Magpul Leads


Pass to your CO contacts.

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  1. Larry Elliott

    Good on ’em! They make fine magazines, and other gear for AR’s. They might not have to move far to get to a place that’s more civilized and intelligent. Wyoming and Montana are just up the road, or they could move a little northwest to Utah or even Idaho. They’d be appreciated there and so would their products.

  2. Awesome! Can one have a massive man crush on a company?? Taking care of the customers that need it most, first. Everyone not so endangered is willing to wait.
    Come on over to Utah! I’m sure our Gov would be willing to make a sweet deal.

  3. Prairie Fire

    Having read that and seeing the source of the link, I can no longer say that I’ve never looked at facebook. Bummer, that.

    What the company is doing is a good thing IMO. They are just trying to help out the afflicted grasshoppers in their own AO. As for their statement that they will do the same in other infested states, so much the better. Places like Minnesota come to mind. Wonder what DPMS is going to do.

    Related, several weeks back there was a WRSA post on magazine buying, where a commenter gave links to Widener’s out of Johnson City, TN. Last time I checked was a day or so ago, and they still had D&H Industries AR mags. I don’t need any, but bought some. Widener’s shipped within a week of my order.

    I’m considering AR mags to be in the same category as heirloom seeds… heirloom mags. Not for me, but mags develop problems over time. In the future, the grandkids might not have the way to get mags, that I do right now.

  4. That’s right. I have 10 for my M1a, but probably should get more. Tech question: I keep them loaded. Will that damage the spring?

    • No, it won’t damage the spring to keep them loaded. The springs have “Life” cycles. Their good for so many compressions/releases. The more you use the mag, the less the life of the spring.

      buy spare springs.

  5. Stuka, from what I’ve read, no, it will not hurt them. The general opinion is that loading them, and unloading them, on a continuous basis is what is really not recommended. Of course you read 10 different opinions, and you’ll get 10 different answers. I personally only leave 8 of my 30-round mags loaded at one time. 28 rounds in each.

  6. Can’t tell you about the .308 for your M1A, but I’ve experimented with 5.56 Magpuls, and after three years loaded, they performed with out any problems. Springs and mags were fine.

  7. Congressman Jeff Duncan has invited Remington and Magpul to relocate to South Carolina, where they’ll be protected.

  8. If they was to come to Texas, it’d be shorter, and they’d save on transport. Lots of room, friendly folks, low taxes, always buyers. The stars at night, are big and bright……………