Looking Ahead

From this commenter:

…The lone wolf concept is not a war-winning mode of operation.

Will it be a force multiplier?

Yes, it will. It will make the OpFor lie awake at night fearing the things they cannot foresee.

It alone, however, will not win.

The up-in-coming will however be different than anything we have done in the past. It will be different than the last insurgency. It will not look like Yugoslavia or any of the countless conflicts in Africa and South America. It will be uniquely American. It will be bloody and high-tech. It will not conform to the model that insurgencies of the past have taken.

I am glad for the info that Mosby posts but I think the classic model he presents is wrong in terms of the ratios and primary force. The up-in-coming will be a suburban insurgency. It will be conducted by small teams of subversive elements in suburban and urban terrain. The auxiliary will be spread over the terrain but primarily it will be rural. The paramilitary force will be small and will exist to provide security for the rural “safe zones” and conduct attacks on LOC between the metro hubs. The subversive elements will be the primary force and conduct the most operations in their AO they will move to the rural areas to rest and recover in rural safe houses. Supplies will be cached in rural areas and moved into the suburban zones. The battle will be network centric. Attacks will be focused on critical spots and designed to inflict the most physiological impact with the least physical damage possible.

The force that can maintain the most situational awareness at the lowest level of action will have the upper hand. That’s where the tech comes into play. The tech needs to support the ability of diverse teams to converge on a target, self organize, share information and communications and then disperse once the fight is over.

If people just read all that and said to themselves “I think that’s bunk, I am just going to hide in the woods with my rifle and I will get by”, then you are not even on the same playing field as the OpFor. That information I just spoke of is exactly what is being presented in white papers and staff colleges all across the country.

Don’t believe me?

Google “Network Centric Warfare”.

Add in blitz attacks of opportunity on TEAMEVIL targets both previously identified and discovered during the course of play, based on Rommel’s standing order of “In the absence of orders, find something and kill it“.

Play to win.

Audentes fortuna iuvat.

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  1. That badge above was what my father wore.. That’s why I joined the Canadian Infantry and went Airborne..

  2. No need to fight in suburbia. The LOC and LOS once interdicted will spell the end of the Urban centers. It will take a few weeks before they starve

    • I agree with you. They’ll eat themselves, especially if electricty is cut which will severly hamper their water distribution. Let them boil in place until they are a manageable size and demeanor.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        Yeah, there’s a good plan. You do realize that, unless you’re planning some serious genocide, you’re going to have to live with most of those people at some point, right? Further, if you want to win, you’re going to have to rally a lot of those same people to your side. Generally speaking, starving them *isn’t* a good way to do it. At best, you simply set up a future counter-revolution; at worst, the masses decide that they’ve got a better chance with Leviathan than with freedom and you lose any chance at public support.

        • If there is a mass die off it”s because they threw down on real America, aka “flyover country.”

          Phuck them. They cities have been engaging in tyranny of the majority and I could care less about the fate of the communist in NYC or Miami.

        • Jesus Saves. I don’t.

          • Jimmy the Saint

            Then you’ll have no chance. Sounds like your goal is just mass death and a never-ending vendetta culture. If you want to have any sort of a nation, you’re going to have to offer people something to get behind, something that will make their lives better. If the only choice that the public is offered is Free Shit from Leviathan or Death from a rabidly genocidal “Liberty” movement, it isn’t going to be hard to figure out how pretty much everyone (including a lot who would otherwise support the Liberty side of things will go.

            • Jimmy, just how do you propose to save or even help the masses in the cities, or anywhere for that matter, when the mass goes critical?

              It’s not that we don’t wish it were otherwise, it’s just the recognition of reality. How would you propose to re-educate, re-integrate, retrain, make into productive members of a healthy society…. those groups mired in the current slide toward devolution? During a collapse of everything that makes for an homogenous, functioning complex culture? Given that the culture is and has been under purposeful attack for decades?

              I could continue but, if you can answer even one of those questions, I’d be amazed.

              Karma is an unforgiving, but supremely just, bitch. We will ALL pay the dues for our sins, whether of omission or commission, accrued while causing or allowing this calamity to occur.

              It will be all most of us can manage just to endure, let alone “save” the weak, stupid, selfish and culpable.

              If you’re concerned with the aftermath and rebuilding a new nation/society, we will just have to work with what’s left. My choice would be something along the lines our Founders had in mind… with more teeth and chains. (And, please, you uberlib-ertarian, anarcho, me alone doctrinairians… just give it a rest, for once. Please. This ain’t the thread.)

              • It’s always the thread; special pleading is a fallacy. Enough teeth and chains, yes, that no all the would-be official thieves are in prison. The bill of rights is confusion expressed in writing. “Thou shalt not steal” does not permit thieves (“voters”) to hire more thieves (“politicians”), to hire even more thieves (“policemen”) to do their stealing for them.

              • “…with more teeth and chains.”

                Oh, is that the problem IYO…not enough teeth and chains?

                “(And, please, you uberlib-ertarian, anarcho, me alone doctrinairians… just give it a rest, for once. Please. This ain’t the thread.)”

                Have anyone in mind? This is precisely the thread, because this is the thread where men are declaring themselves. So join the club and declare—do YOU say that /I/ have the right to live as I wish, or not? That’s a simple question, so give it a simple answer. And don’t distract—I’m no threat to you or anyone else; obviously attacks have to be defended against. I think that can be stipulated here, yes?

                Get this—I WANT you to live as you wish—good or bad, right or wrong. I can’t make another person be good OR bad, so I stay out of the matter, as long as he lets me be however I choose. So spit it out already…are YOU prepared to offer the same courtesy to others, or not? If you are, then we’re allies in this battle and maybe one day we’ll even be friends. But if you’re not, then at least have the civility and courage to stand up and say so. Is that asking too much?

                • Anonymous and Jim Klein:

                  Guys like you, no, you, never address the salient points raised… namely as to how “we” are supposed to “save” the clueless, stupid and culpable;
                  which was the ma and the qin thrust of my comment

                  • I have know idea how that happened, but that should have read as follows:

                    @ Anonymous and Jim Klein:

                    Guys like you, no, you, never address the salient points raised… namely as to how “we” are supposed to “save” the clueless, stupid and culpable; which was the main thrust of my comment and questions to Jimmy.

                    The discussion, between myself and Jimmy, was all about “moral superiority” unless I’m mistaken, which I’m sure you’ll find reason to believe that I am.

                    If I had left out any reference to my favored solution, all might have been well, but, noooooo, any intimation that it might require some sort of agreement among adults, that some folks might require protection and some folks might require restraint, and that some folks might be appointed to enforce the same, causes your knees to jerk right up under your chins, knocking you senseless to history and human nature. Reality has a way of exposing pat theories.

                    “Get this—I WANT you to live as you wish—good or bad, right or wrong. I can’t make another person be good OR bad, so I stay out of the matter, as long as he lets me be however I choose.”

                    So says Jim Klein, and, out of his own mouth condemns his whole failosophy.

                    If you “WANT” me to live as I wish to do- “good or bad, right or wrong”… what do you propose to do when I wish to act badly and I and my “collective” (gang) come in overwhelming numbers (four) to do you Ill? People act in groups, not as singularities, empirically the opposite to your utopian wishful thinking.

