Mosby: A Suggestion For The Auxiliary

Many hands make light work.

Plus, RITR posts a sitrep from Magpul.

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5 responses to “Mosby: A Suggestion For The Auxiliary

  1. I’m thinking SHTF sooner rather than later. I think it may be triggered on the state rather than federal level. Keep an eye to Colorado. Once the first volley is fired, it’s not going to stop there. Remember, any who resist do so not against their state laws but rather for the US constitution. There are no states or borders when it comes to this

  2. I have often asked myself why firearms manufacturers are based in anti-gun states like California, Colorado, Massachusetts and New York. Sadly, there are many people working for MAGPUL and other gun-related companies who will suffer from the tyranny of their public servants. At what point will the voting public wake up ?

    • Semper Fi, 0321

      You’re expecting a sign of intelligence from the masses?
      TV’s and cell phones, that’s as far as it goes.

    • the “voting public”? What an archaic concept. I’d put it this way: when the debt-financed goodies run out, the urban ethnic group entitlements and their Tribal/DWL masters will soon be eating each other. Then we go into the cities and clean up the mess.

      • Stuka Pilot: Don’t go anywhere near the cities. Let them indeed eat each other. The last ones standing are going to be the gang-bangers. Let them have their cities. The real problem will be for us folks in the hinterland sorting out the refugees lucky enough to escape the killing fields. Any cosmic white in a Prius will be denied entry to my A/O.