A Sense Of Proportionality

andy cuomo stooge
Bracken sends.

9 responses to “A Sense Of Proportionality

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  2. F*CK A$$hat Cuomo…….

    • Stephen…while you “Fck Cuomo” you appear to dismiss the progressives in NY State who ELECTED the POS Cuomo. His daddy was a leftist crook and the
      moron citizens put his marxist son right back in the guv’s mansion.

      I have little sympathy for the people of the Empire State.

  3. Mental Illness is apparently now a Qualification for the position of Governor of the State of NY. So happy I moved out of there 10 years ago. Now Remington, Kimber, CZ/Dan Wesson, Rohrbaugh and any other Gun Companies need to move out.

  4. Bout time to generate an arrest list for these traitors and make it very public with charges and all so after this is all over, and we the people win this, these traitors can be rounded up, and have their day in court trying like hell to refute the charges before they swing from the gallows.
    “Just doing my job making people safer. We did it for the children. Just so happens a couple million children died as a result. If you just hadn’t tried to stop us…”

  5. Larry Elliott

    Andy is truly a piece of work. I’ll bet that his body guards are all armed with selective fire M4’s or M16’s with at least 30 round mags because after all he IS important, and better than the peons.

    He and all his progresso-commie buddies are scum of the earth.

  6. Hey Cumo you shit, I give you United States v Miller 1939! Your an ass and need to be removed from office and sent to an assylum for the criminally insane. Maybe THATS why you shut them down!

  7. I don’t think that this is true. The Act added Section 265.36 to NY Penal Law, which states it is a Class A misdemeanor to possess a “large capacity ammunition feeding device.” See http://ypdcrime.com/penal.law/article265.htm#p265.36 or text of the Act.

  8. Burn, Baby, burn !