DumpDC Back Online

From Russell:

(Editor’s Note: WordPress, the host of this blog, deactivated the blog Friday night, indicating that I had violated their Terms of Service as related to Advertising Policy. This blog has been going continuously since 2009…over FOUR YEARS with a perfect record of compliance. WordPress did not send me an email…make a note on my blog…call me…and tell me that there was some piece of content they wanted removed. They just shut me down. We here at DumpDC may need to move from WordPress to a private web host. We still love WordPress, but feel their treatment of us was pretty heavy handed. The site came back online about 3:00 Eastern Monday, and WP still has not communicated with me to tell me what they want done. We await their pleasure…)

15 responses to “DumpDC Back Online

  1. WordPress.org software on Godaddy hosting is far better than hosting on wordpress.com. Godaddy will even do private domains so nobody can tell who you are if anonymity is your game.

  2. So the thought police/idea suppression really begins. Wonder who he pissed off with his writing?

  3. Moving to a private site will allow you to advertise and make some money. Might be a good idea.

  4. WordPress has had a reputation as the “good” blogging tool that is more forgiving of heterodox content. Some of the White Nationalist bloggers moved TO WordPress from other environments that were shutting them down because they didn’t like their content. I think Google’s “Blogger” is less forgiving of things they deem “racist” “violent” and perhaps “homophobic”

    So this is a bit disappointing and heavy handed, I agree. The more autonomy you have the better.

    It’s particularly disappointing that they haven’t communicated with you. Google is like that too: they don’t ever want to talk with you. It’s not part of their business model.

    Hopefully you have archived the site somehow. If not I would definately find a way to do that too.

  5. Thousands of bottom feeding Lawyers are starving because they are being pushed out by the Amerikan Journalist of the Main Stream Media.

  6. Graves of Carolina

    CA, please check your inbox regarding a matter of some import.

  7. “We still love WordPress, but feel their treatment of us was pretty heavy handed.”

    Sounds like something one might say after being beaten by their spouse.

  8. I am just glad he is found, and is OK. We need to keep track of each other and ensure the people and their blogs are not getting black bagged. We know this is going to happen eventually, we need to be ready to look out for each other.

  9. Prairie Fire

    Regarding comms between like-minded individuals after more of this silly stuff becomes the norm: Just wondering, how are your HF radio skills coming along?

    • Assuming you have an HF rig, we are probably the only two of this site’s commenters with that capability. Would be nice if more did so we could throw a net either on 40m or Echo Charlie.

      • Prairie Fire

        Yes I do. I run an AS-1743 when camping, and an inverted 80m halfwave dipole at 32′ at home.

        As to a net for WRSA types, I’m dubious. ‘Specially considering the “expected” comments re the utility of HF seen in a more recent post above this one. I’ve been on this site since day one and have learned some from it. For an HF net, cat herding comes to mind, I’m not into that.

        We can try and talk, depending on your location and schedule. If you’re in NM, I most likely can’t hit that on 40m barefoot. And I don’t know what Echo Charlie means. My wire tunes real well on 17m, and 20 is mostly good if the contesters take a break. Can try 80.

        This particular post is likely to scroll off into the active archives in a day or so. Some contact info might be exchanged in that lesser-trafficked but still public domain, by replying here.

        I live in 7-land.


        • Dont misunderstand the comments about an HF net. I dont think anyone here discounts the utility, its the government regulation and the typical Hammer response to disregarding that regulation. Like I said in the otherr post I would have no problem getting a peice of government paper and a call sign, but if I go around the rules (like xmiting encrypted or something) I dont want some fat old fuck turning me in to the radio cops.

          In reality a full base station is just more than I want to take on. I would like to get my hands on a few of those Motorola Freq hopper handhelds. There are times you just have to set boundries of things you want to aquire to keep from spreading yourself to thin.

  10. Larry Elliott

    Don’t y’all be offendin’ the “free speech czar” by sayin’ things ’bout Glorious Leader, and y’all’ll be cool, hear….

  11. TPTB will shut down the net a short interval before declaring Martial Law, then use the old media – TV, radio – to mobilze the FSA and other assets against us. That’s why we will HAVE to attack the grid. Must cut off elec supply to the cities, turn off the TV and radio.

  12. I like the idea of getting into radio. Aren’t you agreeing to endless govt. testing though, to get the license, etc. That seems a bit counter-productive at this point.