SK: A Holiday Of Resistance

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Unrelenting defiance and resistance.

In the Darkness, be the Light.


12 responses to “SK: A Holiday Of Resistance

  1. We are all Maccabees now.

  2. You know, of course, OughtSix, that when the bozos’ from the Selucids showed up to announce their tyrannical horsehockey about the “new” religion, some o’ them Maccabees came up behind them and plunged two knives simultaneously into the guy, one in each kidney. As a way to reply, that, no, it is not acceptable. Don’t tease me.

    • We have our own selucids too, of the New Standard Kosmic Religion of our lord and savior Buck Ofama, lightworker of the New Age Utopian Paradise… or some such bullshit.

      Totally unacceptable.

  3. Jimmy the Saint

    Cute sentiment and all, but Hanukkah is the National Dairy Farmer’s Day of Jewish holidays – they don’t even care about their own resistance.

    • Jimmy, that was SK’s point and accusation towards back slid Jews of the “liberl” persuasion.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        I was sort of echoing that. For the most part, the Jewish community cares little for the holiday. I suppose it makes a degree of sense on purely religious grounds – it’s not of the same spiritual level as their big 3, but it would seem to merit a bit more attention.

  4. robroysimmons

    Basically some whiny passive/aggressive way to counter act Christmas, as if it needs counter acting. Tell your average lumpen-American that this holiday is religous fundies gone wild and all you end up with is the hurt cow look.

    Doesn’t equality suck?

  5. To Jews that do not seek G*d, it’s the National Dairy Farmers Day. To Jews that actually believe in G*d, and seek His Blessings, it is a time of remembrance, reflection, and celebration. Their are plenty of “Christians”, who have no idea what the Ten Commandments are, what Christ means in their lives, or if they are actually forgiven their sins. And there are also plenty of Jews who have more than just a little resistance in them. And I will stand with them in that resistance, to the death. Cute if you will, but I am absolutely serious.

  6. This is a great essay. The Jews have fought, and continue to fight, to have a place of their own where the majority traditions are normative. I salute them in their success. The Sabbath is observed in Jerusalem, cars and commerce stop at sundown on Friday.

    How ironic that Jews, particularly secular Jews, and the organizations they formed and control have, in America, been so dedicated to destroying any semblance of ethic or religious solidarity among the American majority, white Christians, through an endless campaign of lawfare, biased media, youth indoctrination and media propaganda. I’m thinking specifically of the ACLU and Americans United for Separation of Church and State.

    We’re in the midst of the annual “you can’t put a Christmas tree, or heaven forbid, a manger, up in the town square” debate. And of course, there is the attack on white people via things like affirmative action, quotas, and selective enforcement of hate crime laws, etc.

  7. Good on you, Jackson, and just so.

    Another terrific piece, continuing a seemingly inexhaustible flood from Daniel.

  8. Perhaps one in a thousand have the conviction of Daniel Greenfield, and 90% of those will crumple when the Pb meets the cold, crisp morning air, or the knock comes on.the door at 2am. Resist.

  9. Not that long ago, we attended a Messianic congregation led by a Christian Jew and his Russian wife. The fire they displayed during Purim and Hannakuk was interesting, and primal. Passover was interesting, as well.