Ms. Wolfe suggest broadening one’s search patterns for pro-freedom allies.

Read and think through the whole piece.

What “odd couples” can you suggest?

9 responses to “Crossovers

  1. Another great post, CA, and I totally agree with her about the common ground in her article.

    Other allies:

    Organic farming hippie chicks already know how to feed (and in some cases heal) your militias without the support of industrial chemicals (which can disappear by black swan or simple fiat). They have these skills today.

    Other than that, go down the list of anyone who has been harassed by big .gov you’ll find allies. In this context, even local .gov is big .gov (it is bigger than you). Localities are turning more and more to underhanded ways to increase revenue streams to prop up their pension plans or justify participation in funded programs. Keep an ear to the ground and listen for these stories and dissatisfaction. Look past what may divide you from another person and find common ground for planting seeds here and there.

    You’ll find there are a lot of such fertile seed plots all around you. Even the white supremacists and black militants might find they are on the same side after all. That particular odd couple tends to send liberty types totally off the deep end, so hang on to your brain and THINK.


  2. Rather than common interest *groups* focus on common interest *persons*. Mano y Mano.

    In any group there will be those that you don’t get along with so to incorporate an entire group writ large into your so called *tribe* is dubious at best, dangerous at worse.

    Target the small and you’ll eventually grow.
    Target the big and you’ll fail.
    Quality not quantity.
    I’d rather have 1 good partner than 10 untrustworthy ones.

  3. When Conservatives said Israel has armed teachers, Israelis were quick to deny it. They are backing up the American Jews seeking to disarm us. One rule for them and another for us.

  4. If it was me I would look to get the Cuban migrants on my side, they’re a huge power base in the SE, the Asians seem to really enjoy their guns and I would look to opening dialogue with people in Europe who share similar sentiments (I’m a little biased on that last one, being as I am in Europe at the moment)

  5. go over to HardLefts with a libertarian bent, enraged at Obama’s corporate-globalist machinations and sell-out to Wall St.. It’ll be an alliance of convenience, but useful for awhile. A few months before his death I exchanged e-mails with Alex Cockburn about a populist L/R alliance; he liked the idea, but said “the Left is too cowardly, too afraid of the HardRight” for this to happen. Actually, it will happen automatically; Paul Craig Roberts – whose columns Ctrpunch runs – among others already bridge the old L-R gap.

  6. robroysimmons

    FYI “white soopremesists” mainly kept around by the anti-whites as props. I think the lady has a good idea, if for anything doing so will freak them out. Reading Kos it seems they spend alot of their energy trying to keep their fragile coalitions together.

    • The lady doesn’t allow any White Separatists to post on her site. In other words, she bans them. Doesn’t jibe too much with her big idea, does it?

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