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Buppert: Repeal The Second Amendment

ZeroGov makes a modest proposal.

Look the Bad People square in the eyes.

Force them to play by the rules.

Drive the filthy cockroaches into the bright daylight.


The fundamental human right to self-defense and its tools does not stem from any piece of parchment or other act of man.

It is much more elemental than that.

Or, as another writer put it today:

…As the Regime takes off the gloves, every day it creates tens of thousands more American Patriots who realize yes, it really probably is going to get that bad, so really, they may not have that much to lose after all.

So why not stop being afraid and stand up to the Regime?

Join the honorable Resistance, or make your own. Garden, cook at home, teach your children, and get right with the Lord. Cut expenses, avoid taxes, learn new skills, and build savings of tangible real assets. Train, stockpile, recruit, prepare, guard, protect, and defend.

Make this your finest hour.


As If We Didn’t Know

Liberty And Rock looks at a DOJ gun-crime report that tracks reality.

That’s why it is being ignored.

And why you bitter clingers must face the cleansing power of fire.

Any questions?

Grigg: Ed Flynn – Milwaukee Crime Lord, Citizen Disarmament Advocate

flynn thuglord
Read it all.

Know that this stooge is, at very least, part of a large minority of police executives.

The reality is that he represents the large majority view amongst those thuglords.

Plan and act accordingly.

Sic semper tyrannis.

UPDATE 1450 EST 28 FEB 2013: RITR links to BravoCompanyUSA’s “bite me” message to Flynn and his gang, which also includes this vid of the thuglord in action yesterday:

The comment by PragmaticPatriot1776 below the YouTube vid says it all.

Wolfe: Tips On Hiding Guns

Ms. Wolfe provides a “how-to” on buried insurance.

For those who are revving up on the general topic:

It’s just another cache.

You do like caching, ja?

Semper paratus.

Quote Of The Week

bad day in three two one...
…If gun confiscations ever start, believe me when I tell you that they will never find me again – but they will see the results of my handiwork. They won’t know it’s from me, and they will never see it happen…

Captain’s Journal

Local, local, local.

Assess This: A Gaze Into One Crystal Ball

Use your judgment on this piece.

Even the most cynical/discerning will find it concerning, at least.

Beans, bullets, bandaids, buddies, and brains remain the best investments around.

Tempus fugit.

Codrea: Support A Filmmaker

Consider David’s request.

Any chair in a bar fight.

Public Key Crypto Training – 2 March

Public Key crypto – theory, install, key generation and exchange, message exchange, best practices and common mistakes.

Brought to you by FreeFor:

Location: []
or [Conversation name: FREEFOR]

Saturday March 2, 2013
Proposed 60min class – depending on # and install headaches

Things we need to know beforehand:
* What operating system are you bringing?
Windows, Mac, Linux, etc
See the end of the paste on how to let us know.

Things that would be awesome that everyone have:
* a DVD with TAILS on it
a privacy toolset so we have a common platform
* cryptocat ( installed in your browser in case we hit max occupancy at
* [Beginners] Second computer hooked up to the internet (at the same time!)
so that if main box has issues, class time isn’t wasted getting through error screens
* [Advanced] GPG software already installed. for Windows for Mac

The more people with the software already installed we can get, the more ground we’ll be able to cover.

We’re trying to get a headcount, so no need to use your real credentials – but please RSVP:
Event ID: 2012
Password: FREEFOR

Stooges – Former .mil Division

Curtis links; you decide.

What oath?

I never took any oath.

Or at least I didn’t mean any I did take.

Besides, I was just there for the fancy duds, the pension, and Tri-Care.

The Walls Have Ears

Rebellion Blog links to this Washingtonian story on NSA and its massive digital-communications-collection program.

How’s that Constitution and its chains on potentially-tyrannical government working out for you?

Thought so.

Alea iacta est.

Canine Rules*, Redux

Screen shot 2013-02-27 at 5.20.06 PM
Commenter SK reminded us of this old post.

The company is still around.

The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Drink an adult beverage or five.

Then enjoy.

*Canine rules: When in doubt, you can always pee on it.

Empress-1I find your lack of respect…disturbing. Very much so.

(Graphic courtesy of a reader)

Max Velocity: Tactical Considerations For The Lone Wolf

Read it all.

Audentes fortuna iuvat.

Report From Commierado

people's republic of commierado
Read it all.

Any questions?

A Sense Of Proportionality

andy cuomo stooge
Bracken sends.


From a reader.

NRD: Next Steps In The Dekulakization* Of FUSA

kulaks away
JD posts an update on the AmSoc plan to steal your pensions and 401(k) accounts.

See also these related articles by a senior apparatchik on the topic.

You do understand the Bad People’s desired end state for you, don’t you?

A groveling dependent, grubbing for whatever excretia They emit.

Or dead.

Your choice.

Just remember – it’s for your own good, Comrade.


Life In FUSA

Screen shot 2013-02-26 at 11.32.09 PM
Alvie explains.

And don’t hope for real change anytime soon.

A Failure Of Civility: Business Is Booming

Screen shot 2013-02-24 at 11.33.31 PM
A message from the authors of A Failure Of Civility:

Dear Folks,

Yes, our book is available.

As a courtesy to email inquiries we sent each inquiry the following message:

“Thank you for your inquiry about “A Failure of Civility.””

“We’re up to our eyeballs in mud swamped with book orders so please be patient with us.”

“We promise to answer your email, accommodate your needs and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.”

That’s because we’re busier than a frog in the middle of the Interstate Highway with his hopper busted and can’t personally answer each email right now.

We think this message has something to do with people thinking our book is not available.

We are very conscientious about satisfying our readers’ needs and didn’t want them to think we weren’t interested in replying to their email inquiry.

We are just so swamped with orders that we sent this message, not intending to have the situation possibly misconstrued by others.


Mike Garand and Jack Lawson
Members Special Forces Association
Authors of “A Failure of Civility” at


Screen shot 2013-02-26 at 11.11.53 PM
Feinstein gun ban to be heard by committee Wednesday.

Make your calls.

Cold Fury issues a related proclamation.


Magpul Leads


Pass to your CO contacts.