Assess This: A Gaze Into One Crystal Ball

Use your judgment on this piece.

Even the most cynical/discerning will find it concerning, at least.

Beans, bullets, bandaids, buddies, and brains remain the best investments around.

Tempus fugit.

2 responses to “Assess This: A Gaze Into One Crystal Ball

  1. So far, “Obama’s Cyberwarriors” seem to have overlooked WRS…and a few million other HardRight sites. One they should storm is Zerohedge, with it’s 24 hr./day scroll of variously Libertarian/HardRight attacks on the Globalist/Bankster rackets, hundreds of thousands of hits/day, and threads infested with downright antisemites; one of whom I know really well. Occasionally a Regime troll appears, but they don’t last long. As for the rest of DHS informer’s revelations, large grain of salt in order…Reality is a mix of conspiracy…and sheer chaos. And they sure aren’t laughing at us. More the reverse.

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