Public Key Crypto Training – 2 March

Public Key crypto – theory, install, key generation and exchange, message exchange, best practices and common mistakes.

Brought to you by FreeFor:

Location: []
or [Conversation name: FREEFOR]

Saturday March 2, 2013
Proposed 60min class – depending on # and install headaches

Things we need to know beforehand:
* What operating system are you bringing?
Windows, Mac, Linux, etc
See the end of the paste on how to let us know.

Things that would be awesome that everyone have:
* a DVD with TAILS on it
a privacy toolset so we have a common platform
* cryptocat ( installed in your browser in case we hit max occupancy at
* [Beginners] Second computer hooked up to the internet (at the same time!)
so that if main box has issues, class time isn’t wasted getting through error screens
* [Advanced] GPG software already installed. for Windows for Mac

The more people with the software already installed we can get, the more ground we’ll be able to cover.

We’re trying to get a headcount, so no need to use your real credentials – but please RSVP:
Event ID: 2012
Password: FREEFOR

7 responses to “Public Key Crypto Training – 2 March

  1. Steven MacArthur

    Gentlemen, When I receive your e mail, I don’t know what to click on to read the article or information you are sending me in many cases. When I click on the colored title, I just get the same screen except when it is the day by day cartoon which comes up just fine. What am I missing? Steve MacArthur

  2. Thanks, CA.
    We’re planning on discussing Bitcoin, OTR, and Tor as well if time permits – other arrows it’s worth having in your quiver.
    Hope to see you all there!

  3. Random Tech Support

    Try using the website or RSS feed rather than the email interface.

  4. The only “2nd computer” I have access to is an Android device. Would that suffice?. I want to start learning this stuff.

  5. The only “2nd computer” I have access to is an Android device. Would that suffice?. I want to start learning this stuff.

  6. If it’ll access the chatzy link, that’ll work fine.

  7. Had a few requests for another class for those that can’t attend due to scheduling.
    There will be another TBA on the subject of Tor – we have techs hanging out on our chat channel (http://tns7i5gucaaussz4.onion) that can assist on this sort of stuff once you know how to get there.