Tire Iron’s Poor Man’s MICH Helmet

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An excellent post at SSI.

4 responses to “Tire Iron’s Poor Man’s MICH Helmet

  1. When he wrote that back in the early 2000s, it was a great post. Now, you can buy used ACH (same thing as MICH) for a hundred bucks. You are going to spend that on the poor man’s MICH just for the pads and the new head harness/suspension. Just get a used Army Combat Helmet on Ebay.

  2. I’ll just stick to my old VN era steel pot.
    There was a time when I lived everyday with that thing and hated every minute of it but over time I came to rely on it, and I have it still. It’s sits right on top of my old alice pack, hanging on the wall in my (home) office. It’s a shrine, and fully functional.

  3. I installed the Oregon Aero PASGT upgrade, huge improvement in both protection and comfort. It’s a very reasonable upgrade.


  4. If you get yer head blown off, none of this will help much.

    Don’t get yer head blown off, is a much better plan