Buppert: What Would Michael Collins Do?


6 responses to “Buppert: What Would Michael Collins Do?

  1. Thanks, Dorner. Whatever PR advantage the Left got from the (Regime) massacre of children at Sandy Hook School is now dissipated.

  2. Donner assumed the mantle of judge, jury and executioner. He paid with his life for taking four innocent lives. Now you ask me to weep for him?

    As for Michael Collins his countrymen gave their answer to him.

  3. Hillard Edward Foster

    I am a fan of Michael Collins, but screw Michael Collins.
    What would George Washington, Patrick Henry, or Captain Parker do?
    Shoot, I am a Marine, What Would Chesty Do?

    • Semper Fi, 0321

      I was at ITS exactly 40 yrs ago, hard to remember that mind set of do or die while climbing Mt. Motherfucker, but that’s exactly what we will have to do again. Or coming in from a 5 mile night swim at Amphib Recon School and puking up seawater sure beats rolling over and dying because it’s too hard, I will continue to stay tough and drive on. It’s what Chesty (or Herman, Dan and Smedley) would expect of us. No less.