Two From TL

us flag tatters
One Week March

An Oath To Whom?

To be candid, I am running on fumes.

I know how many of TWANLOC (“those who are no longer our countrymen” — term courtesy of a Belmont Club commenter) there are.

I know how sparse the FreeFor actually is.

I don’t know how to change either fact.

“Embrace the suck, drink water, and drive on” only gets you so far.

2013 will be an important year for all.

And so, I keep on keeping on.

You do the same.

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  1. Semper Fi, 0321

    What has Oathkeepers accomplished so far? (barely audible sound of crickets chirping…….)
    Actually, that’s not fair, I believe they actually gave Jose Guerena’s widow a t-shirt. A fukn t-shirt???? (rage beyond comprehension!!!!!)
    Those guys remind me of the NRA and the Republican party, one more group we can count on.

  2. The burden is the lighter the more who share it.

    There are more of us every day, thanks in no small measure to the work you do Pete.

    I feel it too, both the pain and the promise.

    Press on, regardless.

    Thank you X 1000.


  3. This Derbyshire-style “conservative pessimism” is not warranted by the facts. CA may be “running on fumes” (NB: try eggnog), but TPTB are running on Trillions in debt, with Trillions more coming down the pike. I’m way glad I’m one of Us and not one of Them.

  4. Pete,

    Look on the bright side as StukaPilot points out, it could be worse, we are not them and all we need to do is keep our heads down until the tornado passes and stay off the coasts. The drought concerns me more than anything done in DC these days. Let it go….don’t watch or listen to the news for a week, you’ll feel much better, I did.

  5. I know the movie 300 took a lot of liberties, but one thing stuck. Leonidas comes back from talking with that weirdo Darius, and says, “Well, I don’t think they’ll surrender”, to the laughter of his comrades. Take a break hoss, and fergit that “embrace the suck” horse shit, it’s a dumb phrase anyway, like 24/7 and “I has cheesburgers”. Have a cigar, a good stiff drink, and shower and go to bed. Forget the blog, and yours, mine, and our troubles, and all the stuff. We’re just little people on a little planet, in a huge universe, and when you get down to it, we don’t amount to pinch of owl dung. We’re already dead anyway, and the shit will roll and it’ll come up snake eyes and there it is. You’ve done a world of good in your little corner of it, and it looks out the window like it’s tits up, no matter what. So fucking what? We don’t care, and it don’t matter. We got a job to do and we’ll do it. Take that break, it don’t matter how you do it, and stay off the wire a while. The Big Guy Upstairs is still in control, and He doesn’t let a bird fall from the sky He doesn’t know about it. I will intercede for you to Him in my inimitable manner, often and with vigor. Rest.

    • Colorado Pete

      Umm Sean my friend, not to pick too many nits, but it was in The Last Samurai that Katsumoto returned to his comrades with the “They wouldn’t surrender” bit. In 300 Leonidas talked to Xerxes (whose father was Darius).
      (I only watched them both about 200 times each.)

      I’ll assume that when you were watching the movies you were paying more attention to your front sight while dry-firing at the screen than you were the dialog. 😉

  6. “To be candid, I am running on fumes.”

    Heh, I hear that. We’re part of a crowd that’s huge beyond belief. If misery loves company, this is one ever-lovin’ world.

    Then I remember…it’s always darkest before the dawn. That, and there’s only one way to go now. “I know not what course others may take…”

    Whatever the hell happens, thanks for what you’ve done.

  7. I hear you, CA.
    I engaged this enemy 20 years ago and have diminished my finances to near nothing just to continue my own acts of resistance. I press on because there is no other option if I want to die knowing that I did my level best for my progeny.

    The whole damn thing sits on the edge and one more little push should send it right over. Let it fall.


  8. Thermopylae all over again….
    Keep going brother, just keep going.

  9. We are in a war of ideas, a war of cultures. This is but one battle in that war, which has been going on for hundreds, possibly thousands of years, and will not be finally won within our lifetime.

