What Will Happen If Obama Orders The U.S. Military To Confiscate Guns In America?

H/t to FNC for this answer to the question.

Consider, however, this alternative response.

Prepare alternative COAs.

14 responses to “What Will Happen If Obama Orders The U.S. Military To Confiscate Guns In America?

  1. Obama has the Chinese general visiting the Pentagon this week.. Wonder if he is there to coordinate a gun confiscation with Chinese troops of patriot Americans? American soldiers might just stand down when ordered to confiscate. Chinese troops will do what they are told. Obama would have zero qualms about using Chinese troops.

    • LOL. I’ll have zero qualms of my own concerning Chinese troops. Not that I have a lot of qualms to begin with, but this will be decidedly less than normal.

      It would be perfect if these idiots were to do that. Please, please galvanize all of us with a common foe.

  2. Matt Strictland

    There is plenty of historical precedent for that sort of thing. It was standard practice (when possible) often unless Romanov style rules were put it into play.

    However its exceedingly risky, the US left while rotten doesn’t really want to be a Chinese satrapy and the US military, even the rancid members of the officer core would not allow it.

    As such I doubt its likely.

  3. Supposing foreign troops were invited to American soil. Would you folks be willing to “engage” the politicians and the judiciary who sanctioned such an action ?

    • Semper Fi, 0321

      For some reason, most folks still can’t come to terms with the fact that ALL of our gov’t is to be terminated, immediately! There are no good guys coming to our rescue, we are them.
      People still making excuses for why D.C. hasn’t cleaned itself up yet, they don’t want to face the fact that it’s best to flush it all, every turd in the toilet stinks. Somehow we’re supposed to believe some of them are cleaner than others.

      • The old joke that a “liberal” is defined as one who thinks that you can pick up a turd by the “clean” end has been enlarged to include deluded “hopefuls” of all denominations.

      • “There are no good guys coming to our rescue, we are them.”

        Whew, that’s a mouthful. I think that’s the only “tipping point” left—acceptance of exactly that.

  4. DAN III, Simple answer, YES in a heart beat. I would probably want to see their entire family tree gone too.

  5. As far as a VIPR-stop goes (diagram), my plan is: pick the nearest regime-thug, run over same. If still alive, out and behind engine block w Glock, save last bullet for self. Bracken, “the checkpoint”, has a searingly good scenario on this at his site. On the larger issue, the regime will use non-local units for confiscation sweeps (cf. Tienmin Square: local Chicom Army units DID REFUSE to massacre the students – so the Reds brought in a Manchurian Division); & probably also Blackwater-type formations. Those guys will kill their own mothers for a paycheck.

  6. “What Will Happen If Obama Orders The U.S. Military To Confiscate Guns In America?”

    Then I will finally get that M2 or M249 I always wanted.
    If foreign troops are invited who knows what else I wanted I will get.

  7. Everybody up to speed on how the QBZ-95 operates?