Son, Will You Fire On American Citizens?

Herschel asks the essential question.

The Bad People will demand it.

God will condemn it.

And true Americans of the old school will resist it.

To their dying breath.

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  1. Given not a single “star or bar” has resigned in protest of the anti-constitutional legislation being proposed and/or advanced in Congress, I think it’s safe to assume the US Military will side with Red-team/OPFOR.


    And all you former military k ow that this means FREEFOR won’t cut you slack till you prove yourselves.

    • I can’t speak for any other vets or currently serving military (as you presume to do for the rest of the mythical “FREEFOR”) but speaking for myself, and only myself, you can go fuck yourself.

      I don’t have to prove a goddamn thing to anybody.

      • The Trainer

        Amen, plus 1!!

      • Like Wise Chuck. Who do these goofs (like Ivan) think they are to demand proof of any Veteran. Proof is in the doing. We done did it. Some of us more than one war. When did they stand up to do anything other than take a piss.

        • We know you’ve fought for red team. Given how complacent the current and former-milimilitary are to the uncon orders they have been flowing it is only prudent to vett a former member of red team.

          I really doubt former Marines would fire on their current serving Marine brothers.

  2. False assumption, Ivan. Most of the doggies may stand by the Regime…for awhile…but not the Marines (cf. Inaugural parade) and, when flyover states secede, NatGuard units with heavy weapons and air components will go with them. Military always fragments before and during civil wars, and the fissures are evident already. Same with LEO’s.

    • I pray you are correct, SP, but we need some Gen. Dozers to speak out Against the Marxists running our nation.

  3. Jimmy the Saint

    “And true Americans of the old school will resist it.”

    Must be a very old school indeed. From Kent State back to Shays Rebellion and the Whiskey Rebellion, it’s been done.

  4. ghostsniper

    If they draw a gov’t paycheck they will shoot you right between the eyes.
    Why take the chance, are you that desperate for friends?

    Trust only those you have history with.

    • Damn straight. Many former draw a regime pension also. We all know they’ll dance with the one who brung them.

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    Even though I have never had the pleasure to serve, I would put my faith in the USMC. How say you?

    • Semper Fi, 0321

      I served 40 yrs ago, just met a new guy from my old (our) unit, 2nd Recon, he says they’ll fight with us! I get the feeling they all hate this regime too.

  6. Charlie Bucket

    Ivan is right. Despite all the “cold dead hands” talk, the members of the military continue to live off the public trough, obeying uncon orders and readying for domestic police actions. It pays to be on the side of the govt, and they know it.

  7. Those who follow orders above all else, will follow orders without a thought. Those who don’t, won’t. The problem these days is that even when they do think about it, they still often make the wrong decision. That’s why the schools are everything.

  8. No doubt one of the things that keeps regime planners awake at night is the number of recently returned combat veterans in this country who just happen to be gun owners (and due to familiarity and training tend to choose evil black rifles) and uncertainty about just how many of them are members of or sympathetic to the liberty movement. The training and experience they would bring to a home-grown insurgency is a combat multiplier of inestimable value. So when “Ivan” and others conveniently pop up in the comments attempting to cast veterans and currently serving patriots in a suspicious light I have to wonder, just why does “ivan” have such a hard-on for veterans? When he was getting ready to drop out of high-school did he get stuffed in a locker by the JROTC kids? Did some soldier or Marine steal his girlfriend? Or was he just rejected by the recruiter due to morbid obesity or mental deficiency and/or moral turpitude? Or…here’s another thought…maybe he is here to deliberately sow dissension and discord.

    • Semper Fi, 0321

      Does ‘Aesop” bring up any memories?

      • Saw him post on another blog this past week.

      • Yes, but at least he was a very able writer and debater, however obfuscating, evading and intentionally irritating. This “ivan” unit is none of those things except irritating, arrogant and intentionally offensive. And I got hauled on the carpet by more than one person for thrashing him?

    • ghostsniper

      What exactly is it about current active duty military personnel that makes you so loyal when recent history proves you are wrong?

      And before you run your yap, active duty: 26OCT74-26NOV77, 75th Ranger Bn, Bad Tolz, Germany.”We make the body count”

      When they jam their gun barrel in your eye remember what you typed above.

      There are multiple generations of people living in this country right now that have been robbed by the public school system of the ability to think. They are incapable of knowing how ignorant they are.

      • Semper Fi, 0321

        wrong post, maybe?

