Propaganda Resources

In yesterday’s forum, David Codrea had a vision:

I see the genesis of a powerful idea here: A one-stop resource center where people could download pamphlets, flyers, posters, etc. to print out and make copies of. There are a host of such docs already out there, but not consolidated in one place, plus it lends itself to new ideas being produced. I’m thinking a Scribd account could be used to host the docs. Is anyone aware if such an online resource already exists so we wouldn’t have to reinvent the wheel?

I reply:

Great synthesis, David.

Crude but workable suggestion: I put up a post called “Propaganda Resources”, everybody sends links for that post to the box, and I add them to the post. The post then will reside in the left margin of WRSA.

There are a dozen better plans, I am sure, but this one can start today.


While he ponders, let’s start.

Send your material to the box. Preferably, you will have already stored it on Scribd or such, but I will take other material and put it there myself.

We’ll list the links below, and this post will reside, as updated, in the WRSA left margin under “Propaganda Resources”.

Go forth and be fruitful.

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    Read and heed.

  2. How about some suggestions/examples of what you want sent please?

    So we don’t cover you up with unwanted items.

    • I don’t even know really — fact-based graphics, enemy documents, funny and cutting stuff like Zoomie.

      Ask yourself “Could a smart FreeFor person use this item to their advantage and/or the Bad People’s disadvantage?”

      But remember Bracken’s admonition that people no longer read. Graphics and/or vids are key.

  3. Sent you an email about a vacant website I have that can be dedicated to the cause

  4. Derek Fowler

    Let us finally learn from the long lessons of language manipulation by the leftists…please don’t call it propaganda. Popular persuasion resources, or Info Ops or something else. Although it’s technically accurate, propaganda just sounds so Left State. They have been using subtle language usurpation against us for generations. Let’s get with the program.

  5. One stop shopping…I like that.

    I too, dislike the use of the word “Propaganda.”

    I see it as simply, “The way it is, and ever has been.”


    Once, in my Youth, with my adult Life yet before me, I went to War to preserve the Rights of Others in Another Country.

    Think you not that Now, approaching the End of that Life, I would not go again to War to preserve those selfsame Rights in My Own Country?


  7. Propaganda is not the appropriate word here. Cumo uses ‘propaganda’ we use knowledge and truth.

  8. I agree with HABCAN. There are many of us Old Soldiers that still have enough teeth for one last really good bite.
    Molan Labe

  9. I too dislike the word propaganda for the same reasons stated above.Sounds too damn commie to me.These may sound “kiddie”but thats about the level we are dealing with here.So maybe call them “freedom flyers” or perhaps”liberty leaflets”,we have dropped millions of them all over the world before during conflicts.Just a suggestion,maybe it will fire someones imagination and come up with something better.Thank you all for what you do,stay frosty and check 6 often,I feel the heat on my back.

  10. I swear, comments like these convince me we are f*cked!

    Stop arguing about what to call it and post some resources.

    I’ll start . . .

    That took all of five minutes. Now quit your bitching and get to work.