The Heart Of The Matter

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Read every word.

Anyone who opposes?


4 responses to “The Heart Of The Matter

  1. Ya, no sugar!
    Gun controllers need to be put on the defensive in this conversation.
    They know exactly what this debate is all about. Let’s forget that hunting and target shooting story and start putting it in realistic terms.

  2. I’ve been saying – no more debate. No more repeated statistics. No more discussion. No to any new gun control laws.

    Just, No!

  3. Gary Smith

    I have never thought otherwise, and I am not shy, or politically correct.

  4. Damn!! Wish I’d said that!
    It’s true, all those pukes are lawyers and even law school grads ain’t THAT dumb. They know exactly what it’s about . . . and so does Wayne Pee-er.
    There comes a day when the bullshit stops and the bullets start.
    Don’t want it, hope it doesn’t, but I took that oath eleven times, and it don’t wear off.