Bracken Sends

Presenting….the DHS Wacomobile.

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  1. Prairie Fire

    These targets and their vendor were the subject of a discussion at Tom Bowers’ boards yesterday. The vendor was talked about as being good, it’s the buyer who is bad. being what it is, there was ideas floated immediately about what other targets to create, the idea being what is good for the goose is good for the gander and for other goons who pay attention to things such as this and crunch the numbers as to which side might win the fight. One suggestion was for a target of a TSA agent on a shitter reading a copy of Jugs. Other suggestions were just as creative. Mutual disrespect works both ways.

    Those other people just cannot get the respect that they think they deserve. Sorry Charlie, you lose.

  2. Prairie Fire

    On the video: Didn’t watch the whole thing and did it without sound. What I watched of those people climbing in and out of it, was the impression that they were not very agile at getting in and out of the ass end of the Wacomobile. Especially considering their youngster status.

    Are they sandbagging the viewer, or are they truly that horrible in negotiating vehicle stairs? Inquiring viewers want to know.

    Those people climbing the stairs, don’t do it well. There is hope for America, based on how these people show movement up and down a little ladder. They are just being themselves, they are not sandbagging, and they are sorry to look at.

    • Semper Fi, 0321

      As long as they stay inside they can’t be touched by small arms.
      But something I learned ages ago at a MG shoot; one of the guys had a 20mm Lahti, we were blowing up the axles on an old truck, a .50 BMG (possibly even .375 H&H, .416’s and .458 Win Mag with FMJ) would work fine too. Take out the drive train (it’s weak point), then throw or pull a jerry can of gas underneath, ignite and watch it turn into a frying pan. Sooner or later they’ll have to come out of their shell.

      • Most MRAPs suck off-road. They are built on truck chassis with fixed axles. This is why the Army/USMC had to scramble to come up with an all terrain version (M-ATV) for Afghanistan. In other words, think obstacles, whether man-made or natural. Then proceed accordingly.

      • Colorado Pete

        Note that one view of the vehicle in the video was of what I took to be the rear axle and differential. No armor there. A few .30-cal ball or AP rounds through the pumpkin (if you can get the angle) would make a nice mess.

        And rounds can go the other way through those firing ports, if the shooter is accurate. Then they rattle around inside a bit.

        Fix it in place with a sufficient obstacle or damage, blind it with smoke or paint on the windows, then cook it.

      • Semper Fi, that would also seem to be an excellent use for home brew napalm. Dissolve equal weights of styrofoam and gasoline and you have a nice, stable, moldable, relatively slow-burning form of gasoline that burns hotter than regular gasoline and stays put rather than spreading out or soaking in like gasoline does. Videos of making the stuff are on YouTube.

        There are also some interesting vids about making/using flint-tipped penetrator rounds. Plus I have some very provocative vids about wax shotgun rounds. Seems that if you mix bird shot or #7 pellets with wax you get a nice round that will penetrate light body armor before dispersing inside the tango. One vid showed firing a wax round made from a common game load into a roll of wet toilet paper with a beef bone in the middle wrapped in denim simulating a leg shot. Definitely one-shot disabling and a for-sure amputation if the tango doesn’t bleed out. Who needs solid lead slugs when you have bird shot and parafin?

        • Semper Fi, 0321

          For those that missed this, study ‘cut slugs’, the poor man’s slug. Great for when you run out of the heavy stuff and all you can find is some old birdshot shells laying around.

  3. I noticed that the targets were all white folks. Just saying…

    • These targets would not be useful for training an ATL mall security guard. Much too white, and some seem to be in their own homes. Hmmmmm, what could they be training for?

  4. And none of the targets are ragheads. Hmmm….

  5. Noticed that too. Just like that DHS “see something, say something” TV spot awhile back: evil White Women plotting to blow stuff up. TPTB want a war of extermination, then that is what they are going to get.

  6. Thank God for all that surplus 30-06 AP from the CMP. And Willie Pete.
    I hope the serfs in his AO are taking notes, and names.

  7. I mean really, how often is it that a pregnant woman or a child shoots a cop because the cop didn’t react quickly enough? Is this really a major problem for police these days?

