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From Vanderleun.

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  1. Lack the necessary wit to title it. Nevertheless, wanted you to know I enjoyed it.

  2. Jimmy the Saint

    Every now and again, I really like people.

    Whoever posted that second sign should get a nice gold star for the day.

  3. Larry Elliott

    A while back I was dumbfounded to learn that farmers and ranchers were going around to metropolitan schools to teach the students and teachers as well where their food actually came from. The students, especially the grade schoolers one can forgive, but not the teachers who mostly had no idea that farmers and ranchers produce the food that they believe magically comes from the back of the stores somehow or a factory someplace.

    Then there were the people who’d moved to a community that is surrounded by farms and ranches and were offended that those nasty farmers were out at sunrise or before with their noisy, stinky diesel tractors and still out there after sundown making noise and offending their delicate sensibilities.

    The level of pervasive stupidity by the mostly liberals offends me.


    • Mutant Swarm

      Great! Do you deliver?

    • AMartinez no not that one

      Wasn’t about 40 years ago, even in a
      small town you still had a local dairy, slaughter house, you could allways find fresh eggs. Now with so much goverenment,cain’t do squat. What the hell is comming next!

  5. Meanwhile… The BATFE closes in on Mr. B. Posters as the NRA expends its entire member defense budget on a sheet of paper.

  6. “Use Spray Paint Instead”

  7. Look at the bright side. You can’t find a “no shooting allowed” sign in the deserts of the SouthWest…that isn’t shot full of holes.