Starvation Insurance

Jebediah Fisher Garden Seed And Products
Bill Nye has opened his non-hybrid, non-GMO seed business.

Consider adding to your preps.

I am.

5 responses to “Starvation Insurance

  1. Bill has a good thing going now. I recommend it Highly.
    Papa mike

  2. Anyone who recognizes my name will know the disagreements I’ve had with Bill. And that the antipathy is mutual.

    However, this is a brilliant idea that Bill has had. And extra kudos for doing something with his idea.

    Yeah, Bill and I will probably squawk at one another again. But not about this. Good job, Bill.

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  4. Consider the following...

    I’m surprised at the lack of “consider the following” replies.

  5. Ordered the “Patriot Package”, if you dislike chomping on your neighbors I suggest you do the same. *AND* maybe buy a few hoes, rakes, and spades too.