  8. RSHA is here to rescue the sh*t outa you!
    “Ich schwöre Dir, Barrack Obama, als Führer und Kanzler des Welt Treue und Tapferkeit. Ich gelobe Dir und den von Dir bestimmten Vorgesetzten Gehorsam bis in den Tod, so wahr mit Gott helfe.”

    (“I swear to you, Barrack Obama, as Führer and Chancellor of the World, loyalty and bravery. I vow to you and to my superiors designated by you obedience to the death. So help me God.

  9. Molotov’s really suck while inside a can like that.

  10. Bad Bigdoggy

    I must have missed the part about how the rescue operations will be conducted.

  11. Unless that thing has a toilet and a kitchen, they’re going to have to come out of it sometime.

    Don’t fight the machine, fight the man.

  12. Mike O' The Lake

    Re: Wacomobile
    Home-made shaped charge.
    Possible or just wishful thinking?

    • Homemade shape charge is easier than you think. You have copper pennies, PVC pipe, propellant and a machine lathe or can get one? Explosively formed penetrators are not new technology. The hard part is tooling and components for the projectile.

      • Semper Fi, 0321

        Somebody got link to info for some of this DIY technology?
        Even as an old tank buster (M-40 106rr, 3.5″ bazooka, LAAW, and M-60A1 tank), I have no idea how to make a bazooka round, or shaped charge. My stuff all came pre-packaged in wooden boxes.

  13. “Operators”. Not Peace Officers. But, they still have to eat, sleep, shower, spend down time, and drive to and from work. Alea iacta est.

    • I caught that, too. They put themselves in the same league as military SOF direct action types. I beg to differ.

  14. Blind, halt, and destroy. About a gallon of gas, and a pint of motor oil, and four wine bottles. Prep with paintball guns, in pre-heated urban enviorment. Remain at a distance until screaming stops, and ammo cooks off. Serves them right.

    • Daniel K Day

      “until … ammo cooks off” Dang, waste of good ammo, Sean. Can’t be helped, I guess.

    • Effin A. Paintball guns are soon going to be more than just toys.
      It’s been a while but I reckon I could black out one of those side windows in five second flat.
      I wonder how they’d take a borrowed big rig to the side at ramming speed.

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  16. This might be a good time to mix up some gasoline and styrofoam and keep it handy.

  17. Head, thoracic Vertebrae or hip is what I am thinking. 🙂

  18. Gasoline & styrofoam, Oldfart? I know that gas dissolves styrofoam, but what does the mixture do?

    • It’s a thickening agent. Makes it stick to stuff while it burns.

    • Napalm, brother

    • Styrofoam or Ivory Snow soap flakes, or both until the gas almost jells. Then you have “poor man’s napalm”. It runs off targets very slowly, if at all.

    • It makes a poor mans version of napalm. Allegedly.

    • Semper Fi, 0321

      I was one of the last guys in the USMC ever trained on flamethrowers (0351 Anti-tank assaultman), we mixed 30-40 gals of gas with 1 quart cans of white powder(gelling agent) with a canoe paddle, then pumped it into the flame tanks. Wet the target (so it seeps into cracks) with a short burst of gas, then ignite the next burst. Massive explosion of vapor cloud, sucks oxygen out of air too.
      Same principle with molotovs, throw a few with no wick, then put the torch to ’em.
      Oil paint should work well to cover windows and periscopes, save those old paint cans. Also, think thin bottles, some of those things just don’t want to break.
      The hard part is staying out of line of firing ports.

  19. The MRAP says Immigration & Customs on the side. And, they are in El Paso.

    If it were TSA, or any other part of DHS, I’d shit a brick; but, I have to say that of all FedLEOs, I feel bad for the immigration guys on the Mexican border. They attempt a nearly impossible job with only enemies in front (Mexico) and behind (Washington, D.C.).

    No doubt there are hangars full of these things ready for Obama’s “Civilian Defense Force” (or whatever he called it); but, I’ve decided to wait until I see video of those MRAPs before I freak out.

    • Semper Fi, 0321

      Maybe you can see one live in your driveway!

    • Your “immigration guys” on the border can quit their jobs. Wal-Mart is hiring. Don’t feel sorry for them….they continue to serve Der Fuhrer and DHS’s Himmler….the bull dyke Napolitano.

