady population of people other than pig ignorant 3rd world immigrants who would find anything we have better needs to have some means to pay for it.


        Now if a private solution can be had, so much the better. My public library management got outsourced to a private firm with a little improvement. That was a good thing but the Liberty movements future legitimacy depends on them being better at problem solving than OpFor.

        It seems they have few idea.

        Now a last coupe of points, I would love to see an end to pork, bridges to nowhere, monuments to some congressthing and so on. I’s like to see the military limited to national defense only (no foreign bases save those mandatory for safety and no intervention ) but I don’t see anyone showing any way to do this. Its not FreeFor’s problem but if they win, it will be in short.

        Now a last point, the 50% and 95% tax rates. There was a reason for that. Its wrong but so you understand, the rates were high to force the wealthy to have a stake in society not to raise revenue . This prevented them from buying out of the problems they created.

        In some respects (and I am NOT advocating for it here) this would have prevented say people having mass immigration. If you can’t White Flight to a gated community you have an incentive to make things work. It prevents an opt-out by the rich.

        This is collectivist thinking obviously but the halcyon days of the post war peak America (for most people anyway) were a weird mix of collectivism and personal freedom both.

        • Who didn’t latch the screen door?

        • indyjonesouthere

          The words “transfer payment” is a propaganda term. It is made to sound as if I am moving money from my savings account to my checking account. But in reality it is the government using force (guns) to extract taxes from me to pass on to the governments favorite “charity”. If I don’t pay they will kill, jail, or seize me or my property.

          • Another Anon

            Fair enough indyjonesouthere. Of course they will. Its the governments job to use force under some circumstances and tax evasion is one of them. However the general welfare is just that (in theory) the general welfare.

            Its in the body of the Constitution and the only say you got on how it was spent was deciding in it is which idiot was elected every two years (an d only if you were a landowner) It was added later to include you deciding which idiots you state got every 6 years but you don’t get to choose, That the way the Constitution works.

            If you don’t like that, your state should be allowed to leave (this is an arguable cause for grievance) with a super majority vote though its not now and you can move to another country if you can find one that will take you and meets you needs and of course you have a 2nd amendment option if you are willing to take the risk.

            That it. Its a Representative system, granted a borked, crooked one but its not a Democratic one and this system, Leftists and others do get a say like it or not.

            Its been that way since the founding of the country.

            Now to answer to answer a few questions

            The homeschool question. I was home schooled, its a great solution but its not for everyone. The public schools exists for parents unable or unqualified to teach. Get rid of them and you increase the risk of Detroit everywhere. They are necessary to keep the rat brain population at least a little in check. I suspect though a hefty dose if putting y’all here in charge would do a lot of good.

            To the last time I paid taxes, this evening actually. part of my bills and a sales tax too. Like most here I think it a a good part of it was wasted, I’d guess we could do without about the amount we borrowed (give or take a few billion)

            A last point before I bow out for a while, Dan. making you pay taxes does not put a deed of claim on you. I certainly don’t think I own anyone but you do not live by yourself either. You cannot avoid the State. You can only check it. Thats what the Founding Fathers wanted to do but were constrained from doing by the same forces we face, An inability to agree on a lot of things.

            • Ah, the old “general welfare” argument. Right up there with Congress’ abuse of the commerce clause and the mythical “right to privacy” as the top three progressive perversions and distortions of the framers’ intent.

            • “However the general welfare is just that (in theory) the general welfare.”

              False. There is no “that” there. It’s ONLY a “theory;” it’s ONLY an imagination in your head. It IS the abstract collectivization of units that only exist individually.

              indyjonesouthere had it exactly right about “transfer payment” too. That’s quite a euphemism…I guess bank robbers are only “transferring payments,” right?

              Let’s see you get your wild dreams done without guns and coercion. You can’t. Save all the words; you can say it all in a single sentence: “Gimme what I want or I’ll kill you.”

              No. Live with that or suffer for trying. “Anon”…what, like then you don’t exist?