                    Even if I agreed with the good intentions (and I sorta do) of your analysis of “Reality” and “Facts”, they are simply impossible to implement (and how do you propose to implement them? By force, G-d forbid?), especially in a time of complete social, political and economic collapse. Do you seriously think that a significant number of people, confronted with an existential threat to their very civilization, will be concerned with the logical imperatives of your pet, and heretofore untried, theories? Do you think you’re reaching them through your ubiquitous presence on this blog?

                    If you cannot make me be good or bad, how do you propose to “stay out of the matter,” when, even if I am not predating you personally, I am robbing, raping and murdering your neighbors?

                    Even if you deny it, I already know the answer… it’s none of your business…. until they (most certainly not I, so please don’t even go there) come for you.

                    At that moment, you will wish for all your self actualized, individualist, epistemologically pure “friends” to defend you. I think you know, though you will not admit to it, how well that will work out for you.

                    Your simplistic reduction of all human interaction may resolve all human conflict some day. None of us will ever live to see that day. Meanwhile, some of us will need to act together to beat back the darkness once again and raise up a workable means to…

                    Life, Liberty and Property.

                    It’s not about, “Always, the Individual against the Collective…”

                    It’s about Individuals working together toward the common good.

                    Yeah, yeah… parse away, obfuscate, redefine the terms, assert from your own authority… go right down the list, just like the idealist utopians who have wrecked the joint are so adept at doing.

                    • Addendum, correction of omission:

                      “…are YOU prepared to offer the same courtesy to others, or not?”

                      Of course, but I don’t expect it to be returned very often, or at all, without the threat of force… mine or you know, like, er, some form of (gasp!) government in the long run.

                      “If you are, then we’re allies in this battle and maybe one day we’ll even be friends.”

                      I am your friend, Jim, as I am friend to all who hold Liberty dear, and since I would hope that your deeply held convictions would prevent you from being my enemy. However, your deeply held convictions are not deeply held (much less dimly understood) by very many of the folks we’ll all be coping with, now and hereafter.

                      “But if you’re not, then at least have the civility and courage to stand up and say so.”



                      Gotta do better than that, in the interest of civility, ‘n all

                      BTW, have you read “A Failure Of Civility,” yet? Or even Selco’s SHTF School? Might want to filter your idealism through Reality before you come in here lecturing the Freefor “collective” (or even me) on logically consistent (and historically inaccurate) epistemological philosophy and “civility.”

                    • how “we” are supposed to “save” the clueless, stupid and culpable

                      One, I don’t think many are all that savable. I expect them to get ‘my religious faith is broken’ end-times mental problems and waste away in depression when social security fails. Two, those humans are not your slave property, and thus you should keep your hands off of them instead of trying to rearrange their lives at gunpoint to “save” them.

                      it might require some sort of agreement among adults

                      Which adults? You don’t seem to care if I agree, you seem to want to own me as a slave.

                      what do you propose to do when I wish to act badly and I and my “collective” (gang) come in overwhelming numbers (four) to do you Ill?

                      I propose to blow you into hamburger with my remote-control machine gun pillbox when your invading force reveals itself as such by its behavior and crosses my no-man’s zone, which looks like a white picket fence around my house. I didn’t say I was a pacifist, I said I was a libertarian; my foreign policy position is ‘leave me alone, or else’. I think the engineering problem before me is to invent a militarily sufficient ‘or else’.

                      Gun control in the US has been enormously successful, it was sold as zoning and ‘keeping resale value up’. Consider how cheap it would be to fortify a suburban house: eight foot chainlink fence to keep a horde from running in on foot, and to clearly identify bad behavior; anyone climbing over the fence is bad. Front door with a quarter inch steel skin, windows made from an inch of lexan. Claymores all around the house pointed outward. If it were a free country and you were permitted to own these defensive weapons, it would cost less than 20% of the house’s total price, wouldn’t it? South American countries build houses as an outside wall surrounding a central plaza. The second world countries can afford this, it’s normal, but here in the good ole’ US of A gun control makes a house decently secured against one rowdy drunk, illegal.

                      Do you seriously think that a significant number of people, confronted with an existential threat to their very civilization, will be concerned with the logical imperatives of your pet, and heretofore untried, theories?

                      No. I think they first batch will be splattered into blood meal to fertilize the lawn, and perhaps many of the later batches will be deterred by the videos of the first batch I post on youtube, thereby lowering my ammo costs.

                      The solution to achieving liberty is to actually militarily win at self-defense. Why do you assume that the military response to every single one of a hundred million well-defended suburban houses is an air strike? What group of attackers collecting what shrinking to nonexistent taxes from what other group of victims could possibly afford all that attack?

                      I only think I understand your argument’s mental space if I pretend Government is magic, that it has no budget limitations because it creates wealth from nothing. Therefore your military analysis can assume government can air strike 300 million North American residents all on one day, then do it again the next day.

                      Logistics is a description of the limits of real military capabilities. The reason the Soviet Union didn’t turn into a genocide in the 1980s when it fell is that it was financially broke, and had no capability to do so. The USA governments at all levels are all broke. What it’s doing now is about the most it can do.

                    • The first few well-defended suburban houses are going to be overwhelmingly attacked and overrun by every sort of parasite. Who wants to risk their life by living in the bullseye of a target? Instead, set some up and operate them like mosquito zappers. There are a lot of abandoned houses in the US. Pick some, install the defense toys over a weekend, phone in a tip that it has drugs inside, then run the weapons remotely until it is destroyed. See how this solves the ROE moral problems? Thieves self-identify by attacking it. Where do you think all of that print-your-own weapon stuff is headed? It’s not to make one or two carefully prized magazines.

                    • I guess you missed this…”obviously attacks have to be defended against. I think that can be stipulated here, yes?”

                      If that doesn’t take care of everything you were trying to say, lemme know.

            • What you call “vendetta culture” is really just normal culture. It’s the way cultures always have been, except very recently, when one side (ours) decided that fighting was “dirty” and they didn’t want to “soil” their nobility with other people’s blood. But did that choice stop the aggression, the fighting? NO. It just made it one-sided, with their enemies getting all the licks in and us getting all the hurt. I call upon those who despise vendetta to wake up and rejoin the real world. You can choose your own actions, but not those of your enemies. Just because you won’t fight doesn’t mean he won’t. He’ll probably say, “Wow, here’s my chance to finish off that stupid sucker for good!” So choose rightly and join the never-ending struggle for life and for place in this world.

    • I was part of a study a few years ago, on the impact of an electrical outage in a major urban setting, no power, no water (it requires pumps) no fuel, ( same reason) and the big one… no ATM’s… we didn’t factor the Canadian winter in, but did the study as in early spring.. after 14 days, we concluded about a 20 casualty rate.. without crime.. based on my Canadian observation of 2 American cities.. Detroit and Buffalo, I expect the die off would be exponentially higher.. without electrical power, most cities are death traps..

  3. My concern lies with the .gov’s combat multiplier of drones. Army Guard battalions even have the Raven drone as MTOE equipment. Seems to me me FreeFor ops will, at a minimum, be challenged by this technology. Technology perfected in the unconstitutional conflicts we are embroiled in.