    Some thoughts to keep in mind:

    Cities were built because they enabled specialized production to happen more readily and they made economic sense, even in a mixed economy, because production was the goal of almost everyone. With collectivism now dominant, productivity decreasing, and consumption now the goal of the majority, the cities built by individual production are now a hotbed of collectivist consumption. 90% of the US population lives in metropolitan areas, less than 10% of the surface area of the US, and the majority of those who live there are moochers of one sort or another.

    Productivity is shifting now more to smaller towns and rural areas, and that is where the majority of the productive live. When the inevitable economic collapse happens, the cities, which have less than 2 days of food stored in them, will become rapidly nonviable, and eventually defunct. All we need to do is not lose this culture war and wait this out. The three biggest problems we will face are dealing with the collapse of the electrical grid and all that that entails, containing the wave of filth that will surge out of the bastions of Mordor, and coping with the awful stench that will plague anybody downwind for years afterward. Once the cities are gone, the productive will vastly outnumber the moochers.

    As long as we don’t lose, eventually we will win. Not saying it will be easy, or quick, or pleasant, but we can win just by continuing to exist. We don’t need to beat the enemies of freedom, we only need to not lose. The historical dialectic and the laws of reality are, in fact, our allies. Our goals should be to promote our culture and it’s values, to expand our numbers by teaching and procreating, and to tenaciously resist the expansion of the collectivist totalitarians, but most of all, we must not commit and lose everything. As long as we don’t lose, we will win.

    • Prairie Fire

      Yep. Like your thoughts.

      “As long as we don’t lose, eventually we will win.” Seems as if I’ve seen that before, written by the winners of g-wars or the people who have advised them.

      The procreating advice is just a plus.

      • Thanks. As you point out, none of them are original, but they are to the point. I was probably too brief when referring to procreation. There’s more to it, a lot more. Looked at objectively, raising children WELL is a lot of work, but it is essential. They must get both essential values, and critical skills, neither of which will be done by TPTB, rather the reverse, which means the parents have to do it, and do it well. Fortunately, there are tutors available to assist in this endeavor.

  10. robroysimmons

    Thank god for Aesop coming here to tell of us the omnipotence of the American Alawite elite, it keeps everything in perspective.

  11. When you’re going through Hell keep going.

  12. Who was that buffoon in the cowboy hat in the video? The man is obviously not in touch with reality. The military and the police will, for the most part, do the bidding of their paymasters. The Bill of Rights does not mean s**t to these people. Look at Katrina. Look at the rejects and losers at the TSA.
    DHS will be the new Amerikan Stasi, staffed with cashiered military personnel due to defense cutbacks.
    The only thing which will work in the favor of FreeFor is a massive economic meltdown which cripples the capability of the Leviathan to respond in every direction. Unless that happens, the forces of darkness will continue their encroachments on liberty until we are neutralized. They already staged another “Mall Shooting” in Oregon. Keep prepping.

  13. It’s good to ask yourself these things, at least now. But fair warning, once it starts and we’re at the initial rally point and I hear this sort of crap the only complaint the rest of the troops are going to have is that they’ll have more stuff to carry. This isn’t going to be a Rawlesian novel full of magnamanity and chivalrous deeds. There are weeds in the garden and we need tillers.

    get it out of your system now, or donate all your gear. That’s pretty much what it boils down to people. None of us are alone and there are silent millions watching, waiting. If you don’t want to go, or KNOW you cannot, then it’s your resposibility to opt out. No one will think the less of you, do what you’re able and that’s all that should ever be expected of you.

    Like it or not, we’ll all have a line drawn by Col. Travis in front of us. As free men, you are your own steward to not pick up more than you can carry.

    I sure as hell don’t feel tough, I damn near feel sick thinking about it. But I won’t quit, and I sure as hell won’t quit first. Some of you know what I mean, because I’m positive I’m not the hardest sob ever to draw breathe. I’ve seen those guys and I know they’ll be there. And I’m damn happy they’re on our side.

    and that’s the end of my internet tough guy talk. All of you bloggers, you’re doing good work to a man. You’ve got silent legions reading you daily, looking forward to reading you daily. These blogs are the one flicker of campfire through the dark that lets these people know that they are not alone.
    The MSM and those who would be your masters try to use isolation, despair and loliness to work against you. Let it turn to anger, at least that’s more useful. Cold, hard anger is the proper tool to build the engines of their downfall.

