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UPDATE 0925 EST 5 FEB 2013: We are “go”. Thanks to those who tested. No need for further pings.

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  1. test 123

    sound check

    butter beetle batter bubble

  2. 9:12 Just under the wire

  3. taarealitycheck

    I am commenting…. “Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the country….” (and the Constitution!) : RD

  4. Testing 1 2 3…..

    Looking forward to todays roundtable as well as the ability to interact. Thanks!

  5. chuck rienzo

    You REALLY want to test the capabilities of the comment subsystem, eh???

    yeah I’m just one of the spreaders of your collection efforts…

  6. double bubble toil and trouble

  7. Testing 1 2 3…..

    Is this mic on?

  8. Darn, gotta be offline most of the day, but thanks for doing this.

    Here’s my question–Who the hell captured Keith Pantaleon and why is he being held on American soil?

  9. Matt is checking in. What time do we go live?

  10. treeofliberty

    I know you dont like arguments from trolls here but I think you should restore comments on a trial basis. We dont have a public forum (like roman times kind of forum) to discuss our plans except for the internet and this place is our forum of like minded individuals, i think we all need to keep our ear to the ground and i believe the comments section of websites is where we need to listen.

    Thanks for running WRSA this is the only site of its kind on the internet.

    • Understood. Under consideration. Think about the impact on my preps of doing so. I certainly do.

      I appreciate your position very much.

      • Whatever choice you make on commenting is fine. I’ve been around here for a while and refrained from commenting only to listen instead. Agree an ear to the ground is imperative while realizing TPTB are doing the same in return.

        Thanks for the opportunity today and for all you do on our behalf…..

        With respect…..

  11. morleytalcott

    Seems to work, although there is some “lag” time when typing in comments. God bless.

  12. Lag time is fine with me. That’s thinking time. I’m not a speed typist, nor do I plan to have my eyeballs front and center on this screen for two straight hours. But I’ll pop in and out after catching up. Lag time will be better than a rapid fire contest, I have no interest in that. “Chat” is not what this is about, so I plan to only chime in now and then. Hope I’m not being rude. If others want to do email ping pong, have at it mates.

  13. Jim K.
    Why shouldn’t he be held on American soil? He seems like another unlucky 2nd amend supporter who just got screwed royally temporarily.
    John H.

  14. It feels like there is a quickening happening right now. Obama’s second term was like the whistle going off at the start of the second half of the Superbowl.. You know it’s for all the marbles, now. What ever you brought, you better use it. I think the leftists feel this way, and are acting accordingly. Sandy Hook was one example, but I think there will be many more.

    Thwarting them is of course a very good thing. The fact that it appears that they can’t pass the AWB2 even through Harry Reid’s Senate must be infuriating to the true believers.

    But slowing them down, while important, isn’t nearly enough. The rachet effect of leftism is perfect. Like a zip-tie you can pull it tighter but you can’t loosen it. Our desires to go back to a time when the government lived within its limits won’t be fulfilled in the ordinary political process.

    The best plan I’ve seen is still Boston T. Party’s Free State Wyoming concept (which bears a lot of resemblance to the outcome of the plot of Unintended Consequences and the Middle America series). In other words secession.

    As Claire says in her introductory comments: if you want freedom for yourself you need to grant it to others. I don’t really see that we’re going to convince the Latino majority in California that they should organize as the Patriots of 1776 would have us. They have different traditions. I don’t want to impose my ideas on them, let them have their communal La Raza Aztlan, but let me go.

    Secession is a divorce of people who no longer have much in common. It seems unlikely at first, but then the USSR broke apart so quickly even the intelligence agencies were unprepared for it.

    So, start in one or two states. Or start with Dixie. Maybe it’s still going to take some cataclysmic event to make people see the possibility. AWB2 has probably created more talk of secession and a resurgence of nullification laws, which was the first step last time.

    Otherwise I think we just sit here prepping forever, and we’re out-waited by the libs, who eventually get it all. They are sitting on 21 point lead in the second half. We have to move the ball to have a chance of winning, they just have to manage the clock.

    I don’t know what form resistance takes in mixed states like Washington and Oregon. You do read a lot of novels that have a lot of ugly dirty war stuff happening in the states that are split fairly evenly.

    I think relocation has to be at the top of all of our agendas. I’m pretty sure the vet in New Jersey who just got charged with 3 felonies for 3 empty 30 round mags in his trunk wishes he had left that hell-hole for Wyoming or Utah or some other state that is more freedom oriented.

  15. Oh btw, I’m gonna put up a flag in front of my house. It’ll probably be the Don’t Tread on Me type. I’ll fly it right side up with the Nations colors until such time as I/we may need to identify friend or foe. At which time the top one will fly inverted and the other upright. “They” already know who I am I think so that won’t be an issue. We need some other kinda IFF sign or signal and a discreet manner of dissemination.
    John H.

  16. The Rifleman Next Door

    attempt attempted….

  17. Thanks for noticing, John H. Though I’d prefer to live in a society where casinos, not prisons, were built for luck.

    Sorry I missed the chat. I notice not one word was said in response to ghostsniper’s comment at 12:53. See, this is why I think everything reduces to epistemology. It never ceases to amaze me how thinking creatures can so readily confuse the thinking of the object, with the object itself.

    To stay on theme, I wish y’all the best of luck.