i like tuna pudding kitty!
Gabby Giffords to receive JFK courage award.

Now give us your guns, you peasant filth.

For Gabby’s sake, don’t ya know.


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8 responses to “Pudding!!!

  1. Bradford C joy

    Never ceases to amaze me that the very first response to a shooting is not to wish it could have been stopped,, but to want to remove all guns from everyone,, except from the one doing the shooting?

  2. Gary Smith


  3. Bill Harzia

    The new definition of irony – Gabby Giffords receiving an award named after a guy that was killed by a bullet to the head.

  4. Do they give this poor gal a peppermint or a lemon drop right before each photo shoot? She’s got that same expression in several photos I’ve seen of her.

    It’s a special kind of shitbag that exploits the disabled. They’d treat kids and the elderly the same, so they need to go feed the flies. If they can’t give mercy or compassion then they best not expect any in return.

  5. Check out the poll in the LA Times link – it seems the vast majority does not support gun control… 🙂