Codrea: Support A Filmmaker

Consider David’s request.

Any chair in a bar fight.

7 responses to “Codrea: Support A Filmmaker

  1. More power to them if it is a pro-2nd Amendment piece, but for the record a few things bug me about these people.

    Number one, Oathkeepers claim to NOT be a Militia organization. In fact they have bad mouthed the various Citizen’s Militia units on occasion.

    Number two, neither Oathkeepers nor the Film-makers have contacted ANY of the dozens of Constitutional Uniformed Militia outfits out there in relation to this project. (speak up folks if they have contacted you)

    Number three, I respect Dr. Vieira, but the rest (Ventura, Jones etc all)
    are media whores who profit from chicken little preaching and have a new scare story every week. My opinion of Rhodes is best left unstated, other than that he gets no respect from most Militia folks I know.

    I support Oathkeepers in principle, at the LOCAL level. The real problem that NO ONE will say out loud, is that there are damn few real ones out there.

    On a final note, just one last pet peeve, that Narrator sounds like he needs a good dose of laxative (no offense intended)

  2. Hmm. Molon Labe seems like a stupid name for a film about the Constitution. “Come and take it”. Er, I think Obama just did! Plus that name was used by Boston T. Party for a novel a few years back that presumably many of the viewers of this film are familiar with. So that’s confusing, too.

    I’m always skeptical about films that have a lot of voice over and stock film. For instance the dramatic film of protesters, ok, what were they protesting and what had they done. It looks bad when police pepper spray someone, but if they have trespassed and are in the process of breaking things or vandalizing things it’s appropriate. To use such images for shock value, along with the required Very Scary Music, just doesn’t work for me.

    I was more excited about the trailer for the movie where martial law is declared, which was a fiction movie. Anyone remember the name of that one?

  3. I have a big problem listening to a narrator whose speech pattern is that of someone trying to explain things to a retarded 9th grader.

    Add Alex Jones to the mix and you really lose me.

    It appears there is no new info to be learned from this. Just a rehash of well documented facts that those of us who’ve been paying attention for the past 30 years are fully aware of.

    Send money? No thanks. I spend it on preps.
    Anyone remember the Patriots for Profit crowd in the 1990’s? A lot of folks threw a lot of money at these various causes and it did not change a thing.

  4. Yes Jackson. The movie is called Gray State. The movie trailer is scary indeed.