            • indyjonesouthere

              Oh I fully understand the general welfare clause. Now do you really understand what you wrote earlier? You know, the part that says “provide for the national defense and promote the general welfare”. Do you have a vocabulary that distinguishes between provide and promote? Do you understand the seperate and unequal meanings of those two words. Thats why you and I will not agree on shit because you have no clue that promote does not mean provide. Until you get that understand we will reach NO fucking agreement. Do you understand the meaning of general welfare? It does not mean a fucking EBT card, TANF card, sec 8 housing or bailing out GM, GS, Citi, or fucking JPM. So until you understand the meaning of general welfare we have no common understanding. Did you ever read the book Original Meanings? If you have then you would know why we have a problem. And this problem WILL lead to blood on the streets. Get used to the idea because it is coming. Prepare to be surprised, for everyone else, Prepare.

            • Would somebody put ANOTHER boot on this motherfuckers neck already? jeezis fukkin christ on a hand truck…..

        • “The word entitlement programs is a propaganda term. Transfer payment is a better one I think.”

          Yup, just another part of the problem.

          You are doomed, boy.

    • “The roads are paid for out of taxes and your business probably depends on them .”
      She (U?) act as though the people w/the businesses didn’t pay any of the taxes for the road.
      Commie a$$wipe Warren also has to explain why all the other people who paid taxes for the road, live along the road and use the same road didn’t start businesses.
      Shouldn’t we punish their lazy a$$es for not starting business so they too could experience the joy of being tax-raped by the IRS.

    • indyjonesouthere

      Let us begin with the road building problem. I live on US hwy 40. It is called the national road as it was one of the first us highways built. And I believe that the national historic signs point to the very early 1800’s. Yes, there was NO department of transportation at that time. The road was built and maintained by the people living on it in order to encourage people to travel and stop at their establishments. It did not require state or federal government to build it, to maintain it, or to pay for it. And it is obvious that Ms. Liz taxes and 1/32 plus or minus Cherokee did not contribute. And Ms Liz taxes and heritage did not pay for early school either.The invention of the Dewey elite to put children in institutions of propoganda for the benefit of ruling elites who could stear education from parents to institutional experts is what required taxes. And from people like the fucking experts that run treasury and the FED. Now we begin to develop a foundation for the amoral beaurocrats that flourish in government today. Incapable of producing anything of value to anyone, they instead grab the government teat for lifelong sustenance just like the EBT crowd they manage from government cubicles. Even dead drunk Ted Kennedy wondered why literacy was more widespread in the 1990’s than it was before the Civil War. But thats what government taxes and Liz do for the “people”. You don’t really want to examine how well the treasury and Fed have managed the dollar do you? And that was their primary job, ensure the valuation of the dollar. It is now worth 3 cents for each dollar since the Fed was created by our “betters” such as Ms. Liz. The hell with the ruling elite, they simply manipulate the system to make sure they do not lose, and it works for a while. Then the bastards are run out of the country on a rail. And I’m voting for the rail.

    • Another Anon….I work with 17-20 year olds on a regular basis. The home schoolers are the intelligent, well-behaved, high standard students. Not the students being taught socialism in the .gov schools by overpaid, incompetent, union teachers.

      Have you stroked a personal check to your favorite .gov entity lately ?

      DAN III

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “The roads are paid for out of taxes and your business probably depends on them”

      And who pays taxes, genius? The people who run and work for businesses.

    • Considering that the top 10% pay most of the taxes, they paid for the roads and bridges and police and fire dept’s. So yeah, they paid for all the benefits too. Maybe the freeloaders of society (warren’s constituents) need to learn about that free lunch thing.

      Kevin III

  8. indyjonesouthere

    The place where the government drones seem to do the most damage is their position in the public school system. From administrators to teachers to school board members they can and do shit the Dewey progressive hive trash. The Borg aren’t even that fucked up. There is no room for disent in gov-world.

  9. And BTW, just as soon as someone shows me a hard copy of the much-vaunted-by-Progressives “social contract” with my authentic signature on it, I’ll reholster and cancel the flamethower assault.

    ‘Til then, just keep pushing.

    • Yeah, I don’t remember seeing that “contract” in any book about our founding.
      The way some folks make shit up and change words to suit their ideologies has got to stop (apologies to the 1A purists).