      I don’t feel sorry for them.

      DAN III

  20. This sort of thing is why assymetrical warfare was invented. You can’t beat them on the battlefield. The only way to win is to remove their will to fight. Washington and his guys did that in 1776: they burned down the homes of tax collectors, and drove off or killed those inside.

  21. Crotalus, it sticks. It takes a lot of styro to make it real sticky. Its free for he taking lots of places, which is nice. You need to store it in glass or metal, obviously, but it burns for a surprisingly long time.

    Someone suggested wine bottles. Cheap wine only, please. Good wines come in thick bottles which might not break dependably. I used to like beer bottles. They break pretty easily. Plus, I had to empty them, so that was a real plus.

  22. There are no “operators” in the DHS, they are government thugs and nothing more.

    They should be viewed as vermin.

    • I got a laugh at that “operator” bit too.
      I think the most demoralizing misconception the freefor has is that if DC puts out vacancy adds for a hundred thousand green berets that they’re going to get a hundred thousand green berets.
      Nope. Their is a finite number of such motivated individuals. Before long the DHS will be rounding up drunks on main street at 3am just to fill flak vests…

    • “They should be viewed as vermin.”

      A comment like this just isn’t right. Vermin choose nothing to deserve the comparison.

  23. Crotalus,
    An old military “Jody call” may help.

    Nalpalm, napalm,
    Sticks like glue.
    Sticks to the women and the children too.

  24. Operators? Are they going to connect my calls, or what?

    One way in. One way out. Genius.

    Even our M113’s had more than one way out.

  25. “Tommy Cookers”

  26. So the current title for ‘licensed to kill’ is ‘operators’…well there operators, bring it.

  27. The Wacomobile needs eyes in the sky to know where to go.
    Al-K-der has got doctrine about 60% right, and all the cheap parts: Got Arabic linguists handy for translation check?

    DHS attitude and indoctrination training is nothing short of “us vs. them” with the traditional American people being the despised “them”. Calling the clowns in the video “operators” is insulting to the actually-elite specials in the US military who use that word. I brought you guys donuts and some free beer coupons for after work.


  28. Knucklebuster

    1:48. Note the can by the wheel with the steel rod coming out of it. Anything from a 9mm to a .50 through that can will lock that wheel up, creating a 15 ton boat anchor with the unique ability to go in tight circles. You can hit that at 500yds, right? It’s the size of a human head. Calling Elmer Fudd….

  29. Sure there are “operators” at DHS, they’re the ones that answer the phones.

  30. Yeah, Pat… Wannabe bad asses on the cheap!

    Ever watch the “expert” guntraining shows on tv?

    They all dress, walk, talk and perform the same moves alike. I know some of these guys are for real and have “seen the elephant” but there are tons of drugstore operators out there.

    Ooda their effing loop for ’em. Think outside their little box of “tactical” orthodoxy.

  31. I enjoy sipping on a “White Russian” drink in the evening. My preferred coffee liquor is Kamora which comes in a 1 liter bottle that is shaped along the lines of the old Nazi “Potato Masher” style grenades. I have been saving these bottles for several years and have a LOT of them stored in the basement. A rock the size of a tennis ball taped to the bottom of the Kamora bottle (duct tape works great) and a streamer of rope or cloth tied to the neck makes a great tail which guarantees it will land with the bottle cap on top (the rock will break out the bottom of the bottle nearly 100% of the time. I also have several garbage bags full of styrofoam packing peanuts also in the basement right along with all the styrofoam packaging that came with various appliances etc. If I can store this junk for future use, almost anyone else can do the same. Might not ever need it, but if and when that need happens, the goodies are available. Next thing to work on is a catapult (using the streamer) to get a longer range. Just love that good old Yankee Ingenuity.

  32. All you guys with your good ideas, I was simply going to dig a sharp ditch and let the nose go into the dirt. 15 tones ain’t “backing out” of a sharp walled ditch anytime soon. Then shoot for the windows. I like the gas idea. You could fill the ditch for a slow roast or have your friends and neighbors toss the sticky gas for a quick BBQ. If they come out naked, they only get it in the knee and a nice Government pension for “in the line of duty” injury. They come out shooting, well you know.
    By the way. That creepy backwards American flag (Obama’s “Forward!”) is sick. Every time I see it, it turns my stomach. Designed to be just acceptable enough for low information cops but an affront to every American. I would rather salute the free state of Texas flag than a twisted symbol of the land I used to Love.