    Thoughts ? Ideas ? Experiences ?

    • Hey DanIII,
      Only thing I’ve seen that is something w/in my ability is from Max Velocity’s “Patriot Dawn”. His protagonist used the sliver emergency mylar thermal “blankets” sewn to wool blankets to help block the FLIR of the Drones etc ..

  4. This sounds somewhat similar to the mode of battle presented in Covington’s Northwest Quartet. I cannot give a full endorsement of those books as they are full of racial, anti-semite stuff that I don’t agree with. However, his discussion of the methods of 4th Gen warfare is enlightening.

    • Covington’s Northwest Quartet (now Quintet) is already coming to fruition. The more the darker races shoot blue eyed babies in their strollers, the more the “gangs” (which are really militias, how can you call an organization with 15,000 member like MS-13 or the Crips a “gang”?) slaver at the idea of burning Whitey down, the more Holder and the regime work to release thousands of criminals into the population, the more the Nation of Islam et. al. talk about a final solution for Whites, the more young Whites are attracted to the idea of a Homeland for Whites. If we HAVE to fight just to secure our freedoms, would it not be better to fight FOR something rather than simply fight to take down the current mess? Believe me, the ensuing chaos is what the regime wants, to bring about the Marxist revolution they have been dreaming about. Whites will lose their Country either way, either pay forever with guilt and repressive laws (if the current regime wins) or bring about a “change”. Someone has to shape that change.

      • Yes.
        Because they’ve always been given everything, education, food, shelter, cushy do nothing job appointments, the elite parasites incorrectly believe that they can maintain control after implementing their socialist “dream”.

        Nowhere has it worked this way. NO WHERE. Russia, South Africa, Rhodesia, the list goes on. Once they remove the productive people it all falls to shit.

        Well boys, I’m not going to be so god damned easy to remove. If we can use this chaos against them, all the better. Let their cities boil.

        I don’t plan on living amongst them. I don’t plan on them being living. I’m not here to save them and I’m long past tired of waiting for them to mature into responsible, self sufficient citizens. They cannot. They will not because they Can Not. There is no “tyranny of poverty”, it’s not a “lack of education”. They’re simply not able to incorporate into any decent form of civilization. All of them, the political elite, the university elite, the meth head trailer park living scum and the inner city cheese eating scum are all the same. And they will kill you to get what they believe they’re “entitled” to.
        So get it into your head now, this next one won’t be some new type of “democratization”. It’s going to be a war. Old school type. As in Mongols, Romans, siege of Acre. This give peace a chance shit is how we ended up in the mess we’re currently enjoying. I’m done with it. All chips in.

        • Jimmy the Saint

          So, at a very minimum then, the following groups need to be annihilated:

          Blacks – vote overwhelmingly for the FSA (95%+). Unless you plan on conducting a lot of in-depth individual interviews, to determine who the acceptable 5-odd% are, they’ve all gotta either be killed or deported.

          Hispanics – between 2/3 and 3/4 vote for the FSA. Again, unless you want to spend years conducting interviews, they’ve gotta go. Death or deportation.

          Women (all races) – over 50% vote for the FSA. The death/deportation squads are going to be putting in a LOT of overtime on this one.

          Jews – vote overwhelmingly for the FSA. They go too.

          Catholics – 50%+ vote FSA. The death/deportation squad guys are going to be dying of exhaustion.

          White males – About 30% vote FSA. Gonna have to screen carefully, then remove.

          Asians – Mostly vote FSA – fortunately, there aren’t that many here yet, so they should be easy to round up. Guess we just re-open Manzanar.

          Amerinds – Mostly vote FSA. Like Asians, there aren’t many, and most are already concentrated on reservations. Probably the best group to start with.

          Muslims – Mostly vote FSA. Like Asians and Amerinds, there aren’t that many (yet), so they should be easy targets.

          Mainline Protestants – Majority vote FSA. Better safe than sorry, I guess. Interview, then dispose of.

          So, at the end of the day, FreeFor marches under the Red Flag, chanting: “Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius.” Oh yeah, EVERYONE is going to be rallying to that cause.

          • While not advocating any particular course of action myself, but rather offering a point of information, I’d say that you are setting up a false choice. The idea of a homeland is not to “annihilate” entire groups, as you imply, but rather to establish an independent nation for those whites who wish to be a part of it. Agree or disagree with that idea as you wish, but no need to misrepresent it.

            Whether anything will come of this idea, I don’t know. But it should be increasingly clear that the United States as a whole is toast, at least for “conservative” oriented whites. It shouldn’t be surprising that more people are thinking in terms of a homeland or some other form of secession. But if secession means creating (or really, recreating) a politically correct multiracial cesspool, just at a smaller scale, what’s the point?

          • [group] — Mostly vote FSA

            All you need do is get serious about the 2nd amendment. If you point enough defensive weaponry at a thief, they will decide not to attempt to steal from you, and therefore you don’t have to attempt to read their minds for pre-crime in an interview. By refusing to get serious about defending yourself, you are the one acting as though multiculturalism works.

            Hint: lots of whites vote FSA. Attempts to organize civilization according to genetic background instead of libertarian-ness won’t work.

            • “Attempts to organize civilization according to genetic background instead of libertarian-ness won’t work.”

              This goes against all of human history, including the Founding of the United States. There has never been, nor will there ever be, a civilization based on “libertarian-ness.”

              Even if, by fluke, such a society were ever created, it would last all of about fifteen minutes. Why? Because it would have no basis upon which to stop the immigration of Third World “free” and “sovereign” individuals. “Free” and “sovereign” individuals who don’t even believe in libertarianism, and support wealth transfer to themselves. We’ve already seen a micro-example of this in Southern California, which used to be something of a hotbed of libertarianism. Now, it’s solid Democrat territory. Why? The Third World invasion washed over it, and demographically transformed it. Yet the libertarians STILL support open borders. This is how blind and hollow their worldview is.

              How seriously can one take a political philosophy that is completely incapable of sustaining itself?

              Capitalism demands cheap labor. Cheap labor demands socialism.

              • You are correct that libertarianism doesn’t recognize “national borders”. You are incorrect that libertarianism recognizes a right to steal from others, not even if the thieves call it “voting”. SoCal went further communist because the former majority natives weren’t libertarians, they were Republicans, who were busy imposing their civic religion on others at gunpoint. Live by the vote, die by the vote.

                • So let me get this straight: libertarians are fine with being swamped by Third Worlders who are anti-libertarian and instead favor socialist wealth transfer, but they magically expect the invaders to, well, not act on their beliefs, either by vote or any other means.

                  Greeeeaaaat Plan. Really workable. I take back what I said about libertarianism being a hollow and blind philosophy that cannot sustain itself. It’s friggin suicidal.

                  • libertarians are fine with being swamped by Third Worlders who are anti-libertarian and instead favor socialist wealth transfer

                    North America is already swamped by native-born Americans who are anti-libertarian and instead favor socialist wealth transfer. They call themselves “voters”. The American electoral impact of socialists from the third world is small and unimportant — the American welfare/warfare state only exists because the white native-born middle class spent a century voting to expand it every chance they got.

