Ammo – Beta

A beta version of a new ammo availability tracker.

Give it a try.

8 responses to “Ammo – Beta

  1. Works well, WOW!, look at the prices!

  2. Damn, .22lr is hard to find. WHY? Is it because of panic buying? Our greedy government isn’t buying any?
    Papa Mike

  3. When the excrement hits the ventilator, 22lr will be the first new currency. Think barter. Preppers have been stocking up for years. Now everyone is getting on the bandwagon.

  4. People started buying up .22 lr to practice with as the other stuff was unavailable/too expensive, and now you can’t find any of that, either.

  5. So glad I bought up .308 before the election.

  6. And just when I was looking to buy some more .308. TYVM, CA.

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