    • Well said.

      What’s the old quote?

      “Fatigue makes cowards of us all.”

      Sore back, tired mind, bad situation.

      Last night, that is.

      I will keep your quote in my wallet and re-read PRN.


  14. When I worked 16 hour days for years on end to keep a business afloat, it was my choice. Exhausting and invigorating, but a choice among several options.

    Now- refusing to be enslaved… I have no choice in that.

    “Here I Stand, I Can Do No Other.”
    – Martin Luther

  15. CA I feel your pain brother. Sometimes I wonder if I should just knuckle under and accept the wave that is coming. It will be so much simpler to just give in and live with it. The problem is that is a fantasy. Down that path lies chains at best and a walk in the woods to a shallow hole at worst. Its not so much for myself that I push those thoughts away but for my son and for the children he may one day father.
    I cannot fail
    I cannot submit
    I cannot turn away from what is right.

    • Does no one pay any attention to day-to-day events? So far 17 states have refused the Obamacare “insurance exchanges”:…these are all states that will eventually secede, and there’ll be others still. Yesterday Illinois Court OK’d concealed carry, and Michigan legislature passed RightToWork. All to the great discomfort of the Regime and its debt-financed adherents. Like I said, I’d way rather be Us than Them.

      • I know this is a late reply but any gain those battles won was just completely lost in Connecticut. I am no prophet but but I knew it was just a matter of time before one of these shootings took place that could provide them the political cover to drive us into the ground.

  16. We are outnumbered, I am not going to lie, but do NOT be disheartened, I suprisingly and accidentally meet new FreeFor all the time, in the strangest of places, and yes, even those in our OWN military. There are more than you think. I believe many are just being VERY quiet, unless prompted to speak about such things. Do not lose heart, brother. We are going to need each other.

  17. Going back to the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest, there’s a great lesson to be learned; Arminius WAITED. He and all the Belligerents waited until the time was right. He had dangerously served the Romans, both as a warrior and a mole. He patiently waited for the ‘fullness of time’ and his plan worked. The Romans were defeated in the Tuetoburg Forest, eerily changing Europe’s political landscape forever. I can just imagine the Romans saying; That was weird! How did that happen?

    In contrast, the great Celtic warrior chieftain, Vercingetorix, so hated these…spit… occupiers…spit, that he charged headlong into battle against the Romans. His endeavor to hold Alesia with unfavorable odds were detrimental to Gaul. Those people were conquered, raped and brought into subjugation. We now have modern day French (is there any hope? ;>)

    What does it all mean? Keep your horses in your pocket until the fullness of time comes. Once it’s here, mighty men of valor will recognize it and will rise up and release all hell upon everything that’s anti Christ/American. There will be a steep price to pay for each side in this battle. Keep odds in OUR favor as much as possible! We want to be on the winning side.

    My Conclusion:
    1) Remain patient with a plan (will give better odds)
    2) Submit ourselves to the will of God (frees the mind for ALL possibilities)
    3) Groom the spiritual man (it_is who WE are as a culture + it calms the inner man preventing madness)


  18. Another Anon

    FreeFor is a funny thing. Its a kind of leaderless movement that to many out there seems equally purposeless as well.

    You see successful movements have three components and FreeFor really doesn’t have any of them sewed up. Its a testament to the honor, courage and integrity of Americans that FreeFor has as much support as it does.

    here the are in reverse order of importance

    #1 Freedom.

    Freedom here is defined “being governed by your own jerks” This is something every movement good or ill, not in power seeks. Yes including OpFor.

    FreeFor being leaderless really doesn’t have much in the way of public notions of governance. If they were to win, someone has to govern and while its fine to keep who will under ones hat, scarp that its essential being that FreeFor is the resistance, people do need to know that someone will do the dirty work of leading.

    #2 Liberty.

    Roughly speaking , there are two kinds of liberty the State can be involved in . Positive Liberty and Negative Liberty.