  10. Is it just me or does anyone else see the “similarities”…

    • Yep, we are at 7.5 of the 10 planks. The game is to find the leftover fractions to maximize your personal freedom.

  11. Anyone who thinks that rich folks pay little or no taxes is ieather a liar or doesn’t really know anybody that’s rich.

  12. “Few political gifts are more richly rewarded, than the ability to convince parasites that they are victims.”

    Dr. Thomas Sowell (African American), Fellow, Stanford University

  13. I am ashamed to say that I live in Massachusetts. I live in the town where Myles Standish built his home after settling with the first Charter of Plimouth Colony. Right off the shore on Clark’s Island at Pulpit Rock the first European settlers of this nation gave thanks and prayed for the success of the Colony before they actually set foot in Plimouth…That was the actual rock where our great country began. It began with prayer and a true understanding of where riches and success and blessings really come from. Our elite “leaders” are so far from this path, so far from the shining city on the hill they wanted this nation to becaome. They actually believe thay have control over what happens. Their arrogance will soon be rewarded, but so too will our lazyness as the caretakers of our God given rights for letting our leaders run roughshod over the rights that God guarantees us. Warren is right in some respects “we” didn’t build this, but we have squandered the many blessings bought with blood, and sweat, and tears. We stand on the shoulders of giants. May we be blessed with their fortitude and their will. We will need it.

    • Hey, Bill, I’m right up the road from you. Your post tells me we see things in a similar light. Any interest in meeting?

  14. Sigh, not the roads argument. It reminds me of the healthcare debates in 09-10 where some gal wrote an article comparing national healthcare to the rural electrification project.
    There are even so called conservatives who justify property taxes for roads etc. as property value increases. The factory owner pays directly or thru who he hires to ship his goods to market aka in modern terms, gas taxes. Thus he helped build the road, a lot more than the average citizen paid in gas taxes for sure.

  15. As someone who is in the business of tutoring home-schooled students and, who has been a part-time teacher for over 30 years, I need to weigh in. Home schooling and its distant cousin, on-line education, are starting to make inroads on the state monopoly of socialist indoctrination that passes for education in modern Amerika.
    The critics of home-school are basicallly shills or useful idiots for the state apparatus that is in place to keep public school teachers employed. I used to hear from “educators” the old saw that you need to send them to public school so they can socially interact. My response was: “Yeah, right. So they can come home with blue spiked hair, nipple rings, and hip-hop gangsta rap blaring out the ear buds of their ipods. ” The PC crowd did not have a coherent reply. Here in my local area of the Peoples Democratic Socialist Republic of Oregon, we have a local high school with a library which has a nice carpeted study area that is stained with tobacco juice. It seems that these “educators” cannot even control the possesion of snuff among the ranks of Amerika’s future, even though a minor in possession of tobacco products in a crime in Oregon. So, these cretins spit on the carpet and my property taxes pay to clean it.
    The descendants of Margaret Sanger, John Dewey, and the rest of the Amerikan Progressive Illuminati set the course for our social and intellectual destruction a long time ago. The white trash battalions of the FSA in my neck of the woods will be ready when the music stops, courtesy of their indoctrination and indulgence by modern Amerikan “educators”.

    • “…you need to send them to public school so they can socially interact. ”

      It requires an incredibly narrow view of the world to condemn kids to the very limited scope of sociability allowed by the public school system.

      Just ask ANY public school student and they will tell you they’d rather be just about any place else other than at school.

      Everybody that was forced to go to public school knows this is true.

      Only prison offers a more convoluted, layered, contradicting and expanding system of rules than the public school system.

  16. I read a statement somewhere recently that explained how the Romans built roads. Maybe it was one of Aesops fable posts or on some other blog. I dont even know if its accurate but I like the concept. It said the Romans would build the road and then along the road they would plant olive trees or fruit trees or some other producing plant. After it was built(one assumes with tax money but remember they did have military purpose) the Romans would lease sections of the road to locals. The locals would maintain the road and in exchange they would keep all the olives or fruits or whatever was grown in the verges of the road.

    Now obviously there could be some issue here but in all men lies the possibility of corruption. That said however I really like the concept.