Reichssicherheitshauptamt Follies

Coming to a neighborhood near you:

Watch with a thoughtful eye.

And remember (h/t Travis McGee):


23 responses to “Reichssicherheitshauptamt Follies

  1. Bradford C joy

    Gosh,, I feel so much safer,,, gosh.

  2. Once it starts, defense will not be a viable option.

  3. Follies is, in fact, the correct term.

  4. “The means of defense against foreign danger historically have become the instruments of tyranny at home. ” James Madison

  5. Initial thoughts:
    1. Operation RED Tidings. Appropos, je pense.
    2. All those years of taunts of “Freudian compensation” suddenly make sense ..
    3. If it looks like an army, acts like an army but not called an army, is it an army?

  6. JudgementComes

    I am afraid.

    • Bill Harzia

      Most everyone in their right mind is. Those that are paying attention, anyway.

      You’ll be remembered for what you do while you’re afraid.

  7. Al_in_Ottawa

    If that is the fastest they move with all the gear they carry, the DuHS are going to have a very high casualty rate against anyone who knows how to shoot and has any sort of alarm system & quick response plan.

  8. These folks would be outraged if you compared them to the Gestapo. Actually, they are much more heavily armed than the Gestapo ever was. Gestapo equipment consisted of a wool hat, a leather jacket and a .32 or .380-caliber pocket pistol. Oh yes, and a little wallet with a card identifying them as Secret State Police. It was “civilized”, you see…their victims surrendered without a struggle.


    • Government school graduate, eh?

    • We are not amused.

      Or impressed.

      As attempted humor, that pile of sphincter sqeezin’s fails even to approach pathetic.

      If you’re really serious, I hate to break it to you but you’ll soon be dead.

      Can’t fix stupid. When the shallow end of the gene pool gets chlorinated, holding your breath will not avail.

    • Why do Africans always have to use the Caps Key? Do they really think that we don’t hear them?
      Umm, Toby. We are instead Were; Our instead of “are”, “through” instead of “Threw”, Use a space between end of Sentence and the beginning of the next; Women’s instead of “womens”.

      As to What you said. Like Hell!

    • Al_in_Ottawa

      williamjackson, please have the smartest person you know read and explain the following to you.

      I think you meant to write this.

      “We’re going to make Waco look like a backyard weeny roast. We’re gonna run our tanks through your homes flamethrowers cooking. We’re gonna fry your grandma, spoiled prepper brats. Grease our tracks with your women’s tits. Maybe have some nice long pig BBQ. Yeah, you’re sensing your time’s up. You got fat, drunk and sick. Now, it’s dying time.”

      You threaten to top an atrocity in which many children died. You also threaten the immolation of grandmothers and the mutilation of innocent women and imply that you may become a cannibal. Your morals are obviously as lofty as your writing skills.

      You are correct in one thing. It is dying time. There will be dead or incarcerated patriots and many dead or disabled fascist thugs before this is all over, there can be no compromise between free men and those who would enslave them.

      I suggest you stay in your cave as trolls die when they are exposed to daylight.

  10. One wonders why Obama believes there “should not be weapons of war on the streets of America” and yet, places such things in the hands of… “Reds”.

  11. Then we will show you the Real HELL, Willyboy,
    Sleep lightly for the Dead fear little.
    Remember GOD will send you there , we only provide the Transport

  12. Prairie Fire

    Watching with a thoughtful eye, I like the propaganda the the other folks are putting out, big time.

    In the first vid, as folks ride the outside of a truck, four on the side shown, the image hearkens back to multiple Ivans on the back of a T-34. Big Ivan didn’t think too much of his troopies’ chances for longevity, I wonder what sort of prep lectures the current people get in order to get them to ride on the outside of a truck. Read “Neither Predator nor Prey” for insight regarding their mindset. Hackworth liked that sort of outrider concept also, but he was wrong on a fair amount of his takes. I wonder if the current outriders get paid a bit more for their exposure. A decoration called the “Order of the Red Outrider” for survivors might be appropriate, assuming that their side wins, which is not likely.

    Second vid: Not looking real good, again, for the other folks. They look like trainees. Although some people manage to get in the passenger side door while managing their gear, it is real notable that they show a person getting in a side door who appears to have no knowledge as to how big his ass is when wearing a butt pack. Sort of a kindergarten mistake that they put out, given what those people do for a living. Towards the end of the second vid, there was a take similar to what has been shown here at WRSA on a previous vid, that some of the folks continue to look real stupid and clumsy as they negotiate a vehicle back stairs. I’d bet that they look similarly stupid and clumsy coming out. After the exit? Stupid and clumsy x2, expect something in the same vein for the third audition, only with louder voices.

    Whatever vehicle they choose to run doesn’t matter real much. Some are harder than others. The vids that the other folks put out, show the quality of person that they put into them, and the same quality of person exits the stairs. Taken all around, their propaganda films are good news for freefor.

    • Semper Fi, 0321

      Vid #2
      These guys didn’t arrive in those vehicles, as the fat ass with the gas mask bag shows. No room on a Suburban seat for him and his ass bag!(also very bad location to access gas mask, impossible maybe) Really poor training exercise, and then the guy in the back seat does the same thing too! There may be a few of them that have their shit wired, but most look like strutting TSA rejects. Wahoo!

    • Exactly what I was thinking. They like to play dress-up and stand around… looks like that’s all they’re good for, which is great.

  13. “Taken all around, their propaganda films are good news for freefor.”

    Say it again and again. Get it through your heads. Believe it!

    “They” are FAR less than “they” imagine themselves to be. That is the greatest error any combatant can commit.

    I am happy to report that, in my unofficial and unscientific analysis of comments on Liberty blogs, the balance is tipping towards an awareness of our advantages. The acceptance and tolerance of the chicken little’s gloom and inevitability is diminishing. Thank God.

    If you think your sunk, you are.

    If you think you can win, you have a chance. We must take any chance we have. We must make our chances count.

    Every little thing…..

    • Prairie Fire

      T’anks oughtsix for that. The other folks continue to show themselves for what they are. As they show themselves to the world as being at the point of the federal spear, most of them are pretty close to laughable as they try to get by simple stairs, or as they try to get a buttpack into a truck, that truck being their path to glory

      Some of them fat fockers may come to realize that they signed on to ride for the wrong brand. Some will find and correct their mistake in good time, others will realize their mistake too late.

      Time will tell.

      • And these guys are wearing SRT! Imagine how fat and slow the regular joes are going to be! Maybe these vids were very clever disinformation to get our guard down… but somehow I highly doubt it. I really think they think these guys are the shiznit…. which again, is great!

  14. LargeSlowTargets. Post flash grenade – if it comes to that – and with a little bit of skill & luck, I believe 5 .308 fired (upward, from prone position) at head level in a dark, crowded hallway and 5 more belt and below might well drop several of these misguided Enforcers.