Hofmann: Is It Worth More Deaths Than The WW2 Total, Empress?

Gun ban advocates must decide if they’re willing–and able–to kill 50,000,000 or more in pursuit of their Utopia.

And only damned fools are planning to go head-to-head against the .gov kids with guns.

Smart, tough Americans — and there is a damned big pile of those folks — understand that the po-po and the soldier boys have bosses in the civilian chain of command — be it at the local, county, state, or Federal levels.

There will not be a single safe government or media job in North America come the Fracas.

Not a one.

Bring it.

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8 responses to “Hofmann: Is It Worth More Deaths Than The WW2 Total, Empress?

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    Civilian Chain of Command? Gun banners beware.

  2. Never engage in a fight that you don’t KNOW you can win. That is Guerilla warfare. Choose the fight. Choose the battlespace.

  3. There are lists, and then there are LISTS.

  4. Jimmy the Saint

    Bill Ayres advocated killing 25 million people 40 years ago (and no major players on the Left have ever tried to distance themselves from that). 50 million today would seem about right to them – maybe even too few.

    • Only problem they have is… they can’t effin’ do all that.

      They are few. we are millions… 50, at least.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        Their immediate numbers don’t really matter that much, if they are careful. The victims of the Nazi, Soviet, Khmer Rouge, Maoist, Castroist, etc. regimes all outnumbered their executioners by a significant amount, but weren’t organized, and didn’t match their enemies’ level of dedication (and granted, in some cases, were either forcibly or voluntarily disarmed).

        If a government is organized enough, is willing to commit the resources, and can find willing assistance in a population (easily done – ideological allies, sociopaths, and bribes with offers of loot/plunder), mass murder on an industrial scale is pretty easy. They often lose in the end, yes, but that’s cold comfort to their victims.

        Can it be done here? Sure. Will it? That’s much more debatable. I think it’s unlikely with the country as it is now – the Statists’ would be victims wouldn’t go easily. Give it a few more years – and throw in a deep economic crisis where people get really desperate…maybe the balance swings.

  5. RobRoySimmons

    May I make one small suggestion label them “anti-self defense” not just anti gun. Even obama says guns are okay when he lies to the masses he just wants those guns he says we “play” with taken away. As a Freefor rep of one I want a modern self defense rifle and pistol for self defense of self, loved ones and community. The anti-self defense people in an act of malice want to deny that to me and every other American, they are evil

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