GOA: Defeat Every Word Of Gun Control

Damned straight.

Make the calls.

Write and send the letters/faxes (better than email).

Go and see the staffers in the district offices in person.

Look them square in the eye.

Let them know that you will hold their bosses and them accountable.

14 responses to “GOA: Defeat Every Word Of Gun Control

  1. Confirmation
    Your e-mail message was sent to:
    Senator Joe Manchin III (D-WV)
    Senator Jay Rockefeller (D-WV)

    Yeah….a lot of fucking good that will do. I’m going to shit in both hands, just to see the other one fill up for a change.

  2. IMHO, while well intentioned, this is all “rah-rah-rah” political posturing. The average American no longer has any political recourse whatsoever. When the ruling class feels it can get away with banning guns, it will attempt do so. Period.

  3. I think you guys are right… it “won’t do any good”. However, this is the last of the dotting of the Is and crossing of the Ts. WE are the ones that have a clear conscious about this – and sending the letters, faxes and calls is still the right way of doing this.

    When the “shooting starts” – we can’t say we didn’t warn them, over, and over and over….

  4. This is how it works, I will let you follow up, this is how Dudley Brown of NAGAR, and Anthony Bouchard, of WyGO do it, and it DOES WORK:
    …It’s all about power. Michael Rothfeld, advisor to Ron Paul, has written an essay entitled The Real Nature of Politics. Here are the first few paragraphs from that essay –

    “Few of the lectures I give on political technology and campaigning make people as agitated as this one.

    None is more important.

    Simply put, politics is not about the common good, appealing to men’s better angels, nor serving our Lord. These may be your motivations. I pray they are mine. Occasionally, they will be a politician’s motivation.

    Politics is the adjudication of power. It is the process by which people everywhere determine who rules whom.

    In America, through a brilliant system of rewards and punishments, checks and balances, and diffusion of authority, we have acquired a habit and history of politics mostly without violence and excessive corruption.

    The good news for you and me is that our system works.

    The bad news is it is hard, and frequently unpleasant, work for us to succeed in enacting policy.

    There is absolutely no reason for you to spend your time, talent, and money in politics except for this. If you do not learn this lesson, laws will be written and regulations enforced by folks with little or no interest in your well-being.

    The following article may challenge everything you thought you knew about politics, and everything you have been told about politics from your high school civics teacher, to the lead editorial writer in your local paper, to the politics “expert” at a respected organization.

    But, if you read carefully and understand, you will become capable of leading a successful fight for your values. Remember, these tactics are ideologically neutral.


    The first mistake most folks make when they set out on a good-faith crusade to do good is to completely misunderstand their targets.

    Sometimes activists make the local newspaper or media the target. The thinking goes, “If we can just get them to understand the problem, things will change.” Fortunately, this is not correct, because the media in the U.S. is overwhelmingly committed to big government, gun control, and undermining the U.S. Constitution.

    The fact is newspapers do not cast votes. The national news media does not control elections. If this were not true, politicians like Ron Paul would never win a race for public office.

    An even more common mistake is to believe that the key to victory is education.

    The “education is the key to political victory” theory claims that if we educate people on the problem and the solution, then the elected officials will fall into line.


    Politicians make laws despite public opinion, not because of it.”

    Google one of those sentences to find Rothfeld’s entire essay.

  5. I’m tired..
    Of pleading, begging, explaining, defining and redefining, contacting and networking, calling and requesting, being put off, being labeled, getting accused, being identified and every other damned thing that I’ve been doing to keep rights that are already mine.
    Rights I have seen whittled away to nothing by dishonorable thieves and liars on both sides.
    Make any laws you want, they have no standing, I don’t want a battle or bloodshed ..but I’m Tired.

    Yank lll

  6. I have to concur with Yank III.
    I am tired of being condescended to by a bunch of demonstrable liars and crooks. Fuck them! They have made this mess and will reap the whirlwind that they, in their hubris believe won’t affect them.

    Nut cutting time draws near.

  7. “Make any laws you want, they have no standing, I don’t want a battle or bloodshed ..but I’m Tired.”

    Yank, I share that. It’s by design though… that’s why they are “winning”. They have been patiently, tirelessly wearing us down for many decades.

    What they don’t get is, we’re not too tired to fight. It’s all they have left to us and many a man frustrated by the process is spoiling to cut through the bullshit.

    Many and many a man….

  8. Go ahead, DC/Sacramento TreasanGang. Put Stuka Pilot Down by Law. Watch what happens next.

  9. It’s unfathomable how many people must be exactly that—tired and pissed off. And probably mostly pissed off. Bad combination to face, either way.

  10. I supposed we can do the “Chicago thing”, and make the quisling toads fear for their lives and the lives of their families. Make them fear us more than they fear their foreign banker pimps. Then maybe we can solve this politically. But that is the only solution I can see using the system that is in place.

  11. …gun owners that are not GOA members ? I can only guess that they’re not Pro-2-A enough. $20 a yr or $500 for Life (payment plan available).