Amerika – Encore Edition

Screen shot 2012-12-06 at 10.05.06 PMGorgon Stare

Coburn report: Drones ‘patrolling the skies like never before’ in US

Newly Released Drone Records Reveal Extensive Military Flights in US

Coburn Report

5 responses to “Amerika – Encore Edition

  1. Battlefield USA

    Just add DARPA’s Nano Technology and Smart Dust… I am sure everyone can figure out the rest.

    While everyone is ignoring emerging military technology, I assure you it is taking an interest in you.

  2. At least Gorgon Stare doesn’t directly make things splode like Scorpion Stare. But I wouldn’t put it past someone to try and figure that one out.

  3. Has anyone seen one of these drones flying around yet?
    I have not.

    What do they sound like, is their sound distinctive and recognizable?
    IOW, if you hear one at a distance can you recognize it for what it is and ready the armaments?

    (lead by 6 lengths on full auto – get as much lead in the air in front of it as possible and let it run into the deadly hail)

    Thanks Fort Knox.
    At the time I never thought there’d be long term future use for the stuff they taught me, glad I have a permanent memory.

  4. On two occasions I believe I have seen drones flying around my area. One was near an airport, and the other in a sparsely populated area. In the later instance, it was higher than some buzzards drifting on the thermals. Houston uses them regularly, for “law enforcement” purposes.

  5. Let them acquire as much military tech as they want. Drones, armor, weapons. Go for it. Those assets are stored, maintained, and utilized from a typical PD location, not a large military installation with countless armed guards and security, and the people employed in those police departments are all members of the community that you live in. They have families with children that go to the same schools as your children and play little league with your children or maybe are scout leaders in the troop that your children and theirs belong to. They’re Americans just like us and when they stop being Americans and start being an occupation force, by their own will, they will forfeit all that they stand for with their personal lives. They know this also. Count on it. Most are good decent people that are well aware of where they stand. When the coercion of the Police State becomes too much for the real Americans in the bunch, they will turn and maybe even fall on their own sword. Just because people are involved in LE doesn’t mean they are intent on establishing a police state. I suspect plenty of them question new regulations on a daily basis and talk amongst themselves where all this is heading. If it gets downright ugly, all those assets are easy pickings for any well armed and organized group. It is up to LE to not give such a group reason to act. So far that has been the case and IMHO I believe it will continue to be. Certainly there are upper management career whores that will push their people into operations that are not in their best interest and are probably even illegal. Fast and Furious ring a bell? If it get real ugly and orders are passed down from these people, expect that same kind of reaction that happened often in Vietnam to career officers that were too stupid for their own good and their own men fragged them. Just because they are police doesn’t mean they are not also patriots.