The Patriot Seed Package

Jebediah Fisher Garden Seed And Products
Where else can you get this variety for this price?

Global food supplies are already tight.

And you know the Bad People will once again use food as a weapon.

You can do the same.

Get the preps now to keep your people alive and in the fight.

Tempus fugit.

5 responses to “The Patriot Seed Package

  1. That’s a good buy on a pretty large amount of seeds, good for a group purchase.

    While not a southern company, I like these two. Lots of heirloom varieties, if you’ve not eaten a just off the vine Black Krim tomato, you’re in for a treat if you grow them. Rich smoky flavor that tastes as if it has been salted already.

    Then there’s Vermont Bean Seed. My favorite is Roma green beans.

  2. Feed a man’s starving children and he’ll do murder on your behalf, assuming of course he understands the difference between charity and entitlement.

  3. That seems like a pretty good deal.
    Just bought 2500 non-gmo, non-hybrid seeds in 34 varieties for $22.85 +shipping here:

  4. My prepping pal is an avid gardener. She says this is an awesome deal, so we just placed our first order. Thanks to CA for bringing this forward.


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