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Feinstein gun ban to be heard by committee Wednesday.

Make your calls.

Cold Fury issues a related proclamation.


12 responses to “Tomorrow

  1. “if you believe that we already ignore the Constitution anyway, then in fact, the government rules by sheer naked force, and nothing else. And if that’s what you believe, then all of this talk of revolution suddenly doesn’t seem so crazy, it seems almost mandatory.” GlennReynolds

  2. Bwhahahahahahahaha.

  3. That is just plain scary. Uncanny resemblance.
    Both my State Senators are a waste. As far as my states delegation, the best hope is in the House. Even there the gun grabbers from my state outnumber the intelligent ones. Sure would like to be able to split off from Seattle and that mess on the other side of the Cascades.

  4. definitive portrait of Feindstein: resident Evil. I believe she and her husband have, to this point, sluiced something like $400 million of our taxes into their joint crony-capitalist rackets. Unless they can grab the guns, and soon, the entire Elite of this ruined country are the walking dead. See also Obama’s pathetic attempt to recruit a “Civilian Defense Force”, i.e. Red Guard. Because he knows the military is going to split wide open…along service and regional lines.

    • Stuka Pilot: The military will also split along ethnic/racial lines. Everybody get ready.

      • Your point is well taken, but the following consideration has been raised several times here before:

        The tip of the spear (infantry, special operations) is primarily white. The more elite and combat focused the unit, the whiter it is. The more towards the tail you get, the more ethnic it gets.

  5. It doesn’t matter what they plan to do anymore. They ain’t getting mine. My Right to Bear Arms is non-negotiable.

  6. Nothing is so ugly as the face of someone wanting to force their will on you.

  7. What Sean said. Sitting in the Senate committee watching the senators gut two gun bills, I thought just that. They are the most ugly creatures I have ever seen. Their sneers define ugly.

  8. Star Wars led me to believe the Emperor was evil incarnate. Check your e-mail and you’ll see something worse – the Empress!

  9. They won’t be nearly so threatening when they’re dead.

    Bring balance to The Force……….