    Positive Liberty is defined as “gimme a hand buddy” Negative Liberty is basically what FreeFor is about “Leave me alone”

    FreeFor is basically limited in its membership to people who only want the latter and thats not a majority of any group. We could argue the practicals of the idea all day but its not important, what y’all have to understand is that while you don’t believe in Positive Liberty most everyone else does

    And yes, you can make with the hectoring talk, calling people mooches, thieves , immoral,whatever is well and fine as in-group talk. To people outside your sphere its Orc talk.

    #3 Prosperity.

    Basically, whats for dinner? This is the first question I am pretty sure Og the caveman asked and the most important in any movement.

    FreeFor’s ideology as far as I can tell is more akin to an economy of post implosion small towns and freehold farms and the like and to a lot of urban people, decent people living happily in cities and suburbs it has no appeal. heck a lot of people figure extend and pretend can go on a long long time and they may be right

    Worse, OpFor is largely a council of despair, day after day of worse is better and ours is the way after the collapse and all that stuff. True or not, it does not message well and not one word out of anyones mouth is about how lives will get better. It can claim to be a restoration movement , a real Morning in America 2.0 but to outsiders it isn’t. Its Lord Humungus with the Bible and the Constitution or Farnham’s Freehold .

    To have a chance at growing, FreeFor needs to address the last two issues in such a way that keeps its soul intact.

    if they can’t, the movement will always be marginal. That might be enough though and it might end up being the buffer that helps restore our Liberty (the negative kind here)

    I hope so.

    • “Positive liberty” — LOL.

      Dude, do you really HEAR yourself?

      • Another Anon

        Perfectly. 5 by 5

        A great many people not all of them Marxist intellectuals or dupes of same run on notions of social contract and positive liberty and such things. It doesn’t matter if you believe in them or think they are wrong/evil/immoral whatever if other people don’t.

        You see if you don’t know what other people think or are not even capable of understanding it, you and yours will not be able to coexist with them. You won’t even be able to understand the real battle space and you’ll be fixated on warfighting and not on actually winning the real idea battle

        There are I’d guess 30 million of you and 310 million of them. Do the math.

        Your position from what I understand is that basically that the modern State is not allowed to help people by any form of redistribution. This is an extreme minority view and a historical anomaly even among European derived peoples. The State has always done stuff like this since the Celtic times and probably before. Thats why most people think we have a State, not to protect God given liberties if such things even exist.

        If you want a State that is Constitutional Minarchism , you will have to figure out how to sell it and how to make it work, alternately where you can live where that view is appropriate and shared by the majority or you’ll be screwed by weight of numbers or by some power hungry jackass who plays by the same book you just did.

        Here are a few idea links for you courtesy of Wikipedia (what you seem to want) (what your idea state seems to be)

        Now if I am wrong and you are seeking a return to States rights, more traditional pre 14th style Federalism thats another issue but it would a lot better for the movement to say that outright. It also means an entirely different tact since nothing stops California or any of the many many Blue states from implementing a welfare system at the State level and as the political texture will change, you might find yourself right back where you started.

        Also if you are after I dunno a Fundamentalist Christian Theocracy or a White Ethnostate or something something else thats another issue as well.

        • Another Anon, you make it sound like the goal is to sell some new-fangled dog food or something. That’s a gross misrepresentation of the principles involved, let alone the goal.

          And who gives a shit what every State has done? What does that have to do with anything? You go sell the dog food. Me, I’m just trying to live and assist others to do the same. Here’s the line that shows you don’t have a grasp on what’s happening…

          “Your position from what I understand is that basically that the modern State is not allowed to help people by any form of redistribution.”

          “Not allowed”??? The very usage of that phrase in this context demonstrates that this is all an intellectual issue to you. The modern State is “allowed” to do any ol’ thing it wants; that’s what monopolization of overwhelming force MEANS.

          We each have perfect power over exactly one life, our own. The only question outstanding is when and how free individuals are going to stand up and tell others, “No, I won’t allow you to do that.” Ghostsniper’s had it right all along—we’re dealing with nothing but schoolyard bullies.

        • There are I’d guess 30 million of you and 310 million of them.
          Do the math.

