Mosby: “If You Can’t Be A G, Be The Auxiliary”

hey boy what you doing there
Essential reading, as always.

Everyone can be useful.

And we will need everyone in order to win.

And that’s the goal — winning.

Not dying heroically.


No matter what.

14 responses to “Mosby: “If You Can’t Be A G, Be The Auxiliary”

  1. Claire Schwarz


  2. Yep, I’m in the aux!

    Too old and busted up to run with the kids, but I can do plenty of other equally useful support functions.

    As Dirty Harry said: “A man’s got to know his limitations”.

  3. Motivational. I can do this, and await an HVT.

  4. Another Anon

    Bout damn time to see this stuff.
    Amateur? , Tactics, Pros? Logistics.

    People are thinking and thats a fine sign .Some folks are going to fight full time, some people may do an op for two but unless a whole lot of people are in logistics, FReeFor will lose. Same with OpFor, same with anybody.

  5. Mosby’s approach to the issue, as his approach to every topic is off-putting. I’ve never read an author who is hell-bent on insulting his readers to the extent that Mosby is. It’s sad because he knows what he is talking about, but his intense anger is very insulting.

    • Grenadier1

      And yet you read it and it makes you pay attention. Some people just need things slapped into their thick skulls. Once they get it their good to go, but it takes a little more upfront method.

    • Guess you went to one of those new fangled, kinder, gentler boot camps.

      Or not at all.

      • What a coincidence; I once looked for “easy” myself, long ago. Never did find it; I’m glad I stopped wasting time searching for it.

        I strongly agree with Sean’s analysis below this.

  6. Ivan, it’s not that Mosby is insulting, it’s that he just doesn’t care. Here’s the thing. Mosby hears all the chest thumping, and bragadoccia from a lot of people who should know better because, A: They ain’t never been operators, and never will be, because they’re not in shape, and they ain’t trained, or ever going to get trained. B: He has actually seen the critter, and also seen people that react to it, badly, and knows what it takes to get the job done, and C: Can put two and two together, and has heard enough from people talking loudly and have not put their armour on, and little from those who have taken it off. Thirty years ago, I was in his shoes. Time and an ounce of wisdom has taught me that the cause does not need crippled and old operators(life expectancy: less than 1 hour after their first engagement begins) but………. I can be of much use as the tail of the teeth, ie: the young bucks who will do the shooting will need lots, as in LOTS of support activities, if we are to win. And I say wisdom because wisdom is knowing your fate, and accepting it, because you will not evade it, so you may as well turn to being useful in some other way, Ja? I will neither be famous, rich, remembered, heroic, a supergunny, or very important, and I don’t care. I will do my fucking job to help to the best of my ability, and then I will die, and that’s that. In the end, all a man can really be in this world, is true to himself, and if he doe that, he has done all that he can. Mosby is the way he is, because he has to wade through waist deep bullshit to make himself heard, and accomplish anything. Considering the odds, I’m suprised he even tries. I tend to believe he is a helluva man.

    • It’s funny that Max Velocity doesn’t need to insult people to get his point across. Nor does Gabe Suarez or Sunny Pulaski. All the above mentioned know how to teach without calling anyone a phuckhead.

      Look, Mosby knows his stuff, he just don’t know how to teach using the written word.

      • Ivan:

        Isn’t your last clause written more accurately as “…he just don’t know how to teach ME using the written word.”



      • Grenadier1

        Ivan, I respect the hell out of all those guys you just mentioned and yes those guys know how to teach. On the other hand no one will ever accuse any of them of being kind and soft in their written word either. Gabe and Sunny especially know when you just need to get in peoples face to get the message accross. Dont take it personal. If you know he knows then he aint talking right at you.

        JM has to write that way to get the couch commandos to hopefully stop and actually think for a second. Odds are it will not happen but if it gets just one then its worth it.

      • Colorado Pete

        +1 to Grenadier’s ‘don’t take it personally’. Lighten up and don’t think he’s insulting YOU. Just take his freely offered info and chuckle at his inimitable style.

        If you are going to survive the coming festivities, you are going to need a helluva lot thicker skin than you currently possess. That IS directed at you. In all kindness. 😉