Lee Greenwood, Explained

Alvie expansively answers this reader comment.

With a heavy heart.

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  1. I have pondered whether anyone has recently inquired of Mr. Greenwood’s current opinion on the matter? As to the rest of it…I can no longer listen to the song. At all. And so, even without the line by line explanation, I completely understood Alvie’s position.

  2. Thanks. I did not know if it was something about Lee Greenwood himself. Yes, the song is very sad.

  3. Indeed. I’m thinking of re-hanging my front porch stars and stripes…as OpSec protective camouflage.

    • I quit flying the flag of FUSA the day after the unconstitutional soetoro-obama was elected in ’08. Will never fly it again. It is history to me.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      If you’re going for camouflage, be sure to: (1) add a rainbow flag with it; or (2) use the “version” of the US flag with the peace symbol in the star field.

  4. I’m through the mourning thing, I’m going to get my rights back.

  5. They’ve taken our flag. I plan to get it back, immediately following when I ASSERT my rights.
    It’s a symbol folks. All of you busting at the seams for your III patches, or calling out for wearing certain hats so “we’ll know each other” or to sway the damned public opinion of couch potatoes that can’t be bothered. It stands for all the people who gave for it. From poor fuckers freezing and starving in Valley Forge through millions of others who gave of their lives just so you could sit on your ass, well fed and sheltered and bitch about how some shitbird, soft hand do nothings simply take your money to suppress your rights. Hell, as I type they are standing on top of all we hold true and dear. A cold sore, just a little something to remind that you haven’t stood up yet and done anything. Reminding me that I haven’t stood up yet and done anything.

    Is that what all this is about? It’s shame, isn’t it? Yes, I am ashamed too, ashamed at my inaction. It’s almost to the point where it’s cowardly, isn’t it? It’s starting to burn me, eat at me. I can tell you all that I’m waiting for a sign, and God I hope Your sign to rise is soon, but I haven’t seen it yet.

    But why poke fun, or speak ill of the ideal of the founders that many of you profess admiration of? Why attack the very symbol of it, drag it through the dirt? Are you so hollow now that you have no ideal to stand for? Do you need to go join Fred, in Mexico, sour and disillusioned? Write alternate lyrics to The Stars and Stripes Forever so it can be parodied in drum circles at the next OWS protest? It’s easier to say “That flag doesn’t matter” and then denigrate it to salve your wounded pride.

    How about you take that torn up flag pictured above to Arlington and show it to the men on duty. Or your local American Legion post, or Sturgis. Or any tractor pull in Red Dick, Flyover Country. They might be able to help you clarify your thinking and search your soul. Be prepared to discuss your point of view. America isn’t dead. America hasn’t even woken up, let alone started to fight. Stirred at 9-11, but got drugged back to sleep with all that “Islam means Peace” shit. Lulled with the droning of political correctness. Nothing lasts forever and that slumber won’t, either. Interest due will be collected then.

    That flag will be mine again and I’ll do it alone if for nothing else all the old, liver spotted men who shook my hand the times I came home in uniform. A long time ago, they paid. Then I paid and I’ll be damned and go to hell if it just gets taken while I do nothing.

    There will be another Battle of Athens and it won’t be my kids fighting it while I sit in adult diapers watching Miami Vice reruns. That flag belongs to America and I will see it restored.

    I’m so goddamn mad I can’t even rant sensibly, but I’m posting this anyway.

    • Semper Fi, 0321

      You missed one big point. Those folks at the VFW and the tractor pulls…. they’re the ones I’m raving mad about.
      I’ve been to the VFW, and been called a fukn communist and anarchist for reminding those drunks of their duty to the Constitution, it contradicts what they just learned on Faux News today.
      All those flag waving fools at the tractor pulls and country music concerts, the majority of whom will tell you how patriotic they are, and never spent 2 seconds in uniform, those folks?
      Sorry, I’m way past putting any hope in those simple minded fucks. All sitting around, waiting for another Lee Greenwood or Toby Keith to idolize.

      • “All those flag waving fools at the tractor pulls…”

        Hey now, wait a second. Next, you’ll be dissing bowling. Taxes and gun-grabbing may not start a war, but knocking tractor pulls?

        Obviously you’ve never seen a combine demo derby…nothing quite like it, and as American as it comes. The Spaniards might burn their woodworking statues, but who else would demolish machines…for fun?? It takes a very productive society to do that.

    • I thought that was a pretty sensible rant, LFM. Especially this—“It’s a symbol, folks.” That’s right, and the important question is exactly what it’s a symbol OF. There’s the rub, of course—for some it’s a symbol of individual liberty and all the stuff laid out in the DofI; for others it’s a symbol of how they can get what they want for themselves, from you.

      It can be a symbol of something great, or something rotten. Sad as it may be, it’s not just a symbol of what you or I wish it were. It can be that for ourselves, but not others. That’s how symbols work. That’s why for myself, I think the important thing is that to which a symbol refers, and never just the symbol itself.

      If we’re on the same page with regard to what a symbol refers to, what’s the difference about our opinions of the symbol itself? At best it’s a distraction; at worst it can create divisions where none actually exist.

    • This country involved itself in 19 unconstitutional conflicts in the last 100 years. We were not fighting for freedom. We fought for imperialism. While our borders were and still are sieves we were and are still defending other country’s borders. In the meantime we have allowed ours to be meaningless.
      If you believe the US flag stands for something honorable I would respectfully disagree.
      To me the USA flags stands for a dream that has been tarnished by scoundrels that you and I both supported. We were duped. I will no longer fly that flag. And the only flag I want draped on my coffin is Betsy Ross.

  6. Arabs and Muslims are the only Ethnic Groups we are allowed to hate. Our Masters do admire our virtues, just as a man admires his dog. If People thinks Islam is the main Enemy, they are still wandering in the Darkness. Remember, every War you or your Fathers fought strengthened the real Enemy. There were massive anti-war demonstrations before both World Wars. All erased from history since they don’t fit the Leftist Agenda. Those demonstrations were led by ordinary Americans and not Leftists. They, like Lindbergh, were condemned as “isolationists” – a nonsense word. But since “our” newpapers said so, most believed it.

  7. What the Flag Stands For:

    1. 40 million legally murdered babies
    2. The destruction of a confederacy of independent states and their forcible incorporation into a unitary superstate
    3. The loss of the right to free association on private property
    4. Taxation
    5. Global military adventuring
    6. Federally-enforced atheism
    7. …feminism
    8…. “equality of opportunity”
    9. Some government employee stocking his hands down my kid’s pants FOR OUR FREEDOM
    10. The Whiskey Rebellion, the Bonus Army, Ruby Ridge, Waco…

    Pardon me if I don’t shed a tear.

    This used to be a great country. As late as the early 1960s, it was still worth dying for. I’d pledge allegiance to the 48-star flag any day. But pledge my allegiance to the power that promotes and protects abortion, gay marriage, atheism, gun control, and the endless undeclared wars in Somewhereistan? what we have now? You’ve got to be kidding.