Bracken On The Air

From this past Saturday night; listen to it all.

Thanks as always to Matt for the WRSA shout-out.

7 responses to “Bracken On The Air

  1. Thanks for throwing this up. It was a good interview IMO.

  2. indyjonesouthere

    I do think that people hearing this is a damn good thing. They may not do a lot in the interim to improve their survival but if they are familiar with the theory they just may have their antenna up enough to recognize a shit storming coming their way and be able to flee in time. And others, well, Sandy does show us what happens when we fail to process information in a timely manner.

  3. Worth a second, possibly third, listen.

  4. Another Bracken interview will be on radio tonight, here is the website for listening info:

  5. (it will be on at 6pm eastern/5pm central and here are the links and ways to listen in:

  6. heh! sorry I’m missing all the info in just one post. Also in that show tonight, Dr. Thomas DiLorenzo, a guy you guys have linked up to on this site before. He will be on to discuss secession and other stuff