          This summary is correct — this is how 90% of human beings have always seen it. Most humans are so scared of their individual liberty that they run to the shelter of a religion that tells them some benevolent higher power is in charge. Liberty cannot be sold to them, you’re asking them to give up their religion and face the universe without their imaginary friends.

          Until the mental health people figure out how to talk people out of their religion, the only approach that will work is to figure out how to do self-defense against a ratio of 10:1 against or worse.

        • The Navy has done you the favor of proving that Silkworm missiles are sufficient to defend liberty. The ‘come and take it’ flag showed a cannon, not a musket, because the cannon was the game-controlling weapon of the time.

        • This summary is correct — this is how 90% of human beings have always seen it. Most humans are so scared of their individual liberty that they run to the shelter of a religion that tells them some benevolent higher power is in charge. Liberty cannot be sold to them, you’re asking them to give up their religion and face the universe without their imaginary friends.

          Until the mental health people figure out how to talk people out of their religion, the only approach that will work is to figure out how to do self-defense against a ratio of 10:1 against or worse. The Navy has done you the favor of proving that Silkworm missiles are sufficient to defend liberty. The ‘come and take it’ flag showed a cannon, not a musket, because the cannon was the game-controlling weapon of the time.

    • Another glib and clever detractor Anon.

      Go, and become even more anonymous.

    • “…there are two kinds of liberty the State can be involved in …”
      No, there is only one kind of Liberty- the other is slavery. The state always goes to the side of slavery.

    • If you dont want to get hit by the stuff on the bottom of the cage then see your fucking way out to the elephant enclosure. They dont fling things at all they just lumber around and stick peanuts up your ass.

      • What ever lights a fire around your stake.

      • You could just as well content yourself with endless gazing into the mirror of your infinite awesomeness.

        Or fling shit with the rest of the monkeys.


        • Oh, Aesop, dear old thing, here’s a monkey fable for you:

          Guy walks into a bar with his friend, a monkey.

          Bartender says, “Get that filthy beast outta here! Board o’ Health regs, ‘n all.”

          Guy says, “Please, he’s my best friend, we just want a couple drinks, can’t he stay?” “Well,” says the barkeep, “as long as he behaves himself, I guess,” and serves ’em a couple beers.

          Things go well for awhile until the monk hops up on the pool table, starts playing around with the balls, among which is an antique, genuine, elephant ivory cue ball. Examining the cue ball with a certain fascination , monk swallows it whole

          Barkeep goes ape, threatens to gut the monkey. Guy pleads for his friends life: “Don’t hurt him! Please! He can’t digest it. Couple days he’ll pass it, I’ll bring it back all polished and good as new!” Bartender says, “By the flaming blue balls of Zeus, you had better! Now get outta here!”

          Couple days pass, man and monkey return, handing the cue ball, all shiny, to the bartender. “How ’bout a couple drinks?” says our subject.
          “Well, I guess all’s well ‘n all,” he says and serves ’em up.

          Two beers along, the monkey is sitting on the bar, drinking beer and examining the peanuts. He takes one peanut, sticks it halfway up his butt, then eats it!

          The barkeep screams, “I told you them monkeys was filthy animals! What’d he do that for?”

          “Well,” said the monkey’s friend, ” ever since he swallowed that cue ball, he sizes everything before he eats it!”

  19. Oh dear, oh dear, Aesop has skewered yet another false hope with his piercing, fact based logic, replete with irrelevant historical precedent!!!!!!!

    Please, my fellow Patriots, lay down and die. Aesop constantly and irrefutably shows us the error of any resistance or alternative to the ultimate triumph of Tyranny… other than, you know, voting, demonstrating, op ed pieces in the dead tree media, etc.

    Aesop, you ignorant slut.

    • Addendum: Aesop, a real “grasp of history” does not consist of a c&p from wikipedia of an irrelevant anecdote.

      We are not children, your arrogant and scornful disregard for us not withstanding, and this isn’t 1212 AD. The only phrase in that whole bit of borrowed knowledge relevant to our time is this:

      “…killed for refusing to accept Islam.”

      Thanyouverymuch. We return you now to your bleak, miserable, hopeless life.