                    Believing the government exists to defend private property rights is putting the fox in charge of the henhouse. “Voters” are thieves, and need to be defended against the same as any other thief.

                    but they magically expect the invaders to, well, not act on their beliefs, either by vote or any other means

                    I didn’t say anything like that. Couldn’t you instead criticize the actual weak spots of the libertarian plan, rather than inventing imaginary ones?

          • Jimmy, I completely agree with what you’re saying. Maybe I’m just naive and misread LFM, but I didn’t get all that from him. Generalizations are valid, but only AS generalizations. I assume he knows that and agrees, but if he doesn’t, then that’s his problem.

            This shit has got to be settled. THERE ARE ONLY INDIVIDUALS OUT THERE. The battle IS, and has ALWAYS BEEN, individualism versus collectivism. That’s it; there’s nothing else. Either EACH person is free to live as he chooses, allowing each other person the same courtesy, or he’s not. If that ain’t America, then I don’t know what is.

            And whether it is or it isn’t, that’s the only thing that matters anyway. I own myself, and so does every other person. I REFUSE to live among people who don’t acknowledge that ownership, so if they don’t, then somebody’s got to go. Please, tell me if you think I’m wrong…is there really any more to it?


              There are groups. Groups playing hardball, groups pursuing their own interests, groups pursuing grievance against and seeking advantage over other groups. Groups that, as an individual only considering your narrow self-interest, have no chance against. That’s just the reality of the situation, and ignoring it doesn’t make it go away. Spouting Randian platitudes won’t make it go away.

              That’s why traditional America, from its Founding up until just a generation or so ago, viewed the United States in racial terms, and this was reflected in everything from immigration laws to anti-miscegenation laws. This does not mean that it was hostile to non-whites, but it does mean that it viewed itself as an unquestionably white nation, and had every intention of staying that way. It was also understood that liberty can only exist in a certain context, and part of that context was racial.

              Once that idea was abandoned, even by the so called Right, it only took a few decades to reach the point where we are at today. Time to face reality.

          • Samuel Adams

            So what is YOUR answer?

            How do you propose to “save” the people that don’t care to save themselves? They have had ample opportunity to do so but have CHOSEN the path of allowing someone else to make their decisions for them.

            Very simple questions.

            NO ONE here is advocating KILLING these people. Their CHOICES are going to do that for them. Their CHOICES will get them killed but their neighbors searching for food and taking what they might have.

            We feel for them. We pity them. However, we will NOT sacrifice ourselves and our families FOR them.

            Our CHOICES have consequences. Theirs might cost them their lives and the lives of their families. That is merely reality not out desire to massacre anyone or any group of people. We would love for them to all suddenly stand up and take responsibility for their lives but we also realize that won’t happen.

            Our CHOICE might cost us the same in the long run but it won’t be because we allowed someone else to make that choice for us. WE choose our own path. It’s called Freedom.

            • Thank you, Sam, for saying again, and better, that which I tried to express up above.

              Awful lot of straw men cropping up around here lately.

            • Sam, I basically agree with you, but I think the more basic question is quite simple: should we be in the same polity or country as these people? Is some sort of secession preferable, or not?

              That’s the fundamental problem. We’re simply incompatible with one another. They know this, which is why they support ever increasing numbers of Third World immigrants to grow their tribe, while crowing about the shrinking white population, particularly conservative whites. They are playing hardball, the “real” game, while too many on our side like to spout empty libertarian platitudes. Even at this late hour, the so called Right STILL doesn’t seem to get it, even though the truth is right in front of its nose. It’s almost as if the Right has some sort of collective Asperger’s.

              Future historians will no doubt have a field day with our loony era, and it’s clear that however nutty the Left may be, it certainly doesn’t have a monopoly on the condition. At least the Left has sense enough to grow its numbers, which is more than I can say about the so called Right these days. That’s got to count for some positive sane points, right there.

              In any event, I don’t begrude these people their own nation, but I guarantee the vast majority of them would begrudge us ours.

              So who really has the moral high ground here? Certainly not them. It’s not about what we are doing to them: we’re not harming them in any way. It’s about what they are doing to us. They are already harming us greatly, and plenty of them are just whetting their appetite. The onus should always be on them, where it belongs.

          • No, nobody needs to be annihilated. Maybe significant numbers, but not totally annihilated. It depends at what point they come around to accepting exactly how this country is supposed to operate and whether certain of us have the number, desire, and will to make it so.

        • It gives me no pleasure, but a sense of grim determination and acceptance approximating ‘peace’, to agree with you completely.

          I have given up all hope that any of the various classes, top to bottom, which have implemented, imposed or profited by the destruction of this nation will ever understand or admit to their guilt and error, much less reform their behavior.

          Burn, baby, burn. Full circle. Karma’s an unforgiving bitch.

  5. Old Bastard

    NCW is dependent on steady supply of electricity. Good luck.

  6. Well, I have an answer to a couple of nagging questions.

    Network Centric Warfare. Like I would know something about that. I’m bettin’ computers and such. And the knowledge to run ’em. Not me brother. That ain’t me, babe.

    However, I have a clearer view of a possible roll now. Protect the little computer nerd from harm and danger. Keep him alive and his equipment in tact at all costs. That I can do.

    Secondly, while I don’t agree entirely with G on the topic, it’s damn close enough. I’ll think more along those lines now. I feel a lot more comfortable with the how now.

    This is a nice joint to hang around in. You meet some interesting characters, get some valuable information, and more importantly, fine tune an outlook.

    Very cool.

  7. Yes, there will be a big, quick kill off/die off in the collectivist cities. But plenty of bad stuff will boil out into the suburbs anyway, and these areas will be hotly contended. Drones….cut the power to the production plants, no more drones. Unless there are male/female drones, in which case we are in trouble. “google NCW”. I don’t dare; “they” will know about it immediately.

    • I’m with you. The cities are cesspools of Marxism.

      They’d kill us off in a heartbeat if they could.

      Why some on FREEFOR xaee about their Marxist ass is beyond me.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        So, I take it you’re in charge of recruitment, then? Just remember, when you’re forming your “special action squads,” the eagle goes on the left sleeve, not the right breast.

        • Guys like Ivan can serve to keep the rest of us honest. It’s proof positive that the bad people aren’t just on the other side. Trust will be worth more than all the gold or ammo in the world when things go pear-shaped.

        • ivan (who is actually 17 years old)

          Nice misrepresentation of what I said, Jimmy. Blue team doesn’t have to wage any level of violence in the cities. All I’m saying is that Red team has constructed a base of support that is unsustainable when the power lines and bridges fall, the cattle gets slaughtered and the rail lines get blown.

          Only a fool would live in the cities.

          • Let’s everyone step away from the “you’re a dumb shit! – and you’re an asshole!” school of discussion.

            Compare and contrast:

            John says: “X is the way to go.”

            Mike can either say: “John is a dumb shit for suggesting X.”


            “X is a dumb shit idea for these reasons….”

            I for one learn nothing from people here calling each other names or engaging in personal strife.

            I learn much — and I suspect I am not the only one — from people arguing here about ideas and concepts.

            Even dumb shit ones.

  8. RobRoySimmons

    In 4GW conflict the moral component is the decisive factor.

    • The Trainer

      Exactly, RobRoy….exactly.

