From Bracken’s “Dear Mr. Security Agent”: So What’s The Matter With Gun Registration?

dead armenians
As 2013 gun politics continue drifting towards universal gun registration via prohibition on private sales, this excerpt from Bracken’s recent article rings ever-more relevant:

So what’s the matter with gun registration?

To say that Turkey did not enjoy a smooth transition from being the seat of the collapsing Ottoman Empire, through World War I and into the modernist Ataturk era, would be a massive understatement. In those turbulent times, ethnic Turks, Muslims composing the vast majority of the population, considered their Christian minorities, especially the Armenians, to be disloyal and treacherous.

In 1911, a national gun registration law was passed in Turkey, with no apparent ill intention beyond increasing public safety. In 1915, during the Great War, these gun registration lists were used to disarm the Armenian and other Christian populations. Army battalions cordoned off entire towns and did gun sweeps. Once disarmed, the official state violence visited against the Armenians ratcheted up to murderous levels. Typically, on town-wide sweeps, all of the men and boys were taken away by the Turkish soldiers, never to be seen or heard from again.

Only after these Armenian “enemies of the state” were disarmed and completely helpless to resist did the final step begin: the officially sanctioned, ordered, led and conducted wholesale “deportations” of the Christian minorities from Turkey. These “deportations” were in reality forced marches into fiery deserts, accompanied by pervasive sadistic cruelty comparable only to the Japanese “Bataan Death March,” and the less known but much more deadly death marches of the last surviving Jews in Nazi hands as the Red Army closed in on Germany.

Three decades earlier in Turkey, rape, roadside torture sessions ending in death, and the entire worst catalog of human abuses were standard procedure while the Christian Armenians were being marched into the deserts to die of thirst, hunger, exposure, and sheer brutality. The stragglers who could not keep up with the columns being force-marched without food or water by Turkish soldiers were killed with bullets, bayonets, swords and even crueler means (for sport and variety), until the columns were no more and the missions were complete.

Between 1915 and 1923, one and a half of the two million Turkish Armenians were murdered, along with a half million Christians of other sects. The rest escaped from Turkey in one of the first great diasporas of a genocided people in the modern era. There is no need to build gas chambers or slave-labor gulag death camps in a country with ample deserts. In Turkey there is no Dachau or Auschwitz to memorialize the dead, just bones scattered in the sand and rocks a century ago, a model of efficiency that Hitler might have envied. (The Turks deny to this day that it happened, just as some deny the later Nazi holocaust.)

But even after conducting this first modern mega-death holocaust, with diplomats and reporters covering the genocide with daily wire reports, Turkey was not expelled in disgrace from the community of nations. There was no Western boycott of the new Turkish state. Adolf Hitler noticed this 20th-century indifference to genocide, and so did Lenin and Stalin and other despots. After the horrors of the First World War, the West had little gas left in the tank for do-gooder intervention just because some ethnic minority or other had been wiped out in Turkey.

A new low standard had been set. A nation’s leaders could commit genocide against a despised minority, murder two million living souls in full view, and the world would not give a good damn. It was an important lesson for future dictators, leading to even greater mass murders under the Nazis and Soviets.

And the German Nazis and the Soviet Communists learned another crucial lesson from the Turks: national gun registration laws could be passed easily in the name of dubious “public safety,” and the registration lists could be used later to disarm selected minorities and then subsequently to arrest, deport, and murder them by the millions after they were helpless to resist.

In the Turkish case, only a small clique understood the true purpose behind the gun registration and gun control laws of 1911. If average Turks thought about the gun laws at all, they probably believed they would actually lead to greater public safety, as advertised. That was also generally the case with the Russians, Germans, Chinese, Cambodians, Guatemalans, Rwandans, and all the rest who were required to register or even turn in their firearms for “public safety,” and who accepted the demand at face value as a “reasonable” gun control measure, to their later regret.

American liberals who would like to see the Second Amendment torn out of the Constitution as a problematic relic of a bygone era generally do not know—or pretend not to know—this well-established historical pattern. But American Constitutionalists, who are more often than not students of history, understand the pattern very well.

So, directly behind the insane faces of contemporary villains like Loughner, Holmes and Lanza, we see the smirking faces of Stalin, Hitler, and Mao, tyrants who did not murder individual victims by the fives and tens, but entire populations by the tens of millions.  And in each case, these national genocides were preceded by gun confiscation that was made possible by national firearms registration laws sold to a gullible population in the name of “public safety.”