      • GS, I don’t think anyone except the most naive among us expect the military not to follow orders, but as Stukapilot correctly points out above (hey, even a broken clock is right twice a day) in any civil war, the military fragments. Yes, many WILL fire on their fellow citizens, but just like 1861, many will resign or desert and go over to the other side and entire units will either stand down, or defect. Some will just go AWOL and sit the whole thing out. It’s just not an either/or proposition.

    • “, just why does “ivan” have such a hard-on for veterans? ”

      Oh please. Daily we see reports of the US Military planning their ops against FREEFOR-US skies being turned into Drone heaven, working with local LEOs (pose comitatus anyone?), movement of US military equipment to DHS forces, etc.

      So yeah, if you worked for red feam , the enemy, excuse us in the FREEFOR movement who want to vett you guys

      What are you afraid of?

      • YOU are going to vett ME? Please. When I run down the list of guys I would plan to operate with in the event things go south, the one thing they all have in common is that we’ve ALREADY served and deployed together. So why should I give a shit whether you and your “FREEFOR” trust me? The question is why should I trust YOU.

      • Ivan, may I ask a question?

        How old are you?

        • ivan (who is actually 17 years old)

          Who are you to ask me any personel questions?
          When I see you post your SSI # , DOB, full name and address we’ll talk.

          Got it, Allen?

      • The Trainer

        Consider that many thousands of veterans took their Oaths seriously and are just as aghast (and just as prepared or even more so) as some of the more vocal critics on this string at the current crop of GI’s (all branches) that seem to have more than just a smattering of ‘I’ll obey whatever orders I get’ types in their ranks. We* (*the men I personally know that I’m speaking for) were taught the difference between a lawful and unlawful order as well as the responsibility we* held then and still hold today not to obey an unlawful order (anything that violates the Constitution, for example), no matter the consequence, because we* are all held to a Higher accountability in the long term.

        Know that those same veterans (and from various indications we’ve* been given, a goodly amount of AD folks) will do whatever they can to restore the constitution, no matter what form that takes, no matter the sacrifice entailed. Believe it or don’t believe it; your call, it really won’t change our* position.

        It would be a mistake, though, to lump all of us* who are veterans, and served our* country in good faith (regardless of how we* may or may not have been taken in by false truths and sold a bill of goods) together as untrustworthy in a fight for the country’s survival. We* need no more vetting than many of the self-proclaimed ‘spokesmen’ of “FREEFOR.” But if needs be, we* can do that, as it’s mostly ‘old hat’ for us*….so long as those calling for such vetting can submit to the same as called for…..after all, ‘what are they afraid of’?

        • ivan (who is actually 17 years old)

          When the time comes, you can very me all you want.

          What should scare all of us is the number of people on this blog who are opposed to be vetted at that time.

          I wonder why they are afraid?

  9. @ Ivan and any others of like mind;

    For those of us who have served in uniform (myself 22 years a paratrooper MOS 11B/19D) it’s good to know where we stand with our “fellow Patriots”. Do you really believe that we want to join up with a bunch of key board commandos who haven’t been trained at anything since your mommy taught you to shit in a cup. You Ivan and those who post babble like yours are WANKERS OF THE FIRST ORDER!

    Can anyone say TROLL!

    As for those of you who respect the Marines but show suspicion of the “doggies” I respect your right to your opinions while respectfully disagreeing with your lack of belief in the Army folk here.

    I served in and with every type of ground combat unit the army has to offer and learned a valuable lesson from that. That is, that the army is made up of a cross section of America. So it has all types in it. I know that all the services have the same make up. Because I served in joint operations all over the globe. Due to that I have learned to respect members of all branches including the Coast Guard and National Guard. They are made up of good Americans who serve with honor.

    Yes, since the services are made up of Americans of all walks there are some that aren’t trustworthy. For that reason I understand the idea that people want to vet those that may want to join up with them. I do myself but, that goes for everyone not just one particular category such as vets or for that matter non-vets. But, being vetted or being “asked” to demonstrate you are what you represent yourself to be is different than having the demand placed on you to “prove” yourself. This isn’t a gang initiation. Or is it?

    Anyone who deliberately bates or attacks someone here is not serving the common good. Your are sewing discord in the ranks.

    Long Life, overhill

    • ivan (who is actually 17 years old)

      The proof is in the pudding. Action speaks louder than words.

      We are asked to believe that the men who served team “evil” WITHOUT QUESTION, will somehow magically be trustable as-ssoon as they take off their uniform?

      None of you can answer the salient question: why is the US Military rolling over like a bitch in heat for the communist in DC?

      The US military is betraying our nation. YES OR NO.