      • So, are we to try to save the cities and their occupants?

        I see no on here advocating that we actively go and kill them, only that they are toast by their own bad choices and the malfeasance and even design of the regime.

        Who, exactly, is morally inferior?

        I can have compassion for the deluded, ignorant and the duped., even for the instigators of this debacle but I cannot save them nor will I suffer a moments guilt tripping because of that.

        • ivan (who is actually 17 years old)

          ” I see no on here advocating that we actively go and kill them, only that they are toast by their own bad choices and the malfeasance and even design of the regime.”

          Careful, you might be accused of being a me member of the Einstazgruppen for that comment.


        • The Trainer

          It’s not about ‘moral inferiority’ so much as it is ensuring that moral precepts are upheld as much as possible. The ‘kill ’em all and let God sort ’em out’ will hinder and turn the tide against restoration.

          My .02

  9. I don’t have the “future vision” to have any idea of the way things will happen. I suspect any organized force could be isolated & wiped out easily. I’ve noticed lots & lots of LEOS are former military. The Marxists in gov are experts at misinforming the public & getting the public to believe it. Dealing with the Marxists that make laws and give orders should be a real priorty/

  10. Don’t misread the lone wolf as a guy hiding in the woods with a rifle. It would more likely be individuals still integrated into what’s left of society going out and sniping , taking out assets and infrastructure then continuing to act like they are living their normal life. IMHO

    • Sniping would be the least effective thing a “lone wolf” could do. Shoot one tyrant and there are plenty to take his place. You want to focus on the things that will actually slow them down or stop them in their tracks and other operational methods will be more suitable and offer a much bigger payoff for the risk. These aren’t British Regulars marching down a country lane. If you plan on going kinetic you need to pack a much bigger punch than one man with a rifle can do. Or you need to have very precise targeting to make sure the guy you ventilate is important enough for the risk of the operation and that takes intel support and that means some sort of organization that is bigger than one guy with a rifle. Not that sniping won’t have its place, but it’s only a small part of the picture. And if you mean individuals acting as part of a network, then you aren’t talking about lone wolves.

      • Sorry Chuck, but I disagree. They’re not Jason and the Dragon’s Teeth, or the heads of the Hydra. Someone’s melon getting split wide open right before your eyes tends to take a little of the old piss and vinegar out of a lot of folks, too.

        These martinets are a bunch of do nothings, a bunch of Non Useful Beings. Many have never experienced hardship beyond their fois de grau being a bit tepid. They’re weak, and when shown that weakness it’s like garlic to them. Ever see one of them in a real crisis? Panic. Raving idiocy. Complete in effectiveness.

        In real life, there aren’t wise children, seasoned, strong womyn or magical solution homosexuals and minorities to solve life’s problems in 43 short minutes. Their idea of the world and it’s operation can be seen in any recent movie or TV show.

        remember, they tell you what they’re going to do, first. They cannot help it.

  11. Hillard Foster Jr

    The lone wolves will join together very quickly.
    Right now, a lot of people are keeping their prepps quiet. When you have to defend your home, and your home has power when no one else does it will be very hard to hide.
    That is when leadership and strength is required. You will have to show others how to do the best they can in a bad situation. You will have to help those you can. That will include in forming defense forces for the areas you live in.
    There will be roaming groups looking to steal all they can, including food, power sources, guns and ammo, and anything else of value.
    Those same areas will have to support not only themselves, but supply the militia in it’s fight against those who would enslave the American People.
    Semper Fi, and watch your six.

  12. If you guys are for real you should be sending this stuff to each other privately after coding it with PGP encryption or as steganography. Just sayin’

    • Why hide? We’re all on a list anyways. At least this way it ties up some of their resources reading all our rants.

      And don’t worry, this is (to me) just feeling for a pulse. A little bit of the “goose cheering on the other geese by honking” shit I read in some “management” book.

      Rest assured, the real deal is discussed, face to face, quietly. Nothing else is to be trusted. NOTHING.

      • Damn LFM, you’re crankin’. I’d be only too happy to point out your errors, but I can’t find any. “Once they remove the productive people it all falls to shit.” Yep, that’s what happened and here we are.

  13. Mt Top Patriot

    AM on his recent piece on training:

    “I don’t know if my perception is skewed by what I read, but it seems to me that a lot of people in the Liberty movement believe that conducting light infantry style operations will be something that comes naturally.”
    That is a good thing by any standards, but, it is standards, based on a life and professional career in a culture steeped in military history and doctrine. And I must say, to AM and others, you all extend priceless insights and knowledge to us outside your military culture, things which as they rightfully contend must at the very least understood in order for Liberty to prevail.

    Important aspect is culture IS part and parcel of the crux of things here.

    To be frank, at moments I take umbrage from some of the comments, along the lines of a bunch of deer hunters being ineffective in the face of the iron fist of tyrannical powers. Or for example AM’s veiled reference to the Scot’s clannish culture being incapable of obtaining Liberty from rule of England. Ya, true for the Scot’s. Thier 2000 plus years of history, a rather tiny country, never lived in Liberty as in America. It is a clan nation state first and foremost. Millions of Scot’s-Irish came to America to escape the feudal tyranny of the land barons. It is these guys who forged the frontier lands, and where an essential man power of General Washington’s 3 percenters. And the Brits knew them already for the stoutness and individualism they possessed as a people…lot of guerrilla history right there.

    I think in many ways the points made from the .mil perspective are most valid in respect to formation of the resistance, and at least are a parable worthy of every serious consideration in our own situation here in this Republic.

    But many who advocate the training are guilty of omission, and please, take this statement in the heart felt intention it is given.
    There is a mitigating reality to consider in the case of deer hunters and the kind. We have lived in Liberty, it has existed in our culture, it is known commodity so to say. Not so for, in relative terms, almost every human who has walked God’s green earth through recorded history.

    You Sir’s, AM, Mr. Mosbey, et all, have been involved in a military that has fought, for good or bad reasons, across the globe, far from American shores, fought for peoples far less fortunate than us American’s who have tasted and lived in freedom. Who are blessed with a system of rule of law and sanction unalienable primal rights, Liberty codified by brilliant far sighted men and woman who understood the evil and violence within man’s heart. You all also have been proxies for the cabel of elites who advance their agenda through pax americana. Not to diminish in the least the honor and noble hearts who go into harms way. But you all, like us on the civilian side have been suckers in the worst way in the schemes and agenda’s of the ruling class.
    And this has fundamental bearing on the questions of “Let’s Win”.

    I Sir’s, me, regular Joe working stiff, well, I am a decedent of those wise learned people who are our Republics founders. I am a deer hunter also. I am also a man, like so many of my fellow American’s, born of tolerance, it is in my soul this tolerance, it is ingrained in my Liberty, that means I have to put up with a lot from the likes of tyrants, crooks, liars, and thieves, whom constitute the greater part of MY, government. Not because I wish to tolerate the trespasses upon my Liberty and happiness, far from it, but many of my fellow American’s, and in some fashion, myself included, created this monster, the tyranny we face. I have to be tolerant. It what separates us as from savages, barbarians. Which to be frank again, is how I view the political and ruling class. Savages, full of hubris and monumental stupidity, so stupid they can begin to appreciate how ignorant they are.