Interestingly, during the bloody French Revolution’s “Great Terror” of 1793 to 1794, it was the “Committee of Public Safety” who condemned tens of thousands of French men and women to the guillotine or other forms of summary execution without trial.

After previously being disarmed, of course…

14 responses to “From Bracken’s “Dear Mr. Security Agent”: So What’s The Matter With Gun Registration?

  1. liked the two articls from Mr. Bracken that I read so far

  2. Damn, Bracken, you write so well.

    I have followed the actions of this criminal enterprise known as the federal government of the united states long enough to understand what is coming…what they are planning for anyone who will not obey them.

    My Father (RIP) did not fight Nazi’s and Fascists in Europe so that his progeny could live like serfs here in Amerika!

    My stomach turns each time I ponder how this has been able to fester in the land of my birth…once a “sweet land of liberty”, now a rancid cesspool run by globalist traitors and self-serving crooks.

    The how and why matter not at this juncture. What matters now is that freedom loving individuals stand and deliver when (no longer a matter of “if”) the shooting starts. I pray every damn day that I never have to kill another human being, but I will do so without hesitation for the opportunity to set right the land I leave for my children and theirs.

    The hour is near. Hope you are all ready.

  3. Stand. Figure out who and what you ate, then take a stand. Get you affairs in order for time is not our friend. This too will happen here in some form or another. Someone made a stand for you to have what you have had till now, now its your turn. What stand will you take? mwp

  4. I will forward this to all my contacts. However, it is only likely to produce a noise from the “AMEN” Section. While we are appreciative of said support and agreement, this column, and those like it should be forwarded to every newspaper editor, every news desk, every media contact we can find.

  5. John C Massey

    Gun registration is the first step in taking our guns lets get togather and protect our second admentient before is too late.

  6. And for those who will say that is over there, it could never happen here.

  7. and these butchers are in bed with euro union, what a disgrace, as a matter of fact they should be nuked and be made an example of.

    • And Nuking them won’t be a genocide.

      This is ends justife the means mentality that the progresivess have push and has seeped into the American psyche, people wonder why I feel we are heading towards a French type Revolution.


  8. robertsgunshop

    Passed on at

  9. Josh K, In this situation it does, the ends do justify the means. these are the remnants of the Butchers that are leftovers from the ottoman empire, nothing has changed in that part of the world. so I say to you, yes they should be nuked along with their Islamic fanatical government that it has become, dont you understand. Turkey is no longer a secular government it has been taken over by Islamic scumbags who would love to Kill you Josh K, if they had the chance, and they are getting closer to their dream of murdering us, their thousands of these nuts in the U.S. and most were invited in by the Bushes, Clinton and now the Obama Islamist. so wake up out of your stupor before its all to late. I am from Western Europe and War is coming to Europe and the U.S., but the fools handed in their guns so they have nothing to fight with, but the illegal Islamics have weapons in Europe. Is this what you want in the U.S., get on your hands and knees and start praying to God for divine protection because you will need it.

  10. And in the USA what tribe owns, controls, funds, and/or dominates such organs of cultural, economic, and political influence as: the global fiat debt-money regime, corporate Hollywood, TBTF Wall Street banks, all major news-entertainment media, the popular music and pornography industries, nearly all first-tier universities, most major league sports-entertainment franchises, first-tier law schools, the appellate judiciary, all the major publishing houses (including those who supply the nation’s public school text books), the Marxist feminist movement, the richest most powerful lobbies (AIPAC, ADL, SPLC, ADL), and Black political movements like SCLC, NAACP, and CPUSA, What tribe voted 73% for BO? In the USA, which foreign country’s interests supersede all other foreign policy priorities, including those of our own race? Specifically which Senators now spearhead the drive for citizen disarmament? Specifically who has masterminded immigration policy since the 1960s?

    The danger of Islam notwithstanding, consider carefully the agenda of an adversary in our midst whose historic agenda is best served in a societal milieu in which no one enthno-racial group holds majority status, enabling said adversary to manage both sides of the dialectic.

  11. many of these black and hispanic racist groups are tied in with the Islamics for the sole purpose of destroying the U.S., the enemy of my enemy is my friend, this is how these fools with no brains think. they will hold together for a while , but in the end they will kill each other off. But Don’t trust the black race hustlers what so ever, they are liars and deceivers along with white liberal democrat extremist bilge scum liquid, they are the worse of the lot.

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