    • I had a friend who owned a Ford F-250 4WD diesel pickup. One day, we had to move a water pump across some ground that looked solid, even though it had rained the other day. He decided that he was going to use the truck, instead of both of us carrying it.

      Well, I laughed my @ss off when that F-250 sank down into the ground to its axles when he drove out onto the field to get the pump. Turns out the ground was hard enough to support a 200 lb. human, but not a truck that weighed 3.5 tons.

      I would rather salute your gravatar, comrade.

    • Dig the ditch then cover it with something that’ll hold a light load. Cover it with waterproof plastic sheeting and then a thin layer of whatever surrounds the ditch. Grass, gravel, whatever..
      When they come roaring up your drive they’ll be calling the EMTs soon enough.
      You gotta convince them to come in fast. They won’t be wearing belts, will they?
      If you have to use the drive yourself then reinforce it where your own wheelbase requires to specs suitable for your vehicles (ie less that 15 t).

    • Nubbing Fingered Jake Roedel

      I’d salute the land, sky, and people represented by your flag!! I hope you are a fellow freedom’s son” who hears the Distant Thunders and is preparing a Mighty Fortress for you and yours. I have and we await the day on the hill of ravens here in the great Northwest. Volunteers? Any?

  33. Styrofoam or Ivory Snow soap flakes, or both until the gas almost jells.

    Please note: SOAP flakes – not detergent.

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  35. Al_in_Ottawa

    15 tons, that is a lot of weight. On a country road or a farm laneway a large tree dropped in front of it would immobilize it as it could not go offroad to bypass the obstacle particularly if there is wet ground. Trenches are great but chainsaws work faster and are cheaper to own than backhoes, after all.

    I recall perusing the Anarchist’s Cookbook a long time ago. The preferred method of placing a cable across a road or is not perpendicular to the line of travel but at an angle of 45degrees or less so that the vehicle is guided into the tree. If the terrain allows it place the cable to guide the vehicle into a ditch deep enough that it will roll onto it’s side or roof. Pick your trees and buy your cable (galvanized of course) and shackles now and cache them with the wrenches you will need.

    • Re: dropping a tree in the road. Look up the word “abatis.” Anything wheeled would be hopelessly blocked. Better if you can cut the trees down with det cord but a couple giys with chainsaws could get it done quickly enough.

  36. Styrofoam peanuts work. So does heavy motor oil. And don’t forget to put a wick in the mouth of the bottle. Twisted rag or something like that. Never tried taping a rock to the bottom of the bottle. Sounds like a good idea.

  37. Suckingchestwounddeliveryexpert

    Even though they claim/believe their MRAP to be IED resistant, it doesn’t mean that they will intentionally drive over or near one. That would be pretty dumb. All it takes to keep a vehicle like this out of an area for a while, OR GET IT STOPPED while it investigates a possible IED or tries to figure out another way around is to place OBVIOUS would be IED’s along its possible approach. Something that if they see it, they will stop. The Hajjees would do this when I was overseas to either attack the EOD techs we would call, or test our SOP’s etc.

  38. Suckingchestwounddeliveryexpert

    While they believe their vehicle to be IED resistant, that doesn’t mean that they would intentionally drive over or next to an IED. That would be pretty stupid.

    A possible way to get a vehicle like this to stop or delay its advance would be to place an OBVIOUS would be IED along their possible route. Something where they will have plenty of time to see it and identify it as a possible threat. Otherwise they will notice at the last second and blow through. They will stop to either check it out themselves, secure the area and wait for EOD, or figure out a way around. Either way it will be stopped for some amount of time. You could also channel them into an area of your choosing by forcing them to take another route.

    But fake IED’s should get them stopped. And then it sounds like some of you know what to do after that. Lol.

  39. Hydroflouric acid etches glass, you can find it in hobby stores. Store in plastic bottles (remember, it eats glass) and deploy to the windshield. They have to park the things somewhere, don’t they? Windshield wipers don’t work against etched glass like they would against paint balls.

