The “E” In METT-TC

Deacon Matson sends:

…This was confirmed by dinner last night with a colleague from the NYC are when conversations turned toward current events.

CommieRat looks around at Mid-Town Atlanta and says, “It’s funny to think this was all burned to the ground once. There’s talk of secession again by some people. Those bastards ought to get fire insurance cause we will just come down here and burn it all again. We could probably even find one of Sherman’s relatives to do it for us.”

Not kidding in the slightest. This came out of the mouth of an early fifties white male who makes six figures.

Plan accordingly.


Sow the wind.

Reap the whirlwind.


41 responses to “The “E” In METT-TC

  1. They can try…
    But rest assured those of us with roots here have NEVER forgot that mark.

    • I was about to say, Southerners, we have never forgotten, and regardless, ONE OF US, is going to have to be much worse than Sherman, and do many more awful things than he did, rest assured. That is if you want to win.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        “ONE OF US, is going to have to be much worse than Sherman, and do many more awful things than he did, rest assured. That is if you want to win.”

        But, but, but….we can’t lose the moral high ground. We can’t sink to their level. We’re better than that. And every other sad cliche that the bulk of the American Right’s political leaders babble inanely. I wonder if any of them realize that it took an actual shooting war with all sorts of unpleasantness to secure the country that they all-to-willingly pissed away.

  2. Well, there are parts of Atlanta, East StLouis and Chicago and a great many other urban cesspits that could benefit from this. Not to mention we’d benefit from a nice salting of the leeches. I’m going to predict they’ll burn themselves, along with this whistle-nuts precious home town.
    Right down around his ears.

    I have yet to be impressed by a damn thing that’s come out of NYC and I don’t give a rats ass about being outnumbered by a bunch of lard ass tacticool wannabe Khrushchevs and their army of patchouli smelling 120 lb hippies and flying monkeys gang bangers.

    • “Parts” of E. St Louis? (Poster City for making our case for us.)

      And just about every other medium to big city in the country.

    • Colorado Pete

      “Well, there are parts of Atlanta, East StLouis and Chicago and a great many other urban cesspits that could benefit from this. Not to mention we’d benefit from a nice salting of the leeches. ”

      Not to mention NYC and the commierat himself.
      The Ka-bar is sharp enough, so back to weaving my asbestos underwear…

  3. Washington D.C. was once burned rather effectively by a group of former countrymen, since there is talk of historical events that might be repeated.

  4. Michael Downing

    As a displaced yankee I claim NC as my home and I will stand there and die there if need be to Free NC. There are those who say history repeats itself but the statist bastards need to know that if there is a next time then the white gloves come off and we will fight under the black flag and there will be no surrender until we eradicate every one of them or we all die in the process of trying. History taught us one thing: there is no honor in surrending when those to who you surrender have no honor.

  5. There was a reason General Lee didn’t resort to the guerilla option. He was a gentleman who thought he was fighting gentlemen. Boy was he wrong. This time it will be different.

    • And Lee was an idiot for doing so as well. I love Lee for many things, but some of his actions and mindset during the war was just stupid.

      • Lee had the opportunity to be the Federal HMFIC general.

        He didn’t accept it.

        He SHOULD have, but he wasn’t thinking strategically.

        Can anyone see the point I’m making?

  6. When I was at the range yesterday the general opinion was that most of us out west will be playing this time. Didn’t hear anyone agreeing with the metrosexual from NY.

  7. How if we take said descendant of Sherman, tie his ass to a pole, cover him in pitch, and light him, televised to the shit birds what sent him? Be happy to arrange it myself. Pour encourager des autres. Save the cries and comparisons to the Moslems, because I absolutely do not give a shit.

    • Heck, we might well find that relative of Sherman is now on the side of freedom and uses some of his inherited talents to the detriment of the statistic and their lackeys.

  8. The thing of it is, gasbags like this guy are all talk when it comes to this sort of thing because they don’t have any intention of doing any of it THEMSELVES. Just like anything else, they envision the gubmint taking care of it for them. They also make the dubious assumption that they are in a safe-zone; that the coming unpleasantness will take place in flyover country.

    It’s easy to talk shit when you don’t have any skin in the game.