    But I’m digressing here.
    I wish to make a salient point here, and I’m going to use AM as a reference.
    AM, as you strive to express your perspective through your experiences in things military and politic, which I must say are in my humble viewpoint considerable and endlessly fascinating, you miss something that maybe you can learn from the likes of Deer Hunters and the like, maybe something outside the scope of your life and profession. And maybe I can pass on to you something of great value in return.
    I’m a free man.
    I’m terribly concerned with the power and tyranny our people of government have usurped. The transgressions, the destruction of something so precious.
    Am I afraid?
    Why yes.
    But not of tyranny and it’s enablers.
    I’m afraid of that once the line is crossed, where we turn from a Constitutional Republic, the greatest free nation in human history, into the greatest act of civil war imaginable. The hard bitter, bloody, dirty, ugly, things almost unimaginable right now, it is all a chilling possibility, the specter of it growing closer by the day, and every reason to be tolerant of the tyranny breathing down our necks.
    But, and it is a huge but, if it comes to pass, I think your military doctrine is not going to be up to the task of revolution and UW in America, by American’s. It is going to be asymmetrical warfare on a level and a style you, me, or very few can envision.
    My point in all this is simple and manifold. It embraces, and is inherent in something that is a part of many American’s. An indomitable spirit, ingenuity, industriousness, creativity, verve, an ingrained spirit of being free and happy. That once the Rubicon is crossed, a paradigm is born within many of Liberty, essentially something in our societal civility is going to come unglued, that civility of tolerance for usurpers and traitors is going to disapear like a fart in a class five hurricane. And once this thing is unleashed, it will be vengeance on the tormentors like the world has never witnessed. A comeuppance upon the ruling class of orders of magnitude. It is going to start ugly and wildly bloody, but being American’s, I believe that indomitable spirit, that ideal of civility, and Liberty, of happiness, of prosperity is going to create it’s own doctrine. And yes, I want to rub your face in it, those Deer hunters and kind that I find disparaging? They prevail in the long run. And truth be asked, if all that doctrine is worth something in the context of the times that come to us, why hasn’t that oath, which you and your brethren in the military have sworn on the bible and to God, and to us Deer Hunters and kind, to the rule of law and Liberty, the oath, which is what made your doctrine possible in the first instance, why are you all sitting on your fucking arses doing nothing while us American’s become cannon fodder for the same government that pays you?

    Why, WHY!, are you not using that doctrine and practice what you preach?

    Why if you are so smart and learned, haven’t you begun a guerrilla war?

    Us deer hunters ain’t stupid. We know whats coming down the pike. We get the shit sandwich from the ruling class shoved up our arses every waking moment.

    Doctrine my ass. You want to preach about Doctrine. Well buddy, put your money where your mouth is. While John Mosbey has his ass swinging in the breeze, out in the cold, millions of his fellow .mil brethren, active and retired, are absent. Big fat Zero. What the fuck did you all TAKE THAT OATH FOR? A free lunch, and all the fun toy’s of destruction you could play with? Well you know what guys? You get on us deer hunters about not training, you all got to get behind us. And pounding a keyboard don’t cut the mustard pal.

    Hey, this is one fucking huge country. there is a one big ass shitload bunch of arms and logistics in the hands of Deer hunters and kind. You think we are just a bunch of redneck mouth breathers?
    Got news, a lot of smart intelligent, crafty mother fuckers, well they have a quality all their own. And something to ponder on that. The ruling class, they are afraid of only one thing. It ain’t islamic terrorists, if anything those child molesters are useful tools and dupes. It ain’t the Russians or Chinese, or the Iranians. Ain’t killer comets or any natural disaster. They ain’t even afraid of the .mil. It is 3 million deer hunters they fear like nothing else. 3 million dear hunters are the existential threat to the elites. It is the only entity on earth with the capability to destroy 150 years of what is for lack of simple terms the 1 world Bankster/Fabian order.

    But you are still correct in many ways AM.
    This is my rant, and I’m sticking to it. And my guns too.
    And maybe, one day, if it drops in the pot, you could be great leader, and men like me would fight for something better than ourselves along side you.

    But you need to get off your arse too.
    If your serious.
    John Mosbey shouldn’t be out in the cold. Neither should us deer hunters and kind.

    And all you oath keepers too.
    It is time. and time is up.

    • That was a masterpiece beyond belief MTP, and that’s from one dumbshit American to another. Thank you.

      It’s no secret that I’m skeptical America can be saved, but the principles that made America can last forever, for they live in the minds of men such as yourself.

      What I know is that AMERICANS can be saved, and those principles right along with ’em. Everyone in these parts is always yapping about common ground and a foundational theme. Well there it is…call it individual freedom, the American Way, call it whatever anyone wants. What it IS are those principles that you describe…the “dumbshit,” deer-hunting, bowling, NASCAR values that a man lives his life to produce and enjoy. This country was founded precisely to PROTECT the liberty to enjoy that life–or whatever life any person picked and earned–and now it’s turned into its greatest menace…by far. The Islamo-nutcases could only dream of being such a huge threat to Americans, as our very own governments.

      Americans are doers, and the time is upon us. The goal is never to destroy anything, but rather to create and build and produce. Maybe the logo for the American Way should be the shovel. That might be perfect—you can use one to build or you can use one to bury, and there figures to be a bunch of both going on. Me, I’m lookin’ to build. Onward.

      • Mt Top Patriot

        It’s a free for all, a veritable melee, on us, as these ruling class scum play with our world like it was their little toy or something.

        I keep asking, where are all the oath takers?
        It is a stone cold dead serious question buddy, it needs to be answered, this is no shit.
        While we got these discussions of minutiae of the intricacies of asymmetric warfare on American soil, which not a soul has any idea of how reality is going to play out, we have what, 1 or two oath takers in a nation of 300 plus million people, John Mosby and maybe Max Velocity, who are out there actually doing tangible things involving UW tactics. nuts and bolts. While millions, maybe tens of millions of military personal do nothing. NOTHING. Can you hear me. NOTHING while this republic is flushed down the crapper by a skinny little homosexual illegal alien usurper and his cabal of 60’s pinko retreads? Funded by a megalomaniac ex Nazi Jewish orphan brainwashed by the SS, and a banking system that’s main purpose is asset stripping the worlds productive class of their prosperity.

        What is going on here.
        Where are these American’s who took that oath?
        What the fuck is going on here.

        You and me and millions of deer hunters and kind have no trouble seeing the shit storm like a run away freight train, and we ain’t oath takers, we don’t have years of training and doctrine and experience in the art of war, we have no problem speaking out, asking questions, planning and preparing for the worst, but hoping for the best, and on the sidelines, like ghost shadows, like wraiths that can only be seen in certain light, are millions of oath takers.
        Nary a word is heard.
        Are they no different then the millions of supplicants, sycophants and useful dupes who have sold out for a handful of lies?

        If you and I, with no training, can see whats coming, where are the oath takers?

        Is it really come down to a truth it really is going to be 3% of America that stands up for their dignity and Liberty?

        I’m disgusted.
        Words escape me for the growing sense betrayal and treason of the oath takers.
        If true, traitors who if their absence is any indication, amount to just that many more enemies to my Liberty.

