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7 responses to “Defiance

  1. God willing, they will NOT see what is on the other side of the door, unless they can look up from the pit they will have been thrown in.

  2. We need targets for ourselves that show those from which we’ll have to be defending ourselves, our families, and our lands.

    There ya’ go, now Pete doesn’t have to post it.

    • Yes, I have those, I want ones that show the following, in no particular order.

      A cop
      An ATF agent
      An FBI agent
      A DEA agent
      A DHS agent
      A US government soldier

      A MRAP vehicle complete with vulnerable areas highlighted.

      And, any number of other state and US government thugs.

  4. Let’s not forget the “Urinal Targets” with Jane Fonda’s smiling face. They can be found in the urinals at many VFW Posts around the USA. I think a Barack “Piss On My Face” target in the urinals would guarantee that the floor would stay dry.

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  6. Thank God most of the Marines that I know , understand and honor their ‘ Oath of Allegiance to the Constitution . I have had more than just one tell me …. ” WILL TAKE UP NO ARMS AGAINST THE PEOPLE OF THE US OF A ! “