  9. Just reading “The Real Lincoln” in connection with maybe seeing the movie. If General Lee was mistaken about the nature of his opponents, as noted above, does that mean that DiLorenzo’s picture of a blatantly unconstitutional, ruthless, looting, mass-murdering dictatorship is grossly exaggerated? How could Lee not know?

    • Nope, not an exaggeration at all, in fact, he was probably being on the conservative side with his writings of Lincoln. He was scum.

  10. It is completely impossible, from an economic and/or a physical resource perspective, to protect the things that go into a major city from a determined and leaderless group who wishes to stop those supplies from reaching their destination in a usable state. Even a N.Korean-style hunger-based informant-infested military police State would not be able to deliver the goods/food/liquid fuels/water/power/internet to the NE Megalopolis, and it would collapse under its own weight in a couple of seasons. Some city sections are full of “incapables” who know only how to breed and burn, and will. The video will be horrendous. A few people will walk out on the Freedom Railroad before they get too weak, but very few.

    You can’t eat an Americard, and no one wants it like they want pm coins.


  11. brocktownsend

    How if we take said descendant of Sherman, tie his ass to a pole, cover him in pitch, and light him, televised to the shit birds what sent him?

    Seems reasonable to me.

    • Prairie Fire

      Might be a little harsh. Cover in pitch, yes. But… then feathers. Then a ride out of town on a rail. Most everybody likes a parade.

      Ascribed to Mark Twain: Words of the person tarred and feathered, and rode out of town on a rail: “If it wasn’t for the honor, I’d just as soon walk.”

  12. The black/brown FSA, the White Cosmics, and gubmint employees of all colors are concentrated in or near the cities. When the cities burn and die, they burn and die.

  13. NHPatriot1776

    As a Patriot in the once Red State of New Hampshire I am with my southern brothers and Patriots. I guess i and my like minded friends will be fighting a guerrilla war up here in the woods, mountains and streets of the “live Free or Die” state. Not all northerners are like this prick.

  14. Chuck is right that this gas-bag won’t have the stones to do it himself, but it will be easy for scum like him to fire up the unions to do the burning for them. If the unions will attack women and children in a tent, and knock disabled conservative vets to the ground, and terrorize a young teenage boy alone at home, I don’t doubt for a minute that they will – in a large group, of course, the only way they operate – attempt to burn and loot a city or area that resists tyranny.

    • I love to watch these tuffs on t.v..They can dish it out in superior numbers can’t they. I wish he would come to our neck of the woods and protest( Okefenokee region). We would have them squealling like pigs. Hell we’ll even give them the superior numbers. Imagine the shock when the real fighting starts and they find an opponent who plays harder than that at our Sunday afternoon. Cookouts.

  15. “Well, there are parts of Atlanta, East StLouis and Chicago and a great many other urban cesspits that could benefit from this.”


    Funny how the convenient it is that most manufacturing has moved south. The north won the civil war due to superior logistics and the willingness to do horrible things that Lee clearly wasn’t willing to do. Can’t say I blame him, considering no sane person would want to be a part Sherman’s atrocities. New Yorkers are the least of our worries outside of propaganda, as has been pointed out they are spineless and fully expect someone else to do the dirty work. If there is a bright side to our current fellow traveler, its that NY or LA has been painted by Hagi. Next one might make 9/11 look like a picnic. Glad I don’t live there.

    As a side note, suggest everyone read Col Coopers ideas on riot control and the 22. Watching the video yesterday, I couldn’t help but think of his wisdom. Very cost effective too.

  16. Number one, there are very few effete northeasterners able to even lift a rifle to fire it, much less come “down here” to burn things once more.

    What they also may not know is, should they attempt to do that, we will come north and lay waste to key places there. They can’t even feed themselves there, so they’re far more subject to strategic disruption than we are here.

    The sum total is that the “white guy with the six figure income” doesn’t know fertilizer from Shinola about what will happen should he be so foolish, but on the other hand, will someone please encourage him to be in the front row of those he sends.

  17. You have your range cards up to date right?

  18. Sherman might just be on our side this time. I too am a former yankee now in NC. I fight for the constitution and liberty, wherever that is.

    • I wouldn’t Sherman regardless who he fought for…. He’s a drunk and not trustable. Nor is he a good example in being a leader to troops. What he managed he managed threw shear force and terror unbecoming any man. In short he arrogant to the point of being psychotic.