      • “So before dismissing a stripped down scholarly historical analysis of actual events as “irrelevant”, feel free to explain how marching any number of similarly weakminded folks, armed, yet peacefully, on the capitol in D.C. anytime soon”

        In the interest of brevity, I quote the above as just one more example of your usual inept (though oh! so dressed up in convoluted acerbic verbosity) tactic of putting words in the mouths of others. I have never suggested that an armed, peaceful.march on DC would accomplish anything, not here and not lately anyway.

        In case you missed it, this comments thread should have been, and my original comment above was, about thanking and encouraging our exhausted and discouraged host. Why nothing from you to the same ends?

        So, what did your self aggrandizing, sneering, mental jerk off have to do with… anything, other than YOU? You care for nothing but the sound of your own magnificent (or is that malignant?) voice.

        Malignant, it is.

        You really are one self absorbed, miserable, bitter, impotent, pathetic little bitch, with delusions of adequacy.

    • Actually, just a frustrated ‘so-called medical type’. Remember the guy in the service, the one who ever the desparate whores wouldn’t touch?
      That type is too stupid to get into medical school, so they end being ‘specialists’…. you known when a fat gal gets preggers, gets a huge boil on the ‘taint’, can’t take anti-botics due to being preggers, so the docs call in a specialist. Quick as a flash, the specialist is done ‘there’, sucking and spitting, sucking and spitting… just hating life, but at least their in the medical field!

  20. A few thoughts: You want to be out of the cities, asap. For get gold, silver or old rare Colts revolvers. It’s bean – rice – bullets and a good BOL time!

  21. The stresses show even between some of us I consider to be my genuine allies. It sucks because we are losing, and all we have is each other to vent upon. Until that day we vent elsewhere. To my genuine allies I have been too harsh with, whether publicly or privately, I apologize.

    For the very few of you who understand that our enemies have learned the lessons of leaving too many enemies alive after “victory”, and that this current bunch has no intention of making the same mistake, all I can say is stay safe until we have to be the most savage people on the planet since Alexander. Because we have millions aligned against us who have no problem with Mao or Stalin or Hitler…


    • Sam:

      You and your folks are doing good work.

      Keep on keeping on.

      See you on the beach.

    • Losing? Hell this is just getting started guys. No one’s fired a shot yet. This is just going to take longer than any of us would like. But once she starts sliding, it’s going to move fast.

      Now dammit, quit listening to Aesop and his “wise” fables, quit succumbing to the holiday blues, and instead of sitting and fondly reminiscing about the good old days (they really were, weren’t they), get up and do something. Move your damn firewood pile if you can’t think of anything better to do. But do something productive and that has results you can see, you’ll have to mind your own store since no one is there to send you to dig shitters. Waiting is bad, especially when you know what’s coming. Focus on something else.

      We haven’t lost a damn thing because all this fantasy smoke, mirrors and what Kim K is draping over her fat ass this week doesn’t amount to squat. This is all just prep phase boys. Everyone’s walking to the IRP, carrying all their crap. It sucks, the load is heavy and we’re tired. That fatigue will fade real quick when the word to move out gets whispered down the line.

      Go enjoy your families and friends and thank the Lord for this holiday season to spend with them.

      • “Now dammit, quit listening to Aesop and his “wise” fables, “

        Thank you, LF. It’s good to know that JK and I are not the only ones who see Aesop for the what he is… a slippery psyop agitator.

        And thanks for the rest of that message as well. Good words to keep on by.

  22. Who knew the insane trait of cognitive dissonance would become preferred by the great majority of mankind.
    Don’t have it?
    Poor bastards…

  23. As long as you don’t give up you haven’t lost.

  24. Again Aesop missed major details: “A Priest who had accompanied them…”
    Was allowed to return and give details? The whole story was wrong: during that era, Church Law required any homeless child to be placed in a orphanage. So why were these children turned away?
    Qui Bono?: (in modern terms, follow the money) Those moslem ships were waiting for those ‘beardless boys – which the Koran promises to all true believers. I suspect the Roman Catholic Church made a shitload of money off the deal. (They too have been known to abuse beardless youths)