      If the answer is “Y” then why should
      I trust them?

      • Ivan;
        I’ll indulge you one more time. See my paragraph above that starts “I served in and with”.

        I’m not saying you should trust everyone in uniform now or that has been in uniform in the past. As with anyone you meet use good judgement and discernment. Always be careful and keep your guard up. Just don’t wrongfully judge someone simply because they either served or are now serving.

        I know many young men go into the armed forces naive and within a few years have gotten their eyes wide open. Their experience in the War on Terror will be of much use to so called FREEFOR. For everyone’s sake open your mind.

        Long Life, overhill

      • Semper Fi, 0321

        Are you still here?

      • So, how old are you?

        • Hey Mullenax….fact of the matter is you, once again, are the one acting as an adolescent. Just once, please offer commentary that has substance, so that others can engage you with substance. Your asking of Mr. Ivan his age is just your effort at ridicule. No matter what “age” Mr. Ivan would give you you would make mockery of him.

          • I assure you I have a specific reason for asking. And it’s not to ridicule. If you find my actions immature by your standards, well, they’re your standards and you can apply them as you see fit. I still want an answer as to his age.

      • Ha…I’ve been waiting for you to make a real blunder. You’re judging the man on the basis of the team…huge mistake, though admittedly a common one these days, all around.

        The team should be judged on the bases of the men.

        Trainer, I hear what you’re saying and I hear it often, especially about the Special Forces. I can’t deny a drop of it, but you know I remain skeptical…not of the men of whom you speak, but of their population and influence through the zillion acronymed agencies. Besides the percentage factor, there’s the very real challenge that being the biggest threat to the ne’er-do-wells, plenty of attention has been given to that “problem” by the tyrants. I’m inclined to believe that if they can be successful at anything, it’s that.

        I don’t enjoy being wrong, but I’d love to be wrong about this. As far as this country remaining as a country, I’ve no doubt it will come down to this one particular issue. Of course it’s also worth a backup plan, in case this country doesn’t last as a country.

        I just wanna get back to family and work and peace. I always said I’d work till I drop; I never expected that I’d have to take time out for a g-d- war. OTOH I pride myself on my flexibility.

  10. No. Obama is doing – so far – a good job of pre-Civil War Franco Prevention: Patraeus purged, McCrystal bought off, others fired, and etc. Lower down, not so good; evidently Ivan did not notice that, evidently fearful of unfriendly fire, Obama had the rifles of that Marine unit in the inaugural parade rendered – for the first time – inoperable. Again, all military’s fragment during Civil Wars, and so will ours. This, plus the fatal concentration of the collectivists in the urban death-zones, makes the victory of “FREEFOR” all but inevitable, though the struggle will likely be long and hard. As to what the post-war Regime will look like, I am not yet prepared to disclose. Just call it “conservative authoritarian”. And throughout, it will be vital to keep Ann Elizabeth from getting her hands on a nuclear weapon. ,

  11. neros lyre

    First,a little history.Father was a 2 tour Korean”conflict”vet.BAR humper.I was raised military Army brat,moved all over the world ,yada yada.When the ‘Nam started up,he quit.He knew we werent gonna be in it to win it.He often said that although Korea was the first U.N.war,at least we stopped em.Look whats up with Korea today.He Knew we should have finished what we started same as MacA thought.In 1973 I was a senior in highschool,went down and registered,sworn in,status 1H,still in school.A few months later,draft stopped,by 1975 we were out.I had a lot of friends who came back all Fed up and a few who came back zipped.Now we have diplomatic relations with Vietnam.Nice.To my point in writing this…there has been no draft for 40 years.Any here freely volunteered for service.For whatever reason you joined it was on your own volition and I greatly appreciate your desire to help preserve our republic if that is what you joined for.Also,your experience in your time is invaluable to all in freefor and those who will be coming later.But,what have we accomplished anywhere in the world militarily in the last 40+YEARS that has had a lasting effect?Iraq is still a deadly shithole,Ashkanistan is a joke and we knew what we were in for going in there.These are not wars,they are political money making schemes we were duped into.You were duped.We have troops all over the world now,in countries we have no real interest or business in being there.Kids that were 6-7-8 years old at 9/11are now being Fed up over there.Any who are here with an IQ over 60 can figure this out so I realize I am preaching to the choir,but this choir I see is in dissonance.We all know what is coming so please quit with the “I served” WTF who are you chest thumping and flaming each other for opinions that are not the exact same as your view.That was then,this is NOW.Get on with the knowledge,and off the personal.Ignore the assmonkeys.Step over the bodies and press on,we need you all,whoever is willing.I will be waiting for a bare-chested medal pinned PI graduate to scream down my throat about this post.Prove my point.

