From Your Lips To God’s Ears

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13 responses to “From Your Lips To God’s Ears

  1. God’s ears need to hear a lot more from our lips.
    And if we indeed listen, we will hear a lot more from His lips.

  2. Another Amen here!

  3. Damn Right!!!

  4. Thank you BobbyD…

  5. Except that is what 51% of the population wants to happen.
    I had hoped it would not but maybe this is what now must happen.
    So to all you elitist, nanny state progressives, go ahead take what
    you can. It may cost you more than you care to spend.

  6. They are the Titanic.We are the Ocean, and the Iceberg.

  7. The financial elite that controls the government is comprised of “Conservatism, Inc.”, libertarians, and progressives. They differ in form, not substance. The first group and to a greater degree the second are nothing but false opposition to the third. Safety-release valves. That is why our country has gone to hell over the past 50 years. When the EBT cards fail and the third world comes barreling out of the cities and into the ‘burbs looking for “gibs me dat” and white poontang, it will all be due to this elite. What a perfect opportunity this will be to institute martial law, confiscate your weapons neighborhood by neighborhood, and lock your white ass*s up for shooting third world golem, LEOs, and soldiers – and every bit of it under the cover of maintaining Law & Order! Meanwhile the top 2%, overwhelmingly Jewish and Gentile, will sit back and laugh their asses off having successfully eradicated resistance from old-fashioned Americans of “European Gentile Persuasion” who might object to the Brazilification of this country.

    When the SHTF you better know who and what the real targets are. Not familiar with Charles Murray and his ‘Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960-2010,’ are you? Buy, read, and study the book. Become familiar with the concept of Superzips, know where they are located, and who lives there. Download the data here, before it’s removed:

  8. Exactly. What Murray defines are the Beltway and other urban/suburban White Cosmics who have sold us out to the Globalists in order to enrich themselves. I’m sure their gated condos and Estates will be secure against the no-longer-entitled ethno-Horde. Not.

  9. I think the time for the deceptions and lies are coming close to an end. We either fight for our Freedom & Liberty – or – we lose it plain and simple. #OATH not #NDAA

  10. Yup…. the free ride is over America…… #OATH not #NDAA

  11. Super doubleplus UNzip!