Codrea: FBI Says “Tannerite – BOO!”

David has the details, straight from the Famous-But-Incompetent Secret Extremist Counterstrike And Evidence Corruption Bureau.



Hold me close, Uncle Bob — I’m a-skeered.


Robert Mueller

8 responses to “Codrea: FBI Says “Tannerite – BOO!”

  1. Claire Schwarz


  2. Yeah, OK….

    Wait! There are nitrates in the residue of dried urine! So, please alert the FBI is you know of anyone taking a leak. Add another category to the “suspicious Behavior” category.

  3. “indicators [that] should be seen as suspicious and reported accordingly,” including:

    “•Urinating while in possession of cash or using someone else’s facilities;
    •Requests to use a foreign restroom;
    •Reluctance or unwillingness to produce a urine sample;
    •Request to purchase more than one diuretic, such as coffee, beer or tea;
    •Unusually large streams inconsistent with stated reason;
    •Multiple, large-quantity releases within a short timeframe;
    •Lack of knowledge of keeping the seat up;
    •Hints at illegal or misuse of bodily fluids; and
    •New or unknown customers relieving themselves, especially with an out-of-town driver’s license or license plates.”

  4. It was a matter of time until the .gov feds whined about Tannerite. Is anyone surprised ?

  5. FBI left out that girl who was arrested awhile back for blowing up toilets out in the Georgia boonies. When asked why, she said “there’s nothing else to do around here”.

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  7. Bill Harzia

    FBI = Famous But Incompetent (worth re-stating)
    = Forever Bothering Italians
    = Fan Belt Inspectors