A Shadow On The Land


It can’t happen here?

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  1. Has already happened here, in various guises and reflections. I haven’t heard one newscaster say that Obongos’ grab for the ability to raise the debt ceiling on his own initiative, an unconstitutional power grab, at all. A power grab, but no mention of the Constitution. Doesn’t really matter if they have, and I just didn’t hear it, or not. Howling mobs should be demanding this ass clowns’ head for even SAYING such a thing, and all I see are sheeple shrugging their shoulders and walking away. The Republic is UnDead, a zombie looking for someone to bite, or a vampire looking for someone to suck the life out of them. I know, let’s bail out Detroit!

  2. Semper Fi, 0321

    Going into the realm of sci-fi, what’s really spooky here is the amount of people, politicians and media, who are all backing this takeover. What evil force do they work for that has all of them so captive that they dare not speak out? And the populace just plod along like sheep, believing every word without a care for it’s veracity.
    Hardly a person I know cares anymore, they’re too busy trying to work and pay their overwhelming credit card bills. All just stupid proles doing as they’re told. Victims of their own TV sets.
    Must be the poisoned corn syrup that made them do it…

    • It’s the estrogen in the flu shots. Women and weak males look upon the gubmint as surrogate husband/daddy. As for “Nedrick Young, former actor and McCarthy-era blacklisted writer…:, yeah…Ned had to skip off to Paris for a few years and write scripts under a pseudonym. Tough duty. Than back to Hollywood during the 60s for more Marxist fun and games. For the truth about the “McCarthy Era” (when Reds were called Reds, not “activists” and “progressives”), read M. Stanton Evans, BLACKLISTED BY HISTORY: THE UNTOLD STORY OF SENATOR JOE McCARTHY AND HIS FIGHT AGAINST AMERICA’s ENEMIES (NY, 2007).

    • I have wondered for some time what goes thru the minds of Pelosi, Reed, Obama and the other commie-libs when they think of their family and the ones they love and care about.
      Does Pelosi et al really think that their kids and grandkids will escape unscathed from the disaster they are greasing the skids for?

      • Yes, the elites believe that they are tilling the soil for their children who will be among the survivors, initially. Remember the dogma of the elite only allows for 500M people to survive WORLD WIDE. There has to be a whole lotta dying off and non-reproduction between here and there.

        ZardoZ-style utopian communities?

        • Semper Fi, 0321

          Remember this, it may be what it’s all about. Population control, and they really believe they’ll come out on top in the end. Shades of Tom Clancy…plan accordingly.

      • “Does Pelosi et al really think that their kids and grandkids will escape unscathed from the disaster they are greasing the skids for?”

        Short answer is, YES.

        They think their kids and grandkids will be safe and protected by hi-speed low drag contractors, in gated/walled communities. Shopping at well supplied, private stores. While they RULE over your kids and grandkids.

        simple, this has all happened before.

  3. Non-Cataphract

    For what it’s worth, the Police Department in my neck of the woods, a small town, just got some shiny new equipment courtesy of the federal dole. A big ‘ol police SUV and two Cruisers. This occurred despite the fact that this police department is so desperate to recruit people that they have actually turned to using volunteers to fill in the gaps.

    Then we have tools asking for a greater police presence around them. Some insipid shit-stain actually wrote to our local newspaper about how there should be more patrols because someone had lit off a firecracker on his property. Oh the humanity!

    So yeah, it’s apparent to those with a modicum of common-sense that something is being built up. Unfortunately most people in the States lack a modicum of a modicum of common sense.

    • “This occurred despite the fact that this police department is so desperate to recruit people that they have actually turned to using volunteers to fill in the gaps.”

      There’s your ‘in’. Take it while you, or the younger ones in your tribe, can.

    • In my neck of the woods the local sheriff is facing economic meltdown. So, he’s enlisting the old, frightened retired cops to go out and scare all of the old, frightened retirees into voting more taxes on themselves. Plus, he has help from the local clergy. What a country!

  4. Cassandra (of Troy)

    Saw that show when it aired & it, along w/ The Stranger/Glenn Corbett & Wild In The Streets, scared the s**t outta me & after being exposed to those in the then called ‘peace’ movement in particular & the Left generally my fear of such ‘progressive’ people’s only increased as has my resolve to resist them/their ‘liberal’ agenda. What caught me flatfooted was when I realized that the Right, who were/are supposed to be for freedom & prosperity, was just as bad as their counterparts & will have NO problem w/ doing to me as their alleged philosophical opponents would w/ the rationales being the same,: WE know what’s best for you.

    Once that sank in, I began to notice things about the 2 sides that my biases previously deflected or supressed, like how similar the Left & Right’s base claim of ‘all THINKING people KNOW that WE are the ONLY ones who have the answers to the age-old problems that plague humanity & that STRICT adherence to OUR philosophy ALONE will Make The World A Better Place FOR EVERYONE’ was &, even more disturbing, the close resemblance of the tactics used to maintain control of those who allied themselves w/ either side.

    W/ the Left you’re ‘a heartless, cruel, greedy Nazi/Fascist/Religious Fanatic/Warmongering Rightist who wants to enslave/kill EVERYBODY!’ should you disagree w/ anything they propose/support, & w/ the Right you’re ‘a cowardly hippie/fag/Commanuss/Libertine/crimanul who wants to distroy Our Beloved Uhmurrakuh by turning it into a Godless cesspool of sin & corruption!’. Either way, they both hold to the line from Steppenwolf’s Don’t Step On The Grass, Sam,: “All will pay who disagree w/ me!”.

    And the worst part’s that those who call themselves Libertarians imitate the attitude & tactics of the Left & Right while saying they’re different from both. As Marvin remarked,: “Makes me wanna hollah”.

    Yep, sho’ nuff do.

    Cassandra (of Troy)