Paging Lee Greenwood…

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Wendy McElroy: TSA’s Grip on Internal Travel is Tightening

Cited Section of Federal Register Re TSA BASE Program

Belafonte’s Advice to Obama: Imprison Opposition “Like a Third World Dictator”

Have you taken the pledge, comrade?

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20 responses to “Paging Lee Greenwood…

  1. Phill Revere

    “…so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark…”

  2. Do T.S.A. thugs have actual police powers, or can I treat them like any other slack jawed p.o.s that tries to lay there hands on me or my children?

    • alan w. mullenax

      Well, if you’re alone you’re gonna do exactly what they tell you to do. Right up to and including bend over and spread ’em. You, your wife and your children.

      Now, if you have a few homeboys with you, you kill them and piss on their twitching carcasses.

      Oh, did I say that out loud?

      • You have that exactly backwards.

        If I am alone there are no witnesses that can be used against me.

        Yes, a wife and kids are the last thing you want in your presence when you are laying waste on a grand scale, followed by those so called *homeboys* that will sell your ass instantly.

        • alan w. mullenax

          You’re not pickin’ up what I’m layin’ down.

          Get your head wrapped around this. They will cull you from the herd and jump your ass with bunches.

          All I’m sayin’ is you need a man/friend/ally like me standing beside you that will say, “No, not today”. Then if the morons persist he will proceed to lay waste to said morons.

          Just sayin’

  3. People like Belafonte, all of the Jacksons, Sharpton, Holder, and the Obamas are almost enough to make me a racist. Thank goodness I am able to recognize the worth of people such as Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Condoleezza Rice, etc., and realize it is a character issue, not a race issue. Otherwise I might give in to the dark side.

    • Semper Fi, 0321

      amazing isn’t it. If you react to their racist BS, they label you the racist, not them. They’re just expressing themselves. It’s high time to put an end to this PCBS(politically correct bull shit) and move on with our lives. People just don’t have anything important enough in their lives to worry about, maybe survival might overcome that soon! High time for a reset button.

  4. A racist is somebody who knows who he is.
    Welcome to the dark side.

  5. If you listen carefully to belafonte’s words, they are very calculated, and spoken with pure hatred.

  6. You lost me at Condoleeza Rice

  7. I never, REPEAT NEVER leave my house without my trusty .38w/hydroshocks under my shirt. Whenever I am on the highway I have a folding stock AK-47 in a large bank bag on the passenger side floor. I got followed once back when I was employed filling ATM machines and have been hyper-vigiliant ever since. Anyone who thinks they are safe out on the open road is living in LA-LA LAND and to think that it is not only the rogues and thieves is mistaken, it is the Gubmint Goons that are more dangerous. Stay armed and stay safe.

  8. robroysimmons

    “Anti-racism” is a complete fraud, it is nothing more than anti-white, even a Hannity in due time will figure that out.

  9. People like Harry Belafonte are why the 2A was written.

  10. blackdog,
    Do you even have to ask?
    Cops are NOTHING special. That thinking was Jose Guereno’s problem. It kept him from being the first to pull the trigger. All it got him was dead.

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  12. The quote in your ad ‘I promise to never question authority’ speaks loudly. Solid work.

  13. Time to print up another batch of Range Cards. Those TSA Goons have to live somewhere, shop somewhere, etc. Gather that info and include it on your Range Cards.