      Michael– Deo Vindicabamur

  19. General Stonewall Jackson’s comments to Captain Barringer:

    I myself see in this war, if the North triumph, a dissolution of the bonds of all society. It is not alone the destruction of our property (which both the nation and the States are bound to protect), but it is the prelude to anarchy, infidelity, and the ultimate loss of free responsible government on this continent. With these convictions, I always thought we ought to meet the Federal invaders on the outer verge of just right and defence, and raise at once the black flag, viz., “No quarter to the violators of our homes and firesides!” It would in the end have proved true humanity and mercy. The Bible is full of such wars, and it is the only policy that would bring the North to its senses.

  20. “Burn, baby, burn!”

    … coming home to roost.

  21. brocktownsend

    raise at once the black flag

    Amen. Just finishing Stonewall Jackson, The Black Man’s Friend by Richard Williams, a gentleman and a scholar, who has visited Dixieland before metal detecting, his favorite hobby. Well worthwhile and I learned much that I did not know, especially concerning Little Sorrel.

  22. This makes me think of what would happen if the SNAP Cards aka FOOD STAMPS were to have a SERIOUS computer glitch and shut down for a month or two. There would absolutely be rioting in the streets and the loafer class would burn down their own neighborhoods all by themselves. It would be up to us CITIZENS to mount the armed patrols and roadblocks to keep them away from the areas where NORMAL WORKING PEOPLE live. I for one am fed up with shoveling the bucket-loads of welfare money to the loafers. I am MADDER THAN HELL AND NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE.

    • A lot of major cities in the US have a highway loop that surrounds them. Think of that loop as a fire ring. Outside of it you sit under the stars and have conversations and debate about the nature of liberty. Some you will convince and others you will not. All the while this conversation is going on you are making sure the ring stays intack and keeps the conflagration well inside.

      • The Dude Ignores

      • Yes, they are going to allow themselves to be contained like cattle. Those people are so ineffective and confused that when they riot they burn their own neighborhoods, not the neighborhoods of the people who have set them up on modern Indian reservations.

      • Colorado Pete

        Aesop, the level of firearms competence of the inner-city gang-banger types you describe is perilously close to being less than zero. When they shoot each other, it’s either at talking distance, or from sheer luck that one bullet out of a magazine connects. Put them up against highly skilled riflemen operating from cover/concealment at a moderate distance, in concert with communications and some tactical knowledge, and see how they react when every one of them who so much as shows his face has his head explode. Every one. Day, or night. That sort of thing does wonders for behavior modification.

        Although, you’re probably right that they will be pushing their wimmin and kids in front of them as they advance.

      • Guess we’ll just have to out vote them….

        Best of luck with THAT scenario.

  23. Noted.

    And added for further consideration, some cities are linked to their suburbs, or in the case of NYC, to the mainland, by bridges.

  24. Remeber history well my friends. Lee was too much a gentleman for war, that is true. It did cause him to do some stupid things. Thta’s why he is not my overall choice for Commander of the Army of Northern Virginia. In history there was another general who committed the same mistakes as Lee; Does anyone know I mite be referring too? It was Hannibal. He stopped at the gate sof Rome having beaten all the Roman Legions wihtin 500 miles. He waited at the gates for a formal surrender which never came.

    He done this becaus ehe was a gentleman and did not wish to harm the civilians inside the city. He thought the enemy would come to their senses and surrender Rome itself along with the government. He waited weeks for the surrender, all the while the remainder of the Roman Legions were called backed and marched towards Rome, full speed. The ROman Legions arrived while Hannibal was still waiting and the masses of Legions drastically outnumbered Hannibal. Hannibal with his army worn down had no choice but to retreat thus Rome and the government was spared.

    We ended up with Western Civilazation as we know it because of this. Was this good or bad I cannot say, but I can say that was what God allowed for His own reasons concerning future events. The same applies to Gen Lee and the South, we lost because that was what God allowed for His own reasons concerning future events. I take this with the understanding concerning Deo Vindice to mean, while we right we lost for a greater glory yet to come, for purpose we do not fully understand. Yet we being right, God will vindicate His own who so steadfast honored Him to the point they gave Him the credit, placing their vindication in His hands.

    Michael– Deo Vindicabamur