Wolfe: Tips On Hiding Guns

Ms. Wolfe provides a “how-to” on buried insurance.

For those who are revving up on the general topic:

It’s just another cache.

You do like caching, ja?

Semper paratus.

5 responses to “Wolfe: Tips On Hiding Guns

  1. I keep my Remington 870 Marine Magnum hiding behind the front door.

  2. Hillard Foster Jr

    I wonder if it is time to cache them, if it is not really time to use them.

  3. George Proctor

    Have a backup cache, or two.

  4. Marlo Stanfield

    A very nice weapon to own and hide is the Weatherby Vanguard in 257WBY, along with a supply of 80 grain Barnes TTSX Weatherby factory ammo. This round is still going 3005 fps at 300 meters.Purchased at Walmart in the rifle and scope combo package is priced right. At 51 years of age i would rather go Carlos Hathcock on the enemy thn up close and personl if i can help it.


    • Semper Fi, 0321

      Now there’s a caliber you can find anywhere for resupply! For all you Weatherby fans, how stupid can you get? Weatherby is the most expensive shit on the planet, well, with the exception of Lapua, and when TSHTF, the least likely to be found anywhere. I don’t care how fast it goes, it’s basically nonobtanium when the lights go out. And none of us can afford to buy 2,000 rounds of this stuff at factory prices, $78.99/20.
      Hey Marlo, where do you live, Hollywood?