Online Old-School Electronics Reference Resources

Download them while you can.

4 responses to “Online Old-School Electronics Reference Resources

  1. Suggestion on processing the books for scan prep:

    You stated “you clean off as much of the binding from the book as possible”.
    An alternate way to do this is to “saw” off the binding,+ 1/4 inch of the paper on that edge. A table saw with a thin, sharp, carbide blade works well, or a band saw with a blade normally used on wood. Very fast and clean, leaving a good edge to work with. The best, of course, would be a shearing paper cutter but you are not likely to have that in your garage. They will charge ($?)for this service by the cut at the print shop. Keep going!

  2. Thanks to my uncle, I learned tubes before transistors. I can still work on and build tube radios. Transistors are pretty tough, too–not all that you read about EMP is true.

    • I was still teaching tubes in the early 1990s… but that faded out quickly. I can still work on such equipment. Not many of us left BE!

  3. Google search for “gbppr” and look at his military and espionage section