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Claire Wolfe: Choosing To Be A Collaborator?

Ms. Wolfe says a mouthful when she asks:

What’s up with that?

Defy the SOBs.


No matter what.

‘There will be more wealth confiscation, without a doubt’

Coming soon to FUSA – the runaway European hit that will leave you gasping and crying!

Tempus fugit.

ZH: Weaponized America

Ruger Backlog_2_0
…”If we didn’t know better, we would say that either RGR [Ruger] has somehow become a $0.99 app for the latest and greatest cool, faddy cell phone, whatever that may be, or, alternatively, America is preparing for war.”

Ya think?

Tempus fugit.

AmMerc: Nightcrawler

No man is an island.

Got tribe?

The Bad Guys Are Coming To Enslave Us

Just as Jim Sinclair muses, do you think there’s a reason why this story got virtually no play on Bubblevision American media?

Telegraph: Bank of Cyprus executes depositor bail-in


FYI: the Bank of Serta will never do that to you.

The Good Guys Are Not Coming To Save Us

By any means
And you won’t be able to stay out of it.

It is already happening.

Will ye stand?

Local, Local, Local – Food Department

Coming soon.

Churches, homeschool groups, retreat groups, extended families, others:

Got food?

Got the ability to grow more?

You should.

Mosby: Heresy – An Introduction to Combat Riflecraft


Read it all twice.

Pass it around, along with the upcoming East Coast trainings.

Fred: On Terrorism

…I wonder what Clausewitz would have said.

Read the whole piece thoughtfully.

Vanderboegh: The New Introduction To “Absolved”

More than three years after Mike announced that the completion of his novel “Absolved” at the Fort Hunt Restore the Constitution rally, he releases a new introduction to the work-still-in-progress.

Read it carefully, and comment below.


Russians Know Mass Murder

So be a nice Americanski and listen to Comrade Vlad, da?

The Plan – Executive Order 13603

Send this Forbes piece from 2012 to those who call you an alarmist, along with the actual EO.

And then think again about Watertown.

Alea iacta est.

(h/t SSI)

Patriot Packs

Those who can should do.

Those who can’t?

Help others who can.


Bracken Sends


Happy Days Are Here Again: New $100 Bill Soon

H/t Jim Sinclair.

The Federal Tyranny Cannot Be Fixed

From a Southron reader.


24 April: FBI, local police conducting massive sweep in Oakland

Feds, Oakland police crackdown on Acorn Project crime

Just know that when they come for you, the only changes to the headlines will be phrases such as “domestic terrorist”, “weapons cache”, “arsenal”, “extremist”, and “gun trafficking”.


Denninger: Why There Is No “Reasonable Discussion” Possible On 2A

ROE For Encounters(Graphic from Bracken)

KD schools a media stooge.

Well worth the read.

War is inevitable.

Prepare for it.

Let’s win.

RITR: Mosby AAR Part 2

Read and do what it says.

Including getting training while you still can.

Tempus fugit.

Dangerous Old Guys

A Letter From An Aging Patriot

Mosby: Development of the Auxiliary

Tactical Considerations For The Lone Wolf

Copy of fu 1

The Real Reasons Why The Liberty Movement Is Preparing To Fight

On Civilian Control: Think Global, Act Local

Ein Schweizer, sieben Deutsche

Is It Worth More Deaths Than The WW2 Total, Empress?


How The Boston Debacle Advances Tyranny

Darn tootin’ (h/t Max).

Don’t be stupid
Be a smarty
Come and join
The Tyrants’ Party…

Bracken Sends

The FedGov thinks we are.

Alea iacta est.

UPDATE 1230 EDT 25 APRIL 2013: David Codrea issues a challenge in support of “Obamaphones for the Peoples!”

Two From Prosecutorial Discretion


The Dangers of the (Prosecutor-Enabled) Two-Track Justice System

Judge Does the Right Thing – Prosecutor Doesn’t


Or “just us”?

You make the call.

Another Mosby AAR

Read it all.

And keep an eye on Mosby’s site for upcoming classes.

Tempus fugit.

Codrea: All Your Medical Records Are Belong To Us

Proposed HIPAA privacy rule on gun background checks open for comments.

Comment here by using the “comment now” button in the upper left screen corner.


Quote Of The Week

“The zombocalypse has already happened. We are simply keeping our powder dry at this point.”

— An American, SE FUSA, April, 2013

Like Fifth-Rate Marx Brothers, Without the Laughs

Read it all, but here’s a sample graf:

…In fact, the various individuals and institutions involved in the Boston horror-farce are no more or less competent than the average person you meet in the course of an average day. Given the powers and weapons at their disposal, they are certainly far more dangerous, but that is a very different matter. The Killer Klowns of Death who patrolled Boston and environs last week are exactly as competent as that young, doubtless “well-intentioned” guy who took your order at lunch — and got it wrong…

See also this take by collapsnik Dmitry Orlov.

And this piece.

And this piece.

And this piece.

And this vid:

Curiouser and curiouser.

obillboard(Graphic from Gates of Vienna)

Max V: More Training Opportunities

Time is flying, campers.

Get ’em while you can.

Audentes fortuna iuvat.

RITR: AAR – Mosby’s SUT/Patrolling/Logistics Course

Note and adapt every bit to your situation.

Tempus fugit.

Bracken Sends

Maybe not, but it is the USSA that now exists.