Grigg: Ed Flynn – Milwaukee Crime Lord, Citizen Disarmament Advocate

flynn thuglord
Read it all.

Know that this stooge is, at very least, part of a large minority of police executives.

The reality is that he represents the large majority view amongst those thuglords.

Plan and act accordingly.

Sic semper tyrannis.

UPDATE 1450 EST 28 FEB 2013: RITR links to BravoCompanyUSA’s “bite me” message to Flynn and his gang, which also includes this vid of the thuglord in action yesterday:

The comment by PragmaticPatriot1776 below the YouTube vid says it all.

19 responses to “Grigg: Ed Flynn – Milwaukee Crime Lord, Citizen Disarmament Advocate

  1. Bravo Company USA just announced that they will no longer be doing business with him or the Milwaukee PD. Considering they are located about 30miles from Milwaukee, that’s a big statement.

  2. Silence is consent. Policemen, you are defining yourselves.

  3. The article pretty much nails it, but there is still more.
    Violent crime rates dropped significantly after Flynn came to Milwaukee. It was later uncovered that the MPD was underreporting arrests- putting in codes on the arrest records for misdemeanors when serious violent crimes occurred, all under the direction of Flynn. He’s just another in a long line of thugs, cheats, and crooks that have filled that office.

  4. ButchCass223

    Oh those Flynn boys, they sucked here and thankfully this dipstick “figured out” how to scam Milwaukee into hiring him. That whole family is just lovely, look around at some of the crap they pulled in Mass in their service to community, they are the poster children for Massholes. Also, him reading those stats is funny, they all point to why he should be fired for incompetance.

  5. Now exactly why would any community tolerate such an idiot. Something isn’t being revealed here.

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  7. Police officers, like everybody else, will soon have to choose sides like it’s 1860. Freedom, or tyranny? Every rising tyrant in history first pushes gun control in the name of “public safety.” It’s just a means of preparing the battlespace to their advantage. Time to choose sides. It’s 1860.

  8. Of course military rifles are designed to kill people, you idiot, ..we keep telling you morons the 2nd amendment aint about hunting or self defense..

    Yank lll

  9. Learn more about the under-reporting of urban -that is, third world – crime in these United States:

    “Disappearing” Urban Crime

    From Compstat to Fakestat: The Epidemic Of Fraudulent Official Crime Reports

  10. Oberfuehrer der Polizei is exactly the kind of thug who convinces me of the need for We the Peons to bitterly cling to out Miliz Gewehr. That this lying Nazi thug exercises the power of life and death in the name of Leviathan scares me to death. Free Americans don’t need Oberfuehrer Flynn and his Einsatzgruppen to protect us from people who wave signs denigrating him.
    I notice he appears before the Reichstag in full regaila worthy of Himmler himself.

  11. Officer Flynn is nothing more than a political TOOL. Hey asshole Flynn I’ve defended my home and family using a semi-automatic highpower rifle, because at the time it was the only firearm I possessed. You’re tunnel vision assessment is restricting and infringing on my right to defend myself you sanctimonious asshole and I won’t let you get away with that. Do you really think the fucking criminals are going to comply with your background checks and demands that they turn in their weapons???? No you asshole they are going to use their weapons to come rob, rape, and kill my family once you’ve taken my weapon away from me. This is nothing more than window dressing for the media to use to justify illegal actions taken by our government to get the sheeple on their side. Well guess what asshole Flynn I’m not a sheep and I’m not a wolf….I’m a pissed off Sheep Dog and I’m not letting you tell me that I have to be a victim…so kiss my fucking ass!

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  13. Basically I am shocked at how military he looks. Four stars? Battle ribbons? Sheesh.

  14. What a douche. If it is “career criminals” that seem to be doing the shooting, then please post the video of this douche testifying in favor of longer sentencing. Oh, can’t find that video? Huh.

    The dirty secret: he, like most police chiefs, are political animals. And their success is due to toeing the police association/police union line. They have long surrendered their oath and our respect.

    The biggest question if push comes to shove: What percentage of badge wearers will choose our freedom over their next paycheck?

    • On the bright side the other CLEO in Milwaukee is Sheriff David Clarke- a complete opposite to flynn in every way.
      The city of Milwaukee gets retards like flynn because most of the leftists and other sores on the ass of society of our state are highly concentrated in that city and madison.

  15. How many are willing to die enforcing his dreams..
    Yank lll


    In response to a co-workers question about whwther or not the police and members of the armed forces would be a problem after the collapse of civil society I answered that the armed forces, army, navy, etc are trained to limit civilian causualties. The police are trained to kill civilians.

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