        Where are you oath takers doing?

        Jim, where are these guys?

        I beginning to think they have a doctrine problem. A doctrine of brain washing problem. AM said he is afraid of jail time if he goes against the Uniform Code of Military Justice while in uniform. After Lt. Col. Larkin was kangaroo’d into shackles and a a 6×6 at Ft. Leavenworth for standing up and honoring his oath, could the entire .mil, the greatest bravest, most well equipped and trained force of arms in human history, actually be scared into subservience to a pickle smooching usurper from Kenya because Lt. Col Larkin was railroaded?

        We Are Screwed.

        Ya right.
        How about a set of balls and the will to put it in harms way for what really counts. Like our homeland and Liberty.
        I’ll take a Deer hunter over an oath taker any time.

        • It’s funny…my take on the situation is about identical with yours, but I don’t have the level of animosity toward the particular “oath-breakers” to whom you allude. Don’t get me wrong—the animosity is justified. If I swore to do something for you and then didn’t, you’d be rightfully upset…especially about something as important as your defense or the protection of liberty across our society.

          But to me, it just looks likes more of a cognitive breakdown, and pretty much the same one nearly everyone is sharing. People have supplanted their very souls, their very lives, with some of the most absurd notions and philosophies.

          That’s what gets me about the whole thing…everyone’s so busy trying to save everyone else, or sacrifice for some imagined concepts, that they’re flushing their own lives right down the crapper and the rest of us with them.

          But to get anywhere on that topic, I’d have to mention the self and the ego. And I don’t dare do that, at least not now, else I’ll have the gun-grabbers AND the deer hunters after me!

          • Mt Top Patriot

            Animosity, ya. There is that on my part.
            I have asked the question about what any of the oath takers are going to do in regards that oath. I believe as a law abiding American it is my responsibility, my duty maybe, and a sensible thing also to gain an understanding of where allegiances stand. I understand there are no cut and dry answers, or maybe even any answers at all. But one has to try.

            I see that taking of that oath as a direct uninterrupted connection to the health and future of this Republic. I also perceive it as an oath of fealty to not only the rule of law and ideals of rule of law government, but by dint of my being an American, it has profound fundamental connection to my Liberty.

            I believe it is the last peaceful, legal, redress in the form of the only remaining bulwark to tyranny inherently holding honored authority sanction by our governing documents, of institution of government with the threat of force of arms that has the ability to stop tyranny dead in it’s tracks without resort to force of those arms, simply because they exist and could be used.

            Now that takes American’s to implement, and Americans took an oath to defend from tyranny, an oath that has remained unchanged since it’s implementation. An oath that is brutally clear in it’s meaning. And dead nuts clear in what the oath takers are sworn to defend against.

            So, having said all that, how can literally millions of American’s take that oath, and but for a handful of known oath takers, be so mute, so uninvolved, virtually non existent, in the development, of the blatant willful, outright treason and tyranny incroaching into every facet of the entire sphere of our lives.

            Where are these oath takers?
            What is going on here?

            It is perplexing to me on orders of magnitude where are these American’s?

            American’s who willingly, without malice or coercion, with clear minds, without reservation I would like to believe, said those words in God’s name, to protect and defend from all enemies, both foreign and domestic, protect and uphold the Constitution of The United States of America.

            Millions Jim.

            The sound of crickets drown out the voices of oath takers.

            I’m not an oath taker. Yet I see it as my duty to honor the same oath, because I am an American. I have been very vocal, have asked around in numerous instances regarding this issue, and I receive the most lame vague responses imaginable, that sure seem like excuse making.

            And what perplexes me most, is oath takers will go to a foreign nation, with laws and culture foreign to our rule of law, and fight, suffer wounds, miseries, death, ordeals of the heart and mind, for political causes, who’s intent is many times shrouded in mystery, often foreign to the ideals of our founders, and our present way of life on the street level, do these incredibly hard things, in the face of war.
            Yet when it comes to just standing up and being heard for the most primal ideals of Liberty and freedom on their very own home soil, for mom and apple pie, for the very ground beneath their feet and homes, something they supposedly risked their very bodies and lives for on foreign soil, the word is mum.

            Nary a whisper.

            Are they so scared of something they are petrified to make a stand?
            What is it Jim?

            What do they have to loose that is so precious that by their inability to honor the oath they took they stand to loose everything?

            Do I as an American write off salvation of our great Republic in some form, any form, from the oath takers?

            Without the oath takers, frankly we are really really screwed.
            And it really does come down to deer hunters and the like if rule of law and Liberty is to survive.

            Who else is there?

            To be frank, animosity is the last thing to do with what I’m saying.
            I’m not even an oath taker, and I believe I have more balls and grit, the intestinal fortitude and courage, the belief in something far greater than me than the ones who have, and if I had taken that oath I would be no different a man than I am today, but, for the fact it was an oath and I’d not be a man worthy of the name if I didn’t honor that oath.
            And I’d be less a man if I did not stand up and ask my fellow American’s just what the hell is going on here.

            • MT Top Patriot,
              The oath takers are loyal to the military and primarily worried about feeding their families. To dissent is to desert and be unemployed.

              I always enjoy your comments.

              • Mt Top Patriot

                Thanks kindly, that it has come to this says everything rogerunited.
                I think with all my heart there is a core of steadfast American’s with the fortitude and gift of our founders civility and wisdom that assures we can overcome the tribulations that come to us.

                Regardless of the assaults on our Liberty, it is an inspiration this here Republic is the best place on God’s green Earth.

  14. Grenadier1

    More food for thought..
    Network Centric Warfare is not about computer networks.
    Its about networks in general. Its not about having or not having electricity although that helps things considerably.
    Its about identifying critical points in any “system”.
    Focusing your efforts on that point and when that point is removed or reduced you create a wave of effects.
    For example.
    Let us suppose that you have a very powerful local terrorist faction in Iraq.
    Identifing their membership is difficult however your intel efforts continue to see specific people in the community
    gathering about and conducting business. Further intel efforts identify these individuals and determine that they are primarily
    involved with financial transactions. Using specific targeted operations links the funds that these individuals have to the
    terrorists. So rather than try to root out individual cells of fighters you focus your assault on the finacier. Arrest him, kill him,
    raid his home and take his funds, it does not matter as long as you remove him from the picture.
    The cascading effect is that the whole netwrok breaks down. If they cannot secure funding from alternative sources they will
    fragment and desolve. At a minimum your identification efforts will become more capable as the main group fractures it will
    produce off-shoot groups that will attempt to be more visable to recruit.

    So a single focused operation has a long term ripple effect.
    Thats one aspect of NCW.
    There are other tactics and methods that allow groups “in the field” to operate more effectively and identify critical points more quickly.
    Big army is having a hard time acepting these aspects because it breaks down the top to bottom command structure that they
    have had drilled into their DNA. NCW on the battlefield allows two teams (they could be fire team or platoons or companies)
    from completely seperate command structures to link up on the field, communicate, share intel (the same intel the HQ guys have)
    formulate a plan and execute a mission all on their own initiative with no prompting from higher HQ. Its a major shift in thinking.
    If you noodle that out a little bit you can see how effetive it could be for FreeFor. Even if one of those teams was a lone wolf…

  15. Mt. Top Patriot,

    AR 600-20, Army Command Policy section 4-12 is a punitive regulation which directs commanders to Articles 92, 116, 117, and 134 of the UCMJ.