    • Semper Fi, 0321

      Very good on almost every point. The wars have been waged by big business, using the gullible youth to do their dirty work, and with no end in sight either. Preaching patriotism 24/7 on Faux News by assholes who never served either. With the exception of Ollie.(I served with Capt. Oliver North while you were a draft registering senior, that must have been scary!)
      Except you had to explain how patriotic you wanted to be. I don’t care if folks went in or not, that’s their own business, but until you have to try to humiliate me, or brag how patriotic you think you are. For whatever reasons we vets went in, every one of us put our ass on the line for our country.
      That does not apply to you. What have you done in service to your country since 1973? You remind me of Sean Hannity, running his big mouth to cover up for his lack of service, and still pushing for more war. Must work for one of those big corporations like Haliburton, ya think?
      So now you’re 56 yrs old, bashing stupid veterans for serving and wishing you’d been one too. Sad.

      • Kinda funny doncha think.

        I’ve been on this blog for years now as have you and many others. Never has there ever been any shit directed at those of us in possession of a DD Form 214.

        Why now? Where did it start and by whom?

        I know. Do you?

        There’s a rat in our midst and he needs to be run off.

        • That’s a heavy charge, Alan, though I’m not sure what–let alone who–you have in mind. Did you see MTP’s major comments in the “Looking Ahead” thread? No rat there, and I’d pretty much bet my life on it. Hell, the way things are going, I very well might!

          He makes some heavy charges against “Oathtakers,” and they’re not off the wall at all. Personally I see the craziness everywhere, so choosing to wear a uniform or not, doesn’t really change much for me. Still, an oath is an oath and let’s not forget that at least right now, any “enemy combatants” you’re likely to face, will probably be wearing a uniform themselves.

          That’s the truth of the matter as it is now, regardless of whatever scenarios we choose to imagine post-SHTF. Again, speaking for myself, I find that very problematic. But since I see only individuals out there, I judge the man on his intents and his actions, not which collectivists he happened to align himself with, in days gone by.

  12. neros lyre

    Semper,apparently you need to work on your math,reading and comprehension skills.I never said I didnt serve,just missed the draft.I never said anyone was stupid.”We were duped”,as in all of us.I am not an uber patriot flag waver,where did I say that in any way?Patriotism works both ways and as we can all see the PTB are not reciprocating.I respect all who served more than most I assure you,for their knowlege and commitment.At the same time I did not ask anyone to “put their ass on the line” for me.In fact,I wish most didnt considering the outcome.”Killa commie for Mommie”?They are here now,among us,in power.The middle east?a joke.Nothing I wrote was in anyway meant to denigrate servicemembers.I have close relatives who are serving now and who have been in the sandbox recently.They know the deal.I see those in now and the vets getting screwed every day and there are no words to describe it.As for the ‘skeered’ comment and Ollie I had almost 12 years in and wasnt going to dropout for some BS war we were leaving years before that.Ollie?You mean the one that was caught crapping on the Constitution and wiping his butt with the flag?The same one who was running illegal arms?Iran/Contra?Drugs?The arms were from a collusion deal with a private company?That paid 100s of thousands of dollars?The same guy who was caught with 15k cash in his bedroom closet?The same one who was charged and convicted of perjury in Congressional hearings?The one who is now on T.V.?The one who was just”following orders”?Gee,I sure wish I could use him as a name drop,I shouda dropped out and played the game too.Maybe I would be a commenter on Faux news.Or CNN.Now thats really whats sad.As for Hannity,screw him.And the only thing I wish for,is my Fing country back.BTW,Im 58,get a calculator.Semper FI?but what master do you serve?Oh yeah,just following orders.Thanks for proving my point.

    • Semper Fi, 0321

      I’m 58, went in in July ’72.
      If you were a senior in ’73, you didn’t graduate til 74, that makes you 56 or a very slow 58 yr old.
      Are you on any drugs perhaps, this is too weird to comprehend, as far as your baiting dummies like me into a one sided argument that’s going nowhere.

  13. neros lyre

    I was18 in ’73,hence the registration,bday in March,graduated in June.25 yrs old in1980,add 33 to that,simple.Never called you a dummie,we need your experience and commitment.I apologize if I offended you or others in any way,that was not my intention.And I dont drink,or do drugs thanks anyways,caffeine and nicotine are my vices.