  40. Baby oil on the windshield will smear with the wipers. Putting a streamer (or a 2 ft long piece of rope with a loop on the end) on the bottle neck insures that the streamer will make the bottle land on it’s bottom. The loop is great for hooking on a catapult like device to give the bottle more range. One version is a stick with a headless nail in one end. Loop is slipped over the nail and a quick flip will launch the projectile. Learned that from former brother-in-law who used that device to flip lighted rag torches in Mammoth Cave National Park to show how the old-time cave guides used to light up remote areas of the cave. Works great with bottles of home-brew Napalm.
    Another trick I learned is that some small town PoPo departments have the list of officers names and email addresses available on their web sites. How stupid can they get?? Using one can find the home address of these folks. I am not really concerned about the local PoPo but it is the storm troopers from Fed Gov.


    Those of you supporting John “Songbird” McCain can thank him for his creating National Defense Authorization Act 2012 and its section destroying due process and the 4th and 5th Amendments. This in turn has led to soetoro-obama’s declaration of the use of armed drones to kill Americans (which the murdering marxist has done in Yemen). Lyndsey Graham, another scumbag career senator has declared America a battlefield per NDAA 2012. Thus we have the established requirements to target Americans on American soil.

    Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada is a major drone piloting facility. Is Nellis in your AO ? Range cards ?

    DRONES ! DRONES ! DRONES ! How do we defend against their use by a soetoro-obama .gov run amuck ?

  42. Someone here mentioned federal LEOs. Since we do not (yet) have a national police force (at least on paper) the proper term for such people would be Federal Law Enforcement Agent – FLEA. Lotta truth there if you think about.

    I ran afoul of one of those assholes last year. National Park Ranger – kitted out with sidearm, OC spray, tazer, Asp baton and fully automatic M4. Freaking SCARY what Yogi’s kindly Mr. Ranger has morphed into. Talk about “us vs them” mentality. I’m talking to a legal barracuda about suing him for official oppression under color of law. Seems like we have a pretty good case. Barstid has caused me a shed load of trouble for the last year. But revenge is a dish best served cold. Even better when it is completely unexpected.

    • Semper Fi, 0321

      We had a local gal get stopped a few miles away in Grand Teton N.P. last year. Fedgoon took her concealed handgun, fiddled with it, tried to confiscate as illegal contraband, accidently(?) chambered a round, and under verbal pressure from her, returned the loaded weapon to her thru the window. Nothing happened to him, not even a slap on the wrist for harassing Wyoming resident LEGALLY carrying in a vehicle while on way to doctor appt.
      Good point on the ‘color of law’ thing.
      None of them have any authority, but will tell you they do, as will 99%of the stupid population. IRS has no authority to carry sawed off shotguns or full auto SBR’s, but because folks think they’re a Federal entity, they get away with storming your house under a spray of lead. (IRS is a private collection agency for the Federal Reserve, neither of which is US Federal Gov’t, but operate under the ‘color of law’ as if they were.)

      • Actually, SF, if she actually was within the boundaries of Grand Teton N.P. (“Big Tits” – great name for a mountain range OR a park. Musta been a long time since those froggies had had anything to do with a woman. Reckon there was any “brokeback mountain” activity goin’ on?) , if he was a duly authorized FLEA, then he DID have police authority. Problem with my encounter with the FLEA was that we WEREN’T on federal property but on PRIVATE property and the nearest national park was several miles away.

        • Semper Fi, 0321

          He is a FLEA, but had no authority to seize a legally carried concealed sidearm. Wyoming residents now have legal right to carry concealed within NP boundaries. During traffic stop (she was not the driver) he asked her if she had any firearms in vehicle, she then voluntarily surrendered it to him. At which point he decided he wanted a new toy. That’s where the bullshit started.
          And most alphabet agencies are not legal law enforcement. They pin on a badge, issue weapons and call themselves law enforcement. US Forest Service and BLM are another case in point. They have no legal authority, if they hassle you, demand that they call the county Sheriff on site. They’ll back down, knowing they can’t really do anything to you. They might write you a ticket but that’s as far as their legal authority goes. Drawing weapons and arresting you, no fukn way! They are all bogus, self appointed meter maids.