Stooges – Former .mil Division

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What oath?

I never took any oath.

Or at least I didn’t mean any I did take.

Besides, I was just there for the fancy duds, the pension, and Tri-Care.

20 responses to “Stooges – Former .mil Division

  1. Stooges? You are too kind. How about traitors?

    • Shameless, sociopaths, at best. Stooges everywhere, including Iggy’s Band and the Three, would have no association with these Official Uniformed Retired generously-pensioned regime-supporters.

      Keep a list and check it several times before Christmas.

  2. NO man, NO government, No entity, NO court of “law” can take away a GOD given and constitutionally protected right… Not from ME…While I live…Period !

  3. Bunch of the worst kind of scum.

  4. Pilgrims Pride

    Who cares what these stooges think any more? Obviously, Richard Milhouse Obama is on the verge of cracking up; his entire cadre has been told “No!” possibly the first time in the collective lives; and the People have swiftly organized in response to existential threats they accurately discern as manufactured by these self-same, self-serving tools.

    Propaganda cannot and will not overcome the very real, very human reaction the has begun.

    Their best course of action is to leave now, while the leavin’s good. Find some nice little hideaway for failed Maximum Leaders in Paraguay or wherever. Their plan is a wreck and continuing down this path will not end well for them.

    • President R.M. Nixon was an American, who was a little bit misguided in his vision of cooperation with the Chinese. If Nixon had intended to destroy the United States Dollar he could have waited until the last bar of gold had been shipped to Paris, London, or Saudi Arabia. The Obamas are something else entirely.

  5. Senile old fools.

  6. Suckingchestwounddeliveryexpert

    I served. And I demand a plan for these people to leave me the hell alone.

  7. Like Petraeus, maybe they should collectively just fall on their swords, you know, like Mark Antony.

  8. Oath Breakers.

  9. Admiral. Of the surface fleet? I wonder if anyone in his command ever fired a shot in anger, let alone him. There was a general there listed as an MD. Once again medical corps. Did you ever fire a shot in anger? What they got was a bunch of rear eshelon wheenies to complain about left wing issues and try and say they have military backing. They don’t.

    • “They don’t.”

      Not long after I arrived as a PV2 at Wildflecken in the fall of 1974 we were in a morning formation when Top said, “Everyone that wants to donate whole blood form a line here and everybody that wants to clean mess hall immersion heaters form a line over here.” Guess what line I got in? Ask me about the permanent crater in my left arm for giving 37 pints of whole blood in a row to avoid cleaning immersion heaters.

      If you haven’t served you have no idea what you’re dealing with and if you have and still don’t get the picture there is no hope for you. You are in that 80%.

      A handful may defect but most won’t – they know which side of their bread is buttered.

  10. Wesley Clark, Colin Powell, John Kerry, Lindsey Graham, ultimate traitor and Amerika destroying John “Songbird” McCain and others….there is a common thread here. They are commissioned officers. Not NCOs. They are ROTC graduates for the most part, educated in the left-wing, progressive bastion of colleges, universities and even the service academies where the liberalism flows like cheap wine in a bordello.

    Do NOT count on the Army Guard to be dependable for the regime. In a shooting circumstance they will not be dependable. Not because they aren’t good, they are. But because if ever there are Patriots in uniform, it is the Guard. Remember….they are symbolized by the Minuteman.

    My fear is the knowledge that our friends neighbors, families, fellow citizens have allowed scum like former Naval officers Kerry and Songbird McCain to remain in power. Ultimately, fellow citizens are the culprits for allowing the aforementioned scum to exist.

  11. That last sentence on that post, in parenthesis, is word and people better get with it.

    You are ALONE people, there is no tribe, there is no union, there is only you.

    And them.

    *Feelings* have no place in matters dealing with the only life you’ll ever own.

    Your imaginary specter won’t save you when they come, only you can do that, and it requires clear thinking now and always.

    Are you up to it?
    I doubt it, the numbers aren’t in your favor.
    80% are fools, meant to be decimated.
    Are you one of them?

    You feel with your fingers, you think with your brain, don’t mix them up, ever.


    • “Decimation” is a Roman Army punishment for Unit cowardice. A random (or perhaps no-so-random) 10% are executed. This leaves a Unit still-functional, with a new command.

      I will speculate that “the 80%” are destined for about a 50% disposal rate, and it won’t be random. “Social Usefulness” will determine the survivors.
      Young, strong and cooperative (obedient)? Useful.
      Healthy? Useful.
      Skills & tools relating to the physical world? Useful.
      Outwardly political? Not useful.
      Medically-dependent? Not useful.
      Sub-culture ID? Not useful.

      Disorganizing the world will do some rough screening. Fine sort will involve a bunch of that DHS ammo stockpile, and all of your privately-owned arms.


  12. Guns only belong on the battlefield? What a bunch of BS. I don’t think they have a clue that we’re actually serious about the War On Tyranny.

  13. Meanwhile the DHS and various law enforcement departments purchase M4 and M16s at a feverish pace. I wonder what the stooges would say about that? Are they going to war, General?

    • Semper Fi, 0321

      At least we all know where to get new ones! The TSA models should be like going to a FLEA market/parking lot sale, eh?

  14. These jackasses are the people we need to keep tabs on once the government starts their crack down on the citizens and after we’ve won…assholes like this need to be put on trial along with the rest of the usurpers and sumarily hung! They are traitors not worthy of the rank and or the uniform they used to wear. They are so willing to trade OUR freedom for their own comfort and security! A friggin’ General or Admiral is nothing more than a Political Rank. Not all of them are cowards or traitors, but the men in this ad are in my book worthless pieces of shit!