Three From Hoyt

The Center Cannot Hold

Preparing For The Long Rains


Key grafs from “Ungovernable”:

…Push harder and we escape harder, through crevices they don’t even know are there. Forbid us from making a living, and we’ll find a way to go around you. Make it impossible to defend ourselves, and I shudder to think what some of my friends and neighbors will come up with. Make the economy impossible, and we’ll create another one you can’t reach. Make regulations too binding and we’ll either ignore them or – more likely – creatively subvert them.

They captured the flag, and they think they captured the nation.

It’s the type of mistake that the bureaucratic mind makes…


6 responses to “Three From Hoyt

  1. Nice to read some optimism now and then. Says a lot that this is now optimistic.

  2. indyjonesouthere

    The bureaucratic mind was formed in the Dewey school system. This school system, whether grade school, high school or college is focused on group think. The “science” they learn is political correctness from the Frankfurt school. Physics or math, that’s too hard. Lets focus on gender, black, chicano, feminist, or fill in the blank, victim studies. Subjective victim studies are the perfect foundation for the government employee. No need to think, just absorb victimization theory and you’re set for the future. And we know the ruling elite may tweek the theory, no problem….it is theory after all. No fixed truths, only beliefs. Now that’s true climate change. And the fools really do think they can control an ever more complicated economic system? It has to be the magic mushrooms or maybe some really good shit from Javier the gardener?

    • The Prussian military needs reliable soldiers.

      • Semper Fi, 0321

        A rock solid soldiers mindset will overcome that of a stoned college student every time. They really have no idea what they’re doing, and their arrogance only makes it worse, for them.

  3. I work with a guy from Romania, who grew up under the communists, and got out of the country when it became possible. First, he moved to Canada, then came to our place a few years ago. As you might imagine, being from behind the curtain, he’s about as anti-communist as you get.

    So when I complain about how it is here, he says it’s not as good as it was, but we have so far to go that I can’t possibly understand. He’s concerned about the direction and despises The One, but knows we’re not there yet.

    Kind of echoes Sarah in “Ungovernable”.

    A week or so after the election I asked him if he was considering going back, and he said he was. When I asked him which was more free, Canada or Romania, he said Romania. Life is harder, but much more free.

  4. @Aesop
    I’ll give you an Amen to that!
    Like I’ve stated in the past, why burn the house down when you discover and infestation of rats. Get some bad ass cats and treat them well. Just get rid of the rats and move on.