The Conflict, Reduced To Simplest Terms

Screen shot 2012-12-22 at 1.53.22 PMAll white people are going to hell…

Tossed over the transom by MidlanticProducer:

America is sliding backwards into tribalism, defined as “me and my people are gonna get ours, at the expense of you and yours.”

The democrats have done a masterful job of pitting black versus white, rich versus poor, employed versus unemployed, producer versus moocher, now anti-gun versus pro-gun. Now nobody trusts anybody anymore, especially the government because the government has been breaking the law left and right (Fast & Furious, screwing the bondholders in the auto bailouts, etc.).

And the saddest part is that it has happened at a time when white Americans were at their most tolerant and accepting of black Americans.

Just because bullets are not flying does not mean we are not in a civil war already. We are in a Cold Civil War, in which the enemy uses information operations to delay, influence, dissuade, disrupt, etc. The Republicans suck at playing that game. The Tea Party is too late to the game and has no real influence on Washington DC as long as they keep falling for the line of “you better work for change within the Republican Party or your third-party efforts will just get Obama re-elected!!” This Cold Civil War has the mass media, the White House, the Democrats, the Republicans, the statist bureaucrats, and the FSA pitted against the productive class, using disinformation and guilt as their primary weapon delivery systems (see Army doctrine on Information Operations used to delay, deny, disrupt, influence, etc.).

Methinks the productive class has caught on to this game, and a significant amount of them are preparing for when this cold war goes hot (hence the mad rush on guns, ammo, magazines since 2008). Who is going to be the target of the lynch mob if, say, the 1st-of-the-month funds to the welfare class are delayed for a week (for tactical/strategic political reasons arising out of the White House)? That particular brigade of the FSA will feel emboldened enough to try to take what they want from Whitey by force.

More important than the lynch mob itself is the invisible hand behind the lynch mob. There are those who would profit from FSA-on-producer violence, who would (with the help of the accomplice MSM) use it as an excuse to crack down on the producers by blaming them: “How dare they be selfish and unfair by protecting that which they have worked to accumulate!”

Be prepared, be vigilant.

Build your tribes now.


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