    JM is no longer under authority of UCMJ. If you expect more from me you’ll have to wait until what you expect is no longer something that puts me at risk for jail time, if we both live that long.

    • “If you expect more from me you’ll have to wait until what you expect is no longer something that puts me at risk for jail time, if we both live that long.”

      Yep, that’s how they do it AM…it’s a very simple model. FWIW I don’t expect anything from you, or anyone else for that matter. These blogs are chock full of great men, and you’re one of them. I just wanna see them free to live their lives as they wish; then maybe I can too.

      Tyrants threaten great men with jail and prison for doing the right thing; that’s why this country has degenerated into most people doing the wrong thing. As I say, it’s a very simple model.

    • Lives, fortunes ans sacred honor.

  16. Grenadier1, what you are talking about is using human network analysis tools to conduct counter terror operations. That is not network centric warfare, it is “intelligence driven targeting operations” and it is very effective when done correctly. It is a fine line between the two, but NCW is about sharing information, so that even if you aren’t conducting deliberate targeting information you know when that scout team makes contact with the enemy and you can react.

    • Grenadier1

      Yes, I am combining aspects of several different concepts. System Disruption, NCW, Cascading failure, systempunkt.
      and so forth building a holistic picture. Or at least trying to do that its been a long weekend!
      Big army uses NCW to formulate concepts of how they want to act on future battlefields. Its a mode of operations that gives you an advantage.
      After learning how to operate in that fashion you have to apply those tactics to missions designed to take advantage of them.
      The whole process end to end might look like this. Pre mission the intel team uses network analysis to build the mission parameters.
      The planners design the mission based on system disruption principles and the operations teams utilize NCW to converge on the target
      execute the mission and capitalize on the information gained. So yeah I am conflating things together in an effort to get the guys to think out of the box.
      I see NCW or at least something like it taking a weakness that FREEFOR has (the inability to feild a force larger than a team) and turning it into a strongpoint.
      If teams that do not even know each other can communicate, share information and converge on a single mission goal. Thats huge!
      There are hurdles to get over but I think they can be if we get people out of the lone wolf mentality.

      • “There are hurdles to get over but I think they can be if we get people out of the lone wolf mentality.”

        Here’s a surprise maybe…I agree with that. And to do it, it’s necessary to understand what is, and is not, the lone wolf mentality.

        I can’t speak about what it is, since I’m no lone wolf, but I can say what it’s not. A free man is NOT a lone wolf, and it’s time for decent men to stop buying into the commie-lib/collectivist bullshit that he is. Just as “free markets” does not mean “exploitation,” so “individual freedom” does NOT mean “against others.” Indeed, for almost all individualists, it means “WITH others.”

        Capitalism is about morality, not economics. “Try running your business without a customer.”

        Individualism is about each individual being guided by the values he chooses; collectivism is about the notion that values inhere in something other than an individual. Well, they don’t and that’s the FACT of the matter. An individual can CHOOSE to value any ol’ thing he wants, and he can call it whatever he wants. What he CAN’T do, not ever, is have anything besides his own mind cause those values…AS VALUES.

        God doesn’t make values, even if He created everything. That’s what free will is about, duh. A culture can’t create values; a culture is a summation of the prevailing values of its individual members. And least of all can thugs create values in others, since thuggery is the opposite of value-creation, at least in a social context.

        Seems to me it’s sort of crazy to fight, without a very clear handle on what one is fighting for. Personally, I’d rather the other guy do that.

        • Grenadier1

          Fair enough Jim,
          I will explain what I mean when I say “Lone Wolf”. It may differ from some others so I think that’s a reasonable request to get us all on the same page.

          For me the Lone Wolf is in the most part a skulker.
          A mentally lazy in the box thinker who is more than happy to settle for “good enough”.
          He may be physically fit but he is not mentally fit. He is resting on what he already knows or what he thinks he knows.
          He is consumed by rationalization, excepting and making any excuse to cover his stubborn unwillingness to learn, grow, and work with others.
          The common rationalization is that a man should be a lone wolf because he cant trust anyone else because they could be a federal agent.
          He cant be seen with another person because the feds could be watching.
          He cant go out and train because of the drones or black helicopters may see him.
          He does not need to train anyway because he has read (insert any training manual you like here) back to front three times so he is ready.
          Since he will not be working with anyone anyway he does not need to learn about teams and how they work.
          The typical lone wolf spouts this off in one form or another so quick its blinding.
          He will also defends it with the most ardent insults and fervor because he must!
          It is the lie he has sold himself and he cannot admit that it is so.
          That fact is that the typical lone wolf is not going to do anything. He will most likely die in his easy chair, he may be wearing his ghillie suit but he will be in full recline.
          His line in the sand is at his door step and he is comfortable with the story that he is a “Lone Wolf” ninja so skilled that were he to leave his home open warfare would commence.

          Did I insult some of you guys out there?
          Tough, rub some dirt on your mangina and carry on.

          So Jim, THAT’S what I mean when I say “Lone Wolf”.

          • Well, okay; I don’t like to argue definitions. Your biggest problem IMO is that “A mentally lazy in the box thinker who is more than happy to settle for ‘good enough’”…doesn’t distinguish lone wolves at all. It may be true of them, but it’s likewise true of almost everyone these days, and it’s particularly true of statist-oriented collectivists.

            I don’t think it’s any sin for a line to be at one’s own porch; the sin is to fail to recognize that if the next guy’s porch isn’t safe, then neither is your own. That’s probably why I don’t qualify as a “lone wolf,” even in your definition. Plus, that error is just a manifestation of the one noted above…lazy thinking.

            But like I say, that one barely distinguishes anyone from anyone else!

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  18. Samuel Adams

    I am not a total supporter of the lone wolf situation as I know too well the dangers it holds but I am also not naive enough to think that it is not needed and useful. I think it is.

    The points made by Mt Top Patriot are VERY valid and I strongly feel the same way.

    America is not the Constitution or bill of rights. It the American Spirit. That Spirit is what then created those blessed documents. It the Spirit that shows through in the intent and wording in the Documents.

    It’s that Spirit that shows through in the Lone Wolf. It drives him/her to do what they do. To take the chances. To put themselves out there and in danger.

    Is it the ideal scenario? Absolutely not. However, it can very well be the catalyst to kick start others into action.

    I foresee that the Lone Wolf will eventually be pulled into the “tribe” that they find closest to them that suits their needs. So the Lone Wolf is, IMHO, a very needed aspect of this counter-revolution.

    Hypothetically, a few lone wolves taking out some strategic targets can very easily tie up a tremendous amount of .gov resources. Resources that would otherwise be devoted to controlling the “tribes”. If some of the targets are in major cities, the resources required are magnified tremendously.

    Yes, this would affect many in the cities negatively but most of them aren’t going to support patriots anyways, so it makes little difference to the end result, IMHO.

    So I would argue that the Lone Wolf is very much a part of the coming battles. Initially a major part, if not the only active part, but getting smaller as time goes along